4 Tips for Hiring and Working with a Visual Merchandiser

By Peter Janecky Hiring and working with a visual merchandiser is an essential part of...

How to Upsell During the Holidays

Don't miss out on extra holiday sales—teach your workforce to upsell.

And Marketing


Staffing & Hiring

Managing Part-Timers
Part-time employees may fill your scheduling needs, but if turnover's a problem, you may be causing it. Here's how to...
Employee Motivation
Creating an environment of recognition in your store.
Conducting a Great Performance Review
Most bosses do it wrong, and that costs them. Here's what to do to motivate and improve employees.
The Coach Approach
Let's say you have an employee who always takes too long to get certain job tasks done. And causes delays...
Getting Staff to Stick
Retail staffers, especially seasonals, may disappear when things get busy. How do you hang on to them? By being "sticky."
Get Happy!
Being happy can be profitable. Here's why it pays to lighten up.
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