Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes For $18.99 ONLY?

A wedding cake has always been on my must-have list for the special day, but I have also been concerned with the cost. Therefore, when the time came, I started to do a little digging since I was curious whether Costco made wedding cakes and what it would charge. I was pleasantly surprised that they offer an extensive range of cakes for affordable prices and shared exactly how to refrigerate Costco cake for the best experience. Let’s discuss what I found about Costco wedding cakes here!

Quick Summary

Wedding cakes from Costco are an affordable choice for small weddings. You can cut costs by purchasing a sheet cake and decorating it yourself. Roses, lattice hearts, and figurines are just a few of Costco’s decorations for wedding cakes. You must put in an advance order for Costco wedding cakes. The price of a Costco wedding cake differs according to its size, taste, and decorations.

Can I Buy Wedding Cakes From Costco Bakery?

Yes, you can get a wedding cake at Costco Bakery.

Look anywhere else than Costco if you’re in the throes of wedding planning and need help finding an option for ordering your wedding cake. They are the best choice for getting exactly what cake you want while sticking to your budget.

Costco’s bakery has a wide selection of tempting and refreshing desserts, all of which are amazing and palate-satisfying. The making of attractive and innovative wedding cakes is something that Costco excels at. You can choose your design or pick one of their delightful pre-designed options.

Costco has an enormous range of customized cakes with options for retirement, graduation, golden years, baby showers, and more. For customers looking for a budget-friendly option, Costco offers 12-inch cakes in chocolate and vanilla flavors for a meager price.

Costco is a one-stop shop for all your big-day needs, from flowers to candles and ribbons, making it even more appealing. Also, they are ready to satisfy your specific needs by letting you pick your preferred icing, flavors, and shades.

Where Can I Find Costco Wedding Cake Order Form?

You can get a Costco Wedding cake order form from any nearby Costco store or bakery. I am adding the record here as well, just for your convenience. Thank me later!

Costco Wedding Cake Charges

Costco offers various desserts and wedding cakes at very reasonable prices, so you can quickly come across the cake of your fantasies within your price range. Many choices are available when it deals with Costco wedding cake designs.

The cost may differ depending on the cake size, so bear that. There are two sizes available at Costco: 12 inches in width and 16 inches in length. This giant cake can treat as many as 48 guests promptly.

Let’s look at some of the Costco wedding cake prices:

Costco Specialty Cakes

  • Cheesecake: $12.99
  • Flavored Round Cakes: $10.99-$16.99
  • Pound Cake: $6.99

Costco Sheet Cakes

  • Decorated Half Sheet Chocolate Cake (serves 48): $18.99
  • Decorated Half Sheet White Cake (serves 48): $18.99
  • Undecorated Half Sheet Cake (serves 48, available at select locations): $15.99.

Different Decorations That Costco Bakery Offers For The Cakes

Two main cake types are available at Costco. Customers may buy pre-made products such as pound cakes and cheesecakes if they are in stock. The typical decorations on these cakes are suitable for more intimate events.

However, Costco also offers customized choices with exquisitely decorated sheet cakes.

Although they only come in one size and a wide range of decorations, these sheet cakes are highly affordable. They come in styles suitable for weddings, parties, christenings, and birthdays.

Cake toppers, usually comprised of figurines, have given way to more appealing options like wooden cake toppers, available in various sizes and styles. These affordable wooden embellishments make the cake appear prettier.

Like this, you can buy 15cm-tall couples’ silhouette toppers in a variety of colors which are more aesthetically pleasing than regular figurines. Such options enhance the top of your cake and are also affordable. I discovered that the two best-known sheet cake flavors at Costco are vanilla-buttercream-covered white cakes and chocolate cakes; both look tempting to me!

Now I will walk you through the Costco cake varieties with various decorations I came across while looking for my wedding cake options!

Wedding Cakes

Although Costco doesn’t have luxurious choices for big fat weddings, they sell structured wedding cakes for smaller events. The Lattice Heart design is perfect for weddings as it has a white-on-white décor with lace and roses around a heart. Also, you may add the initials of the bride and groom.

Alternatively, you may incorporate roses in the colors of your choice to personalize Costco’s classic rose arrangement to fit your wedding’s style. Try a chocolate groom’s cake for big weddings; the Chocolate Bouquet design is an excellent option.

Birthday Cakes

Most sheet cake designs at Costco are suitable for larger birthday gatherings. They offer classic festive themes like balloons, rainbows, and roses for guests of all ages and genders.

For people who aren’t overly concerned about their age, like me, there is an entertaining “Over the Hill” cake for adult birthdays featuring the Grim Reaper. Children’s preferences can be accommodated with themed patterns, including pirate ships, clowns, surfboards, and caterpillars.

All Costco sheet cakes with decorations are affordable at just $18.99, serving nearly 50 party guests. I suggest customized cakes for smaller gatherings, like carrot cakes or pound cakes with fresh strawberries. However, these need more customized decorations.

Another option is Red Ribbon, accessible in most locations and offers an array of birthday cake designs and flavors.

Graduation Cakes

There are many graduation-themed sheet cake options available at Costco, one of which comes with a graduation cap with balloons and the graduating class year. You can select a generic festive or event cake with a congratulatory message and colors complementing the graduate’s school as a second option.

Costco also has sports-themed designs, like football, baseball, basketball, or soccer, and a cake with an American flag theme for graduates with interests or hobbies. If Costco is not feasible, Walmart Supermarkets often sell graduation-appropriate ready-made cakes.

Baby Shower Cakes

Several of Costco’s sheet cake varieties will work for baby showers, featuring a specific baby carriage pattern in both girl and boy versions. There are also festive rose motifs in pastel hues on white frosting. You can add a personalized note on these cakes for either parents or the baby.

The beloved Costco cheesecake is very popular at more minor baby showers. If there isn’t a Costco nearby, look for a Central Market nearby for plenty of baby shower cake options.

Costco Wedding Cakes Hacks

Many couples opt out of conventional wedding cake options to make it a memorable occasion without running over budget. Here are a few popular hacks:

  • You can incorporate Faux tiers, which are wonderfully frosted foam layers, into a wedding cake’s design. This may only suit some tastes, though.
  • Use floral arrangements instead of the extensive expertise of the pastry chef, which are comparatively expensive.
  • I chose a tier-style wedding cake that was put together on multiple levels.
  • You can serve sheet cakes to guests in the backdrop, with a smaller, symbolic cake on display for the cutting moment. 
  • Display a smaller ceremonial cake for the cutting moment, accompanied by sheet cakes discreetly served to the guests in the background.

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding cakes from Costco are an economical choice.
  • You can buy a sheet cake and decorate it to save cost.
  • Costco offers an extensive range of decorations for their wedding cakes per your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to order a custom cake from Costco?

Place an order from a nearby Costco bakery if you’re seeking a great cake. Just fill up an order form at the Costco near you, and the bakers there can whip up something extraordinary within two days.

Does Costco make themed cakes?

With one of the 30 themed cakes from Costco, you can tastefully celebrate any significant occasion! You can pick from graduation balloons to wedding bells to figure out the perfect idea for your celebration. Let Costco contribute to making your celebration memorable with its deliciousness and aesthetic appeal at a reasonable cost.

How much does Costco charge for a ½ sheet cake?

A half-sheet cake from Costco usually costs $25, an excellent price for such a hefty piece of wonderful cake. Half-sheet cakes at Costco offer an unreal price; for only $18.99, you may treat your loved ones or acquaintances to a delectable and economical dessert.

How long does it take to get a cake made from Costco?

Appealing pre-made cakes are always available next to the bakery section, but Costco’s delectable specialties demand at least 24 hours beforehand. So go there and fulfill your cravings!