Does Costco Accept Goodrx? Save Big On Prescriptions!

Are you sick of overpaying for your prescription medication? Honestly, I was in the same position as you. I then thought, “Does Costco accept GoodRx,” one day. Luckily, it does! It lets you save around 80% on your prescription prices. So you won’t have to break the cash to buy the prescriptions you need. What are you currently holding out for? Come read more about it with me!

Quick Summary

Costco accepts GoodRx coupons for either prescription or over-the-counter drugs,  Just give your GoodRx coupon to the pharmacist at the register to use GoodRx at Costco. You’ll save a varying amount with GoodRx at Costco depending on the medicine you’re buying. Costco is not compatible with GoodRx for prescriptions for pets.

Does Costco Take Goodrx Discount?

GoodRx is not accepted currently at Costco, and there are no intentions to make it so soon.

You will have to pay for your prescription at Costco without the benefit of GoodRx if you receive a message indicating that GoodRx or GoodRx Gold is not acceptable.  

Please keep reading to learn more about the Costco pharmacy and to get more details about whether you can use it.

How Does Goodrx Work At Costco?

If you’re a GoodRx user looking to make an order at Costco, just show the cashier your GoodRx coupon to get the applicable discount.

Just show the GoodRx coupon at the register when buying your prescription drugs from GoodRx at a nearby Costco to reap the rewards from big discounts.

Costco will process your prescription after you hand them the coupon. It’s worthwhile to check pricing beforehand at Costco because they can differ from what you have seen displayed online.

It’s significant to note that clients do not need to meet any other conditions to take advantage of the GoodRx deal. You can use debit or credit cards to pay for prescribed medicines when ordering them through the GoodRx online. Apart from that, Costco does not accept Mastercards for any kind of transaction.

As long as the prescription stays valid, the new voucher can be used repeatedly for any prescription drugs that are on offer at the Costco pharmacy.

How Much Will Costco Goodrx Cost Me?

Costco is a great choice for anyone concerned about their finances because it accepts GoodRx coupons for prescription discounts.

The first step in availing the advantage of this chance is to sign up for a Costco membership.

Membership costs differ depending on the place you live and the sort of membership you choose. For instance, executive memberships cost $60 yearly in California, usual annual memberships cost $90, and corporate memberships are $120. Executive members get additional benefits like free travel and car rental savings in addition to rewards like 2% cash back on purchases. If you’re currently a member, you can register for the GoodRx card by signing into your account online.

How To Use Goodrx At Costco To Save Money?

For those who have a Costco membership, this gives an affordable option as Costco gladly accepts GoodRx discounts for prescription medications.

To get the most out of these savings, do the following actions:

  1. By using the search box or the link below, you can find the participating pharmacy in the region you live in.
  2. To access details about the location, click the pharmacy’s name.
  3. When in uncertainty, click “Verify my location” just to be sure you’re in the right spot. When you do this step, a map with your current location marked and a list of nearby pharmacies offering GoodRx discounts is displayed.
  4. After verifying your location, press “Click here to use discount code.” This leads you to an online application where you must enter your first name, last name (which must match the name on your insurance card), birth date, and the insurance ID number from the card you have.
  5. Submit your request after giving any additional details — like your phone number or address — that may be necessary.

You can use your GoodRx discount at Costco for considerable prescription savings by following these steps.

You would also like to know that apart from Costco, Walgreens delivers prescription medications to your door!

Does It Take Long To Get Approval For a Costco Goodrx Card?

You should expect to get email instructions for medicine pickup based on where your prescription is filled.

For Costco prescriptions completed in-store, you will get guidelines via email for picking up your medication within 48 hours. Call their customer service department at (800) 338-8779 if you have any queries concerning this process.

In the case of the online order, within 24 hours, you will get an email from about the fulfillment of your online prescription. Once your prescription is ready for collection at the pharmacy counter, the instructions in this email will clarify how to get it. Check out how long Walgreens holds your prescription for you!

What Is The Limit To The Number of Times Costco Will Accept Goodrx In a Month?

There are no limitations on how much you can use the GoodRx Pharmacy at Costco each month.

You can substantially lower the cost of your prescription medications when you shop at Costco’s GoodRx Pharmacy. This service is free of charge, and you can use it for as long as necessary in one entire month.

It’s also essential to know that the GoodRx Pharmacy at Costco can only function if your doctor prescribes a medicine that is on GoodRx. The present range of medications available is limited due to the program’s recent inception. However, you can expect the range of publicly accessible medications to increase with time.

Does Costco Accept Goodrx Gold?

Undoubtedly, some Costco stores that participate in the initiative can now accept GoodRx Gold cards.  

Note that these GoodRx Gold cards work similarly to regular GoodRx cards; they feature the same codes and functionalities.

I advise asking a pharmacist for specific details regarding your prescription if you want to make sure that a particular Costco pharmacy takes these cards.

Can I Use Goodrx At Costco for Pets?

No, you cannot use Goodrx for your pets at Costco.

Caremark is one of the leading producers of prescription medications for animals, and by using GoodRx discounts, you can save a lot of cash on this drug.

A medication savings program for people with valid prescriptions from multiple healthcare providers is called GoodRx Gold. However, keep in mind that these special savings are not available at Costco for your furry friends when you are a GoodRx Gold member and your insurance covers coverage for dogs.

What To Do If Costco Does Not Accept My Goodrx Coupon?

You must show coupons at checkout to qualify for Costco, Walmart, and any other retailers who have an agreement with GoodRx to honor the cost savings you ask for.

You have the option to contact the GoodRx staff at 855-268-2822 for additional assistance and settlement if Costco declines a coupon in the matter at hand. They can also inform you of the benefits of your prescription. You can additionally ask the pharmacist regarding how to use the coupon properly or if it works with other pharmacies.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco accepts GoodRx coupons for either prescription or over-the-counter medications,
  • Just hand over your GoodRx coupon to the pharmacist at the register to use GoodRx at Costco.
  • You’ll save a varying amount with GoodRx at Costco depending on the drug you’re buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Costco take Goodrx for controlled substances?

Yes. Nearly 70,000 pharmacies all over the US accept GoodRx, including popular names including Costco, CVS, Rite Aid, VONS, and Albertsons!

Is Costco pharmacy available to members only?

Anyone who wants to order prescription medication, even if they aren’t a Costco member, can use the GoodRx coupons found at the pharmacy to get prescription medication at a significantly lower price.

Customers can find affordable prices at the San Francisco Costco Wholesale Pharmacy, which also takes cash, debit cards, Costco Cash Cards, and credit cards as ways of payment.

What is Goodrx gold?

Additional discounts are offered only to GoodRx Gold subscribers. Some services can cost more if you opt not to sign up.

An official press statement from Costco says GoodRx Gold, which takes the place of the present prescription drug discount cards, will now cover buyers depending on the cost of their GoodRx Gold subscription.

Why Goodrx is bad?

Some prescription medicines are not covered under the GoodRx platform, which includes many Rx products. Many branded products, specialty medications, and niche drugs may have little or no insurance coverage, which could convince patients to look into different options for cost-saving measures.

Does Walmart accept Goodrx for controlled substances?

Although nearly all pharmacies in the United States support GoodRx discounts, there are some notable exceptions to be aware of: The new Walmart opioid policy will no longer accept coupons for an opioid prescription as of June 1st, 2018.

What pharmacies accept Goodrx gold?

CVS, Albertsons, Costco Rite Aid, Safeway, Kroger, Vons Dillons, Pharmacy, and Winn-Dixie are pharmacies that accept Goodrx gold.

With the Pharmacy Directory or the GoodRx app, you can get a full list of gold participating pharmacies in the area you live in.

What pharmacies accept Goodrx for controlled substances?

CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, H-E-B, Publix, Kroger, Target, Albertsons, and Safeway are pharmacies that accept Goodrx for controlled substances. Although a pharmacy may have an arrangement of accepting GoodRx for controlled medications, the pharmacist can still choose to decline at their discretion. This might be due to concerns regarding the well-being of the individual or the possibility of drug abuse