How Long Will Walgreens Hold A Prescription If I Don’t Pick?

If you’re in any way like me, you indeed have a ton of prescriptions to fill every month. But sometimes, things get in the way, and you must remember to take them up on time. I chose to write about how long Walgreens will hold a prescription. I’ll walk you through Walgreens’ prescription policy, how to maximize your pharmacy benefits, and how to avoid late penalties and fees!

Quick Summary

Walgreens usually holds prescriptions for seven days, but some stores might keep them longer. Meanwhile, Walgreens keeps prescription records for two years for future reference and needs. The store has the authority to put a prescription back on the shelf if it does not get picked up over the hold period, which makes it ineligible for pickup. Sometimes, once the waiting period is over, it might be possible to ask for a refill.

Will Walgreens Hold Prescription Longer Than 7 Days?

Walgreens stores keep the filled prescriptions for up to 7 days; they call the customers at least three times to remind them to pick them up.

Unfilled prescriptions for controlled drugs are stored for six months, but unfilled prescriptions for other medications may be kept for a year.

Some Walgreens locations will keep prescriptions longer to give clients enough time to pick up their medicines. Some workers stated that they held the drugs for 12 days. Duane Reade’s representatives, a Walgreens subsidiary in New York, said they have the policy to hold prescriptions for 10 days. 

Considering everything, I suggest contacting your nearby Walgreens to find the exact period. Moreover, a filled prescription that only gets picked up within one week will likely be put again on the shelf. You can request Walgreens to deliver your prescription if a trip to the store is not possible.

How Long Will Walgreens Hold On To Prescription Records?

Walgreens retains prescription records for two years.

However, they hold unfilled prescriptions on record between six months and a year following the prescription’s date.

My research suggested that this waiting period for unfilled prescriptions was similar at every Walgreens and Duane Reade location I contacted and the Walgreens corporate customer support.

Unfilled prescriptions for limited substances such as hydrocodone are usually stored for six months.

Walgreens keeps every other unfilled prescription for a year. You can contact Walgreens anytime and ask for the medication to be filled within that period. You must submit a new drug to the pharmacy for fulfillment once the six-month or one-year time expires.

What Will Walgreens Do If I Don’t Pickup My Prescription?

Once the seven-day time frame ends, Walgreens refills the drug on its shelves.

But you can still contact Walgreens and request a prescription refill.

Note that Walgreens keeps just records of unfilled prescriptions for a certain period. If you contact them after the specified time frame, you must send another drug to Walgreens.

Will Walgreens Call To Remind Me Of Filled Prescription?

Walgreens offers a convenient service that sends text message alerts to keep you updated on your medications.

It is convenient for you to sign up and use this convenient feature. With the time it takes to fill a prescription, you might need to catch up on picking it up.

Even with a packed schedule, you will constantly be reminded to pick up your prescription simply by a text message notification when it is ready.

Walgreens also informs you via text when you’re due for prescription refills. Just text “refill” as a reply to the text if you are signed up for these alerts.

Can I Get My Prescription Filled After The Hold Period?

Usually, Walgreens builds up an excess of unused medicines that must be discarded. So, contact the pharmacy where the prescriptions were issued and ask for a refill if you don’t want this to happen.

In most instances, the disposal of prescription data occurs at the end of each month or the year rather than at the expiration of each prescription. It is often suggested to keep the records, although they may later be deleted, to avoid any possible issues in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Walgreens usually keeps prescriptions for seven days, but some stores might offer longer hold times, giving consumers enough time to pick up their meds.
  •  Walgreens retains prescription records on record for two years to ensure accessibility for future use and reference.
  •  Walgreens will return a prescription to the shelf if it is not picked up over the hold period, underlining the significance of timely pickup to avoid inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do CVS Pharmacies hold prescriptions?

Like most pharmacies, CVS keeps your prescription for a maximum of 2 days before terminating your order and reloading the drug.

How long do Rite Aid Pharmacies hold prescriptions?

According to the type of prescription, Rite Aid pharmacies will hold a filled prescription for pickup for up to 12 days. After that, it is going to be put back in stock. For further information, check with the nearby shop directly.

What will happen if a pharmacist red flag you?

A pharmacy must address any red flags before processing that prescription when they’re present. Recent D.O.J. actions indicate that failure to do so could result in pharmacy penalties, like losing the right to dispense opioids or other controlled medications.

How much time does it take to pick up a prescription?

Most prescriptions can be picked up for pickup within one hour, though sometimes it may take some days. The time your prescription medication is supposed to be ready for pickup will depend on several factors.

Can I pick up a prescription at CVS for somebody else?

Yes, somebody else can fill the prescription for you at CVS; all required is the patient’s name, date of birth, and usually some information about their health insurance.