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Last-Minute Holiday Tips: Marketing Advice to Increase Sales

Follow these suggestions to make this holiday a true success.

And Marketing


Staffing & Hiring

Painless Payroll
A payroll service can save time, headaches, and even money. Check it out.
Hiring Holiday Help
There’s a lot of work involved with finding and hiring holiday employees. Getting the right people into place before the...
Boosting Customer Loyalty
I can’t think of single more powerful tool for a business in the modern time than loyalty; it reaches across...
Turning Part-Timers into Profit-Makers
For retail business owners who count on part-time employees, motivating them can be a big challenge. Part-time jobs attract a...
Hiring the First-Time Worker
Due to a booming economy and a tight labor market, employers are being forced to evaluate teenagers, recent college graduates...
Are you a great store manager?
At the most basic level, every successful retailer must know how to display merchandise, schedule staff and take inventory. But...
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