Does Costco Sell See’s Candy? Tips To Get $5 Off On Next Order

Though I love See’s Candy, I rarely have the time to make it to the store. So I did some digging to find out does Costco sell See’s Candy and was thrilled that if not the Candy then the store’s gift cards are available at Costco! Now I don’t have to go out of the house to load up on my favorite See’s Candies. I’ll tell you where to find them, how much they cost, and some sincere tips on how to avail discounts.

Quick Summary

See’s Candy is usually unavailable at Costco, in-store, or online, except for Candy peanut brittle. However, Costco provides gift cards for See’s Candy. Other retailers, such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart, also offer See’s Candy gift cards. The purchasing price of See’s Candy gift cards varies depending on the retailer and the gift card’s denomination. You can buy See’s Candies using the gift card either online or at any See’s Candy store.

Can I Buy See’s Candy At Costco?

You can only get See’s Candy peanut brittle at Costco.

In 2020, Costco announced the arrival of See’s Candy peanut brittle at specific northeast shops through its Instagram fan account, CostcoDeals.

The average candy cost is $16.89 for a single 24-ounce box. The exact cost varies depending on local price variations.

Usually, Nebraska Furniture Mart and different Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries and their confectionery stores are where customers can buy See’s candy products.

The retailer runs a network of more than 200 stores nationwide, with some outlets in congested regions like airports and outlet malls.

Does Costco Sell See’s Candy Gift Cards In Stores or Online?

Costco gift cards are readily available for purchase at their physical stores and online.

Customers can buy their favorite candy box or make a customized mix with these gift cards, available in $25 increments. Let me walk you through the seamless process quickly!

  1. Go to the store’s website
  2. Enter your card number without any spaces.
  3. Then select the “Check Balance” option to determine how much credit is still on the card.

Where To Buy See’s Candy Gift Card Instead?

Official Website of See’s Candies: You can pick from a variety of values and designs of gift cards on their official website. These gift cards are redeemable online or at any See’s Candies store.

Costco Business Delivery: You can get a set of a pair of $25 gift cards at Costco for a total of $50. You can use these gift cards in any See’s Candies location or electronically at These gift cards additionally come with no expiration date. See’s Candies items can be found on Amazon in various flavors, including varied chocolates, lollipops, and a lot more. Additionally, you can buy gift cards in multiple gift boxes and use them to purchase products from See’s Candies.

Are See’s Candy Certificates Available At Costco?

You can buy packages of gifts as well as redeemable See’s candy certificates at Costco.

Both See’s Candy retail stores and online stores sell these certificates too. Each certificate is $30 and has no expiry date, making it perfect for store purchases.

Two one-pound gift certificates come with one of the certificate packages offered at Costco and can be redeemed at physical See’s Candy locations or online. You can purchase any See’s confectionery item featuring truffles, one-pound boxes with chocolates, and fudge with these certificates.

Costco is selling See’s candy cards in $25 denominations if you’re looking for smaller amounts. As you may use them all at once or extend the use over time, these gift certificates make a great option if you want to buy flavors or multiple kinds of See’s candy items.

List of Popular See’s Candy At Costco

The most popular See’s candy flavor available at Costco is peanut brittle. There hasn’t been anything about the inclusion of more flavors yet. Thus, this is now just one flavor to choose from at Costco locations. 

It’s essential to remember that Costco is known for its bulk sales approach, although this may frustrate some customers who seek diversity.

Peanut brittle has become an excellent option for those buying a lot of See’s Candy. Two pieces constitute each of the 12 servings in the 24-ounce box. This ample supply assures you plenty of Candy to enjoy or share with loved ones.

Also, consider buying a gift certificate or utilizing the company’s official website to search for a nearby See’s Candy store if you have a particular kind of See’s Candy in mind.

Scotch mallow, Buttercream, and Bordeaux are some other renowned flavors. Toffee, lollipops, and fudge are equally yummy but less familiar flavors.

While the peanut flavor of See’s Candy is usually available at Costco locations, different flavors might be available according to the terms of the purchasers’ agreements. Customers can order from See’s Candy outlets online or visit nearby places for different tastes.

How To Find a Costco Store Near Me?

Costco’s online store Locator tool provides comprehensive data on all their various retail locations.

Along with the store’s address, this helpful locator also gives you details regarding the state, the city, and other relevant information. So, use the store locator to quickly locate the Costco location nearest to you if you’re on the hunt for a closer one.

Steps To Order See’s Candies

See’s Candy makes it a breeze for customers to buy its products from physical stores or online sites. Visit See’s store website to purchase chocolates, where you may explore a variety of choices like fudge, toffee, lollipops, and others.

Put your desired flavors in the shopping cart, add your delivery information, and pick your preferred payment method.

You may also visit a See’s Candy store personally to select whatever chocolate you like if you want a more hands-on approach. To find the nearest See’s Candy location, use the store locator. You can also narrow your hunt by state for more convenient experience.

Utilizing Costco membership subscriptions can be beneficial for fans of peanut brittle candies. As long as you aren’t over the credit limits on your account, you can easily buy as many boxes of peanut brittle as you like.

The perks of a Costco membership go above buying peanut brittle as you can buy any product from the retailer, including See’s Candy chocolates. This range of options boosts the enticement and delight of using a Costco membership for shopping.

See’s Candy Price Per Pound 2023

Many variables, like the type of chocolate, location, and season, influence how much See’s Candies cost per pound. Price estimations for 2023 are available from a variety of sources:

  • You can shop by pricing on the See’s Candies website, where items fall into several price ranges, such as $10, $20, $30, $40, or $50. For instance, a classic assortment costs $44.00, while a package of dark peppermints is $14.50.
  • PriceListo states that the typical cost for different chocolate boxes is $33.08 for each pound, indicating a minor increase of 0.09% from 2022. The price per pound for categories can range between $29.00 and $44.00.
  • As another option, See’s Candies assorted chocolates can be bought on for $39.67 each pound, and See’s Candies chocolate and variety for $37.70 each pound.

Tips! Available See’s Candy Gift Card Discounts

You might find these exciting See’s Candy Gift Card Discounts available now!

  • The first way is to buy a See’s gift card online from their website. You can pick a $25 or $50 denomination.
  • You can additionally save money on your purchase of See’s Candy by using promotional codes from Giving Assistant. For example, if you use the code SEESCANDIES, you will receive $5 off on orders of $35 or above.
  • Also, USA TODAY Coupons offers See’s Candies coupons that qualify for discounts on various products. Like this one: you may buy lollipops at a 20% discount until August 1, 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco doesn’t sell See’s Candy at its retail outlets or online except for Candy peanut brittle.
  • See’s Candy gift cards are available at Costco and other retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and the See’s Candy website.
  • You can buy See’s Candies with gift cards either in-store at any See’s Candy store or online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do See’s candies contain alcohol?

There is no alcohol in each of See’s Candy’s products. Alcohol is not even found in the Dark Rum Raising flavor. Children and expectant mothers are safe to consume See’s Candy.

What does a box of See’s milk chocolate box contain?

There are 26 candies in a package of Pond’s milk chocolate. The box’s items come in various preferences, including Milk almond. Mayfair, Milk molasses chap, Milk cocoanut, and Milk raisin, along with Banana Nut Cream, Almond Bud, Almond Square, Chocolate Butter Caramel, Almond Truffle, California Brittle, and Marshmallow Trees.

Can I freeze the See’s candy box?

You can freeze See’s Candy to increase its shelf life. When kept in the freezer, chocolates and candies are edible for six to nine months. Gulping the Candy would help since freezing can alter its texture.

Who owns See’s Candy in 2023?

See’s Candy is owned by Warren Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway. In 1972, the business paid $25 million to take over See’s Candy, and since then, it has expanded the company to over 200 outlets countrywide.

How long will a box of See’s Candy last?

After the day of purchase, a box of See’s Candy continues to be of the finest quality for up to 2-3 weeks. The Candy will lose its distinctive taste and become less appealing afterward. If maintained in a relaxed, dry environment, chocolate can be stored for up to 120 days after the day of production.

Can I buy sugar-free Candy at Costco?  

There is an extensive range of sugar-free Candy at Costco. You may filter your search results to display sugar-free options on the company’s website. At Costco, you can discover sugar-free candies like Altoids mini breath mints, Ice Breakers sugar-free mints, and Trident sugar-free gum.