Do Costco Cakes Need to Be Refrigerated? Tips To Store Cake

Cakes from Costco are known for their mouthwatering flavors, generous serving sizes, and reasonable prices. So, last week, I arranged a party for my dad’s birthday and decided to get the cake from Costco. But I was curious: do Costco cakes need to be refrigerated? I did some research and found fascinating information with a few additional tips. 

Quick Summary

Costco does not directly advise buyers to put their cakes in the refrigerator. However, this varies depending on the kind of cake and the ingredients. Cakes without frosting must be kept in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage, but unfrosted cakes can be kept at room temperature.

Do You Need To Refrigerate Costco Cakes? (2023)

Yes, most cakes require refrigeration, but that depends on the ingredients used in the cake preparation.

Costco has a broad selection of cakes in its bakery and sweets area. There is a cake for every taste preference, from caramel to vanilla, strawberry to mango. But when you’ve purchased the cake, you must keep it nice and fresh. 

The solution is more complex than you might expect. Because this depends on the ingredients used in the cake preparation, some cakes require refrigeration, while others don’t.

However, storing cakes with frosting, prepared with whipped cream and perhaps cream cheese in the refrigerator is advisable to avoid spoilage.

But if your cake isn’t frosted, you’re in luck! Because then you don’t have to worry about it not going well even if you store it at room temperature.

How Long Does a Costco Cake Last?

Costco cakes can stay fresh for 2-4 days, depending on the ingredients used in the cake preparation. It can last up to one week if covered in resealable plastic wrap.

If you love Costco cakes, you’ll like to master preserving their flavor and freshness for extended periods. The good news is that Costco cakes often last for up to four days before turning rancid. But still, this can change based on the recipes and the ingredients used.

Cakes containing cream cheese icing or fresh fruit, for instance, may only remain fresh for two days, especially if they aren’t refrigerated.

Fortunately, cakes from Costco typically include a label that says how long they will stay fresh. The cake can last up to a week if covered in resealable plastic. The cake can last up to a week if covered in resealable plastic.

When buying your cake, verifying the details with the Costco staff to ensure the expiry date and any specific storage instructions are clear is a good idea.

How Should You Store Cakes from Costco?

You can keep the cake fresher for longer and preserve its moist texture by wrapping it in plastic wrap.

Costco has a tasty cake for every memorable occasion. However, proper storage is the key to ensuring it remains nice and fresh until you’re ready to cut it.

Tip 1: One simple tip is to wrap your cake in plastic after you get it home, which shields the cake from accidental dangers and prevents moisture from developing on its surface.

Tip 2: But it’s still crucial to keep it covered, even if you maintain it at Costco cake room temperature recommendation. Or else the cake can rapidly dry up and lose its freshness.

When Should Costco Cakes Be Refrigerated?

All cakes should be placed in the refrigerator to keep them fresh, but those with soft toppings need extra care.

The refrigerator can be your closest companion when it comes to storing cakes. Your cakes will remain delicious and fresh for at least seven days if you store them in the chilly temperature of a refrigerator which is crucial for cakes with soft toppings like cheese cream, pastry cream, buttercream, and ganache since they are more susceptible to temperature variations than other types of frosting.

Store it in airtight containers or cover it in plastic wrap to prevent unwanted air from destroying your cake.

In terms of preservation, though, it’s different from all cakes that are supposed to be equal. But to preserve these kinds of cakes from going wrong, it’s crucial to follow the fridge’s restrictions and closely check them.

Does Costco Bake Their Cakes?

Yes, and there are many ready-made cakes available at Costco. At the same time, customized cakes need an additional 1-2 days.

The bakery at Costco offers a selection of pre-made sheet cakes if you need a cake for an urgent occasion. You can take it home the same day, whether you require a basic cake or one that includes a birthday greeting.

Costco’s bakery also allows customers to buy customized cakes. But if you are interested in a particular design on your cake or a personalized message, it’s crucial to let the bakers know a day or two in advance.

Therefore, you can quickly get a tasty and customized cake for your upcoming occasion if you do some preparation. 

Does Costco Provide Cake Delivery?

Yes, Costco does provide a cake delivery service. You may print off your grocery list, which will be emailed to you, and pick up your purchase at a nearby Costco location if you’d rather pick up your things in person.

Moreover, Customers can purchase slices of unfrosted cake and have them delivered in two days in addition to purchasing Costco’s famous frosted cakes. You don’t have to worry about standing in huge lines at the shop or your cakes going bad since Costco has you covered.

For those who prefer Costco’s rich cheesecakes, Costco offers a delivery service only for frozen and refrigerated items that make sure your cake will reach your door fresh and prepared to be enjoyed.

It is crucial to remember that some products, like cakes, have a short shelf life. The cake will lose quality after being kept in the fridge for over a month, even if it may taste good when it arrives. Hence, make the necessary arrangements while purchasing food products from Costco online.

Does Costco Charge a Lot For Its Cakes?

Costco cake prices are between $11- $15. Cakes from Costco are a good deal on price, just one of their many benefits. 

The prices of Costco’s cakes are significantly lower than those of other retailers like Walmart or Target. For instance, a customized 8-inch cake at Costco costs as low as $18.99. This is significantly cheaper than at the local bakery or supermarket. Overall, Costco cake prices are between $11- $15.

Cakes from Costco are not only reasonably priced but also tasty. Cakes from Costco are made using high-quality ingredients and come in various flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. Also, they provide customized cakes like their well-known sheet cakes, which are ideal for big gatherings and festivities.

The cakes from Costco are also quite handy. These are available for collection within 24 hours of your online order. You don’t have to bother preparing and designing the cake yourself, saving you time and work. Costco cakes also come pre-sliced, making serving them at events and gatherings simple.

Regarding nutrition information, Costco offers thorough details on the products used in its cakes, such as the number of calories, fat, and sugar in each serving. For those who are controlling their diet, this may be useful.

So, buying a cake from Costco is an excellent choice for those seeking a tasty and economical dessert. It’s no surprise that Costco is a favorite place to buy cakes and other baked products because of the extensive selection of flavors and choices and the ease of online bookings and in-store pickup.

How Can You Know When a Costco Cake Is Bad?

Just checking the cake’s texture could save you from getting an upset stomach! You can see that the texture of a cake you purchase from Costco after a few days have passed has changed. 

The cake may harden and take on a dry texture as the liquid evaporates, indicating that now the cake is getting old and no longer tastes as lovely as it did when you initially bought it.

The good thing is that by carefully preserving your cake, you can stop it from turning rancid. Store your chocolate mousse cake from Costco or Costco sheet cake in an airtight container or cover it in plastic wrap to protect the air from evaporating and causing it to go wrong.

So, your wellness and happiness must understand how to spot when a cake has gone wrong. You can ensure that the Costco cakes you eat are fresh and tasty by paying attention to the texture and watching out for any symptoms of mold.

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Key Takeaways

  • Costco cakes are a well-liked option due to their low cost and delicious flavor. The need to refrigerate the cake mostly depends on the type of cake and its ingredients.
  •  Costco’s unfrosted cakes have a longer shelf life and don’t require refrigeration. Covering the cake in plastic wrap or keeping it in an airtight container if you intend to keep it for longer than a few days to protect it from going rancid.
  •  However, the cake must be refrigerated if it comprises icing or filling made with perishable ingredients. If these components are kept at room temperature, they will go wrong.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you keep Costco cakes outside the refrigerator?

The cake can be stored at room temperature for many days. Yet, if stored too warm, certain frosting varieties become overly soft.

How long are cakes kept at Costco?

You will notice a date code, and the goods will remain safe and fresh for six days after that date is printed. The reputation of Costco’s bakery items for freshness is fiercely guarded. Unwanted, out-of-date items are given to a nearby food bank.

Is a Costco cake order required in advance?

Costco asks that you place your order at the bakery inside the Costco warehouse closest to you. This is because they don’t offer online cake ordering. To ensure you get precisely what you want, please note that you’ll have to fill out an order form and give our bakers a two-day notice.

How long is Costco cake good for in the fridge?

Costco usually stamps the packaging to show customers how long their purchase will stay fresh. Costco cakes can typically last up to 6 days in the fridge.

What does the Costco Bakery rule say?

Prices for bakery goods are given per pair. That means you must buy two packets at once when buying certain bakery goods, including muffins, donuts, buns, and bread. Please make sure to purchase both at the price indicated, which is the cost of buying two. Flavors may be combined, but varieties cannot.

Can you get a Costco cake on the same day?

A Costco cake is available for immediate takeaway. There are always ready-made sheet cakes in the bakery department of Costco. Several basic plain cakes, some with birthday wishes and others with colorful patterns, are available too.