Manage the Stress of the Holiday Season

Pre-planning, brushing up on systems and knowing the product mix goes a long way in...

18th Annual Visual Victories Awards

The Visual Victories Awards applauds winning efforts in seven categories.

And Marketing


Staffing & Hiring

Time to Hire a Store Manager?
Should you hire a manager for your retail business? Here's how to know, and what to look for.
Stop Hiring the Wrong People!
Feel like you're playing employee roulette? Stop hoping for the best and start hiring people who will excel.
Stress Busters
Employee stress is not only harmful—it's costly. Here's how to help your staffers go with the flow, to protect your...
Golden Oldies
Not long ago, many employers looked askance at older workers, figuring they lacked the drive and imagination of their youthful...
How to Talk to a Tough Customer
Uh-oh. Here it comes: the flushed face, the rapid breathing, the clenched teeth—the angry customer. Remember the Perato Principle? It's...
Turning Part-Timers into Profit-Makers
For retail business owners who count on part-time employees, motivating them can be a big challenge. Part-time jobs attract a...
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