Does Costco Drug Test Its Employees? These 3 Tips Will Save You

Partying over the weekend when you have to appear for a job interview is a mistake you might make when you are not aware Does Costco drug test its employees or not. As it turns out, such screening can occur during the interview, and you may be sent back home immediately if the results come around positive. Let’s talk more about Costco’s drug-test policy. Continue reading till the end to find out some hacks you can use to pass the drug test after the weekend fun is over.

Quick Summary

All Costco employees must undergo an alcohol test. During the interview process at Costco, you’ll be required to undergo a test for drugs and fill out a consent form to sign the test. If you’re being tested for alcohol, you are likely to be required to urinate in a cup. To get through the last stage of application at Costco, you need to sign a consent form for an extensive background check.

How Often Does Costco Do Drug Tests?

They will conduct drug tests randomlyCostco’s three types of drug tests are expected: Pre-employment, post-accident, or in case of any suspect. 

If an employee or Costco manager suspects someone to be on drugs and has concerns about impairment at work, the employee is sent to be tested for drugs. 

A test is mandatory if an accident results in an injury.

Steps For Drug Test At Costco

Costco uses stringent drug testing procedures to provide its employees with a safe, healthy working environment and adhere to legal regulations.

Costco typically uses mouth swabs to conduct drug tests since they are efficient and quick. Urine tests are only employed if there is an issue regarding the mouth swab test.

Saliva tests take about 10 minutes, and the drugs remain detectable for 48 hours following a swab test. Therefore, it is very successful. After the swab test has been completed, it’s sent to the lab for results.

They check for illicit substances like opioids, amphetamines, marijuana, methadone, Phencyclidinebarbiturates, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and MET. Other implications are also examined according to the law.

By conducting such comprehensive drug screening programs, Costco strives to promote drug-free working environments while fulfilling its employee well-being and safety commitments.

Do Costco Drug Test Workers Who Are New?

Absolutely. They will test for drugs in all new employees

In the course of the interview procedure, you’ll be required to undergo a drug test and fill out a consent form. If you fail to take a drug test, you’ll be kicked out of the pool of applicants.

Costco will generally require you to submit to a test after the second interview, during the final application screening process. They’ll request you to visit an off-site lab to test drugs shortly after the interview. This is to avoid illegal playing.

Do All Employees Get Tested For Drugs at Costco?

All Costco employees must undergo an alcohol test. 

Drug tests are an activity that occurs across all departments, including Costco’s warehouse drug test. That includes cashiers who work overnight, stockers, and food court workers. 

Since they are independent contractors, some Costco employees, like pharmacists and optometrists, are not required to submit to tests for drugs administered by Costco.

When Does Costco Run Drug Tests on Employees? 

Return to Duty and Follow-Up Testing: If someone has signed a Contract for Continued Employment (CCE) and underwent an evaluation for substance abuse, they must take a drug test before resuming work.

If you pass this test, you’ll undergo a second test for a maximum of two years, with frequency and times determined by Costco. The company can conduct random drug tests and check its premises for drug residues, including lockers and personal items.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing: If you’ve been hired at Costco and a supervisory manager suspects you’re drunk or using an illegal substance, they could ask you to take a drug test. They might make this conclusion based on your conduct and manner of speaking when operating machinery, equipment, or handling customers.

This testing can be done whenever they have other information regarding your unusual behavior at the job. After all, the company would like its stores and warehouses to be drug-free and safe.

Post-Accident Testing: If you face an accident at work or elsewhere, you may be requested to undergo a drug-alcohol test, in particular, if the business thinks that you were the one who caused the incident. 

Additionally, the firm’s policies require that you immediately inform your supervisor when you’re involved in an incident at work and sustain an injury. After that, safety-sensitive measures are implemented. You may be suspended until the test results are announced.

An employee is disqualified from performing sensitive duties once the results have been figured out.

Will Costco Make Me Pee In a Cup When Drug Testing? 

If you’re being tested for alcohol, you are likely to be required to urinate in a cup.

Costco uses an alternative testing approach for methamphetamine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, or Phencyclidine (PCP). They utilize a mouth swab test in which an oral swab sample from each individual is collected for analysis.  

This allows them to screen for these substances without providing urine samples as part of the screening process.

Alcohol Test For Employees At Costco 

After a Costco employee has completed the consent form, they will be directed to an off-site location, where the professional drug test is conducted. 

The test results are then returned to Costco for analysis to avoid manipulation. Costco will decide what to do next for the current or potential employee based on the drug test results.

  • If your blood alcohol level is lower than .02, you will pass the test.
  • When you’re above .02, you’ll have to take an affirmation test.
  • If you’re tested above .04 during the confirmation test, it’s considered a positive test. 
  • If you’ve tested in the range of .02 or .0399, you’re considered a negative test, But you’ll be asked to leave for the duration of your shift and will be required to utilize the time of your personal or vacation to make up for your absence.

Costco Marijuana Testing For Employees 

No. Costco, in contrast to Amazon, will test for the presence of marijuana regardless of the state in which you now reside. 

The argument put out by Costco is that marijuana usage may harm an employee’s performance at work and, in certain instances, contribute to a dangerous working environment inside the warehouse.

They will test you regardless of whether or not you have a medical marijuana card, and if the test results are positive, they will not employ you. 

Additionally, having a medical marijuana card will not exempt you from being tested. The best course of action is to abstain from using marijuana for at least three days before having a test done on you.

Can Costco Do Random Drug Testing on Its Employees?

Costco retains the right to request employees to undergo an alcohol test at any point in time.

It is usually done when management thinks an employee might be impaired by alcohol or drugs. Costco will also be able to check every part of their facility for alcohol-related or drug-related paraphernalia, including lockers and personal items.

Costco frequently conducts tests for drugs to verify one of the reasons listed below:

  • Determine the employee’s eligibility to be considered for employment at Costco in the course of an interview,
  • in response to unusual behavior at work or following accidents at work,
  • Or before returning.

Employees must pass drug tests to be able to be employed at Costco.

Does Costco Run Background Checks on Applicants During Employment? 

To get through the last stage of application at Costco, you need to sign a consent form for an extensive background check.

It’s good that Costco will cover all costs associated with background checks. You won’t be required to pay for fees related to screening your candidate profile. If Costco employs you, however, you must show your social security number, your current driver’s license, and a birth certificate.

Before accepting employment, Costco verifies your social security number, driving history, and criminal record. Background checks typically look at your past seven years and determine if you’ve been found guilty of offenses or severe traffic violations.

Costco Hiring Process For New Workers 

Search for an opening on their site. If you locate the right job, you can submit an online application and wait for an answer from Costco’s representative. Then, you must conduct three interviews to determine your suitability for the position. 

The first interview is the primary one and typically the longest. Some candidates may not be subject to any tests based on the job they are applying for. Costco hires part-time, full-time, and on hourly basis but the interview protocol is somewhat the same.

Those applying for the most important positions at Costco must pass tests to assist the company in assessing their habits. These tests assess quantitative, verbal, and diagrammatic abilities.

The interview may be conducted in a setting with a crowd or one-on-one, or a combination of both. The discussion may include general questions such as “Why do you want to work for Costco?” and other specific questions related to your job.

After the interview, a post-interview drug test and background check will be performed. Background checks can require up to two weeks to complete. It includes checking the criminal record, driving records, and educational records.

Where Can Drug Testing Take Place During The Hiring Process?

Costco’s drug testing takes place mainly via mouth swabs which take about ten minutes.

The company encourages potential employees to undergo the drug test with saliva during the interview. This procedure on the spot reduces the risk of fraud in the trial.

When Will Costco Drug Test an Applicant During Hiring? 

It’s dependent on the department you are applying for and the job you’re applying for. Sometimes, it can take two or three interviews to secure a job. In this scenario, there is no need to be tested for drug use in the first interview. 

This will only be done following the final interview. If the job you are applying for only requires one discussion and the process is successful, Costco interviewers will test the applicant with a mouth-testing swab right at the moment.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Pass a Drug Test With Costco? 

Costco can take disciplinary measures and terminate your employment if you fail an alcohol test.

Employees who cannot pass a drug test may be reinstated after passing the various tests required by Costco, including counseling, rehabilitation, successful passing of the return-to-duty test, and treatment.

If the blood alcohol level exceeds .02 to .399, the test is not considered positive. However, you’ll be ejected for the remainder of the day.

If you fail the drug test because of a prescription from a doctor, it is okay when you notify Costco.

List of States That Do Not Allow Drug Testing 

New York, Nevada, as well as Philadelphia States, do not allow marijuana testing, excluding jobs that require security and safety.

More than 40 states have now legalized marijuana for medical use and 20 states for recreational usage. However, despite the increasing legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, Costco is still steadfast in its no-drug policy.

Tips! How To Pass Costco Pre-Employment Drug Test? 

Avoid marijuana for a minimum of 48 hours before the date of the saliva drug test that is scheduled for next week. This time frame gives your body time to naturally eliminate THC (the active compound found in marijuana) from your saliva through natural processes.

Abstinence from marijuana lowers the concentration of THC in saliva levels, thus decreasing the chances of positive drug test results. It should be noted, however, that THC leaves systems differently depending upon factors like frequency of use, metabolism rate, and overall health status of users.

Moreover, make sure you thoroughly clean your teeth and gums and then make sure you use Listerine mouthwash. Good oral hygiene can be essential in passing a saliva drug test. 

If you’ve taken marijuana for less than 48 hours before your interview, you should use an oral detox product

When it isn’t possible to completely abstain from marijuana for 48 hours before a drug test at Costco, mouth detox products can provide a viable solution. Care must be taken when following instructions provided with each mouth detox product to increase the chances of passing a saliva drug test there.

Remember that passing a drug test does not depend on simply following these tips alone; success depends heavily on individual circumstances and specific drug tests.

Key Takeaways 

  • Costco ensures that all its employees and potential employees undergo the mouth swab test.
  • They will test for drugs in all new employees. If you fail to take a drug test, you’ll be kicked out of the pool of applicants.
  • New York, Nevada, as well as Philadelphia States, do not allow marijuana testing, excluding jobs that require security and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can I turn down a drug test at Costco?

You must complete a drug test to be employed by Costco and wait a year for a new application. Similar to random drug tests. You could be dismissed if you do not take a test for a drug after your employment with Costco.

Will Costco tell me if I have passed or failed the test?

The Medical Review Officer(MRO) will inform you of your test results.

Does Costco return the drug test for stockers?

Yes, Costco tests drug test stockers, just like other employees.

Will Costco carry out the drug test on the very first interview?

It depends on the position you’re applying for. The test is usually conducted following the second interview after they have agreed to hire you. For a handful of candidates who require an interview, you’ll be questioned after you have been successful.

Does Costco drug test twice or multiple times?

A drug test for the first time is conducted during the interview procedure. But, you are not required to be tested again except for a valid reason.

Does Costco drug test at orientation?

Costco utilizes drug testing to make hiring decisions and for new employee orientations. A negative test for drugs is required to determine if a candidate is suitable for employment or not. Costco is committed to providing the best drug-free and sober work environment for employees and its customers.