Tips for Dazzling Holiday Displays!

Learn the subtle art of adding a Christmas twinkle to your seasonal displays.

18th Annual Visual Victories Awards

The Visual Victories Awards applauds winning efforts in seven categories.

And Marketing


Staffing & Hiring

The Coach Approach
Let's say you have an employee who always takes too long to get certain job tasks done. And causes delays...
Boosting Customer Loyalty
I can’t think of single more powerful tool for a business in the modern time than loyalty; it reaches across...
Creative Ways to Hire Seasonal Help
Prepare for the holiday onslaught before crunch time. Do you face the same old conundrum each year? The profitable holiday...
How do you get your staff to be as invested in your business as you are?
Do you have staff just lounging around at the RMU? Are they making the most out of every sales opportunity...
Age Bias
The workforce is getting older. If you're like most retailers, you have or will have older employees, and you have...
Women in Retail
These women mean business! Record numbers of women have acted on their entrepreneurial spirit in the last decade, inspiring them...
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