Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for and we exercise the right to change, update, or alter the policy at any time. Please also look into the Terms of Use for our site before you proceed. 

Personal Information We Collect 

Through its everyday use, makes use of extensive data from identifiable individuals including past and current employees, subscribers, customers, and users of the website. It will collect various types of personal information from you as you navigate through our platform. This includes: 

  • Contact information: We will gather your name, email ID, mailing address, etc as you create an account or contact us through any means on the website. 
  • Order information: If you happen to place an order through our website, we will collect data related to the order for use in the future. This may include the shipping address, payment information, billing address, etc. 
  • Usage data: We will also collect information about how you utilize our website, the pages that you open, the products that you go through, the features you use, etc. 
  • Device information: Data about the device you use will also be stored as you access This will include the type of device you are using, the operating system, and the browser. 
  • Location data: We may collect data about your location when you access our website using your browser or a mobile device. 

The collection of such information is necessary if we wish to improve our services, personalize your user experience on the website and communicate more effectively with you. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the collection and use of the information as explained in this privacy policy. 

The data collection is done in accordance with various legislations that control how such activities are to be carried out and how the data is to be safeguarded. The website guarantees that it complies with all such legislation in collecting, processing, and using visitors’ information. Some of the relevant policies and procedures are: 

  • The General Data Protection Regulation. 
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Process. 
  • Records Retention and Protection Policy. 
  • Information Security Incident Response Procedure. 
  • GDPR Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities. 

Use of Your Personal Information 

Personal information is used and processed in accordance with several laws. As per these policies, the personal data is: 

  • Processed in a lawful and transparent manner. 
  • Collected for a specific use and never processed for purposes that do not comply with the privacy policy, 
  • Further processed for public, scientific, or statistical interest only and that too, if it is compatible with initial purposes. 
  • Limited to what is necessary, relevant, and adequate for the website’s functionality. 
  • Accurate and up-to-date. The website takes all possible steps to ensure that any data inaccuracies are timely removed or rectified. 
  • Stored for a limited time and if stored for longer periods, serves the purpose of public interest and scientific research only. 
  • Processed in a secure manner, protected against unauthorized use, unlawful processing, or accidental loss.

We use the information to provide you with services, respond to queries, communicate with you, and process orders if need be. It is also helpful in personalizing user experience and for marketing/advertising purposes. The information is used in accordance with applicable laws and legal procedures. 

Cookies and Relevant Technologies 

SpecialtyRetail collects some visitor data via cookies. This is to understand our users better and improve their experience on our site. Cookies help us display relevant ads and bring to you up-to-date information about the things you might be interested in. Moreover, we do not store any personal information and guarantee that the cookies will not introduce any virus to your computer. Nonetheless, users are allowed to accept, block or delete cookies. Here you can check how to block cookies on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer

SpecialtyRetail does not make use of any spyware. It also does not sell, trade, or leak private statistics to any third party for the purpose of data marketing, mining, or any other reason. We also do not allow browser pop-ups such as push notifications on this platform. 

We use Google Analytics to gather information about the website’s use and to analyze its performance. The information thus collected is used to create reports about the website. You can look into Google’s Privacy Policy for more details. 

Third-Party Links and Services

The website hosts links from third parties that are not maintained by Specialty Retail. Therefore, we do not take the responsibility for the content and policies of these websites. If you click on any such link, we recommend that you review its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using the particular site. 

Your Rights and Choices 

As a user of the website, you have the right to access the personal information that we store about you and make a request for any alterations in it, if need be. We can correct inaccuracies, update incomplete information and make other changes to the personal information we have. Moreover, you can also request our team to delete the data collection, subject to certain exceptions. You must contact us through official means to place such a request. Other rights that users are encouraged to exercise are: 

  • Right to restrict processing of personal information, subject to certain exceptions. 
  • Right to receive a personal copy of the information that we have collected about you in a readable format. 

We would like to highlight that the website obtains explicit consent from the users in order to collect and process their data. For children below the age of 16, parental consent is preferred. maintains transparency as it uses any personal data 

Advertising Policy 

The website is affiliated with SMI Marketing, Inc., d/b/a CafeMedia. This is how places relevant advertisements on its platform. Subsequently, CafeMedia collects and uses certain data for advertising as highlighted in CafeMedia’s data usage page.