Walmart Prescription Glasses Delivery Time Explained

Yesterday I found myself squinting at the computer screen, unable to read an important email. I needed new glasses! Since I live close to the Walmart store, I wondered how long does it take to get glasses from Walmart? I have done my research and I am here to share the scoop! 

Quick Summary

Walmart’s Vision Center takes 7 to 10 days for your online orders, whereas those placed in-store require 3 to 7 days for pickup. The time it takes to receive your glasses will depend on your prescriptions and the required materials. The vision center at Walmart provides a variety of eyewear items and services as well, such as glasses, lenses, and eye exams at affordable rates. 

How Long Will It Take To Get Glasses From Walmart? (2023)

Your glasses from Walmart usually arrive in 7 to 10 days. However, if you order in person, it just takes 3 to 7 days.

The vision department at Walmart near you has you covered if you need a fresh set of glasses but hate the endless wait for them to be delivered. 

The quick shipping procedure means that if you’re among the smart purchasers, your product should show up in 7 to 10 days. However, if you would rather order in person, you may collect your new glasses in just 3 to 7 days.

Therefore, Walmart’s vision center has made the process simple, regardless of whether you urgently need a revised prescription or simply want to change up your appearance. 

What Type of Frames Can You Buy At Walmart?

Walmart carries well-known name-brand frames from designers like Guess, Kate Spade, and Ray-Ban. 

Walmart’s great variety of eyewear is the perfect place to shop if you need a fresh set of specs without spending a fortune on designer frames. Furthermore, what sets them ahead of the competitors is their unmatched discounts on generic and children’s frames.

Walmart’s quick turnaround time will amaze you if you’re on a strict timetable. You don’t have to wait for weeks to start wearing your new frames because your glasses will be available for delivery or pick-up in just 7–10 days.

You can upgrade your eyewear inventory without spending too much with prices that start at around $10. Therefore, browse their fantastic selection right away and get prepared to travel in style!

Can You Order Prescription Glasses Online at Walmart?

Yes, online ordering for glasses from Walmart is quick and simple with a lot of additional benefits.

As is the case with prescription delivery by Walmart, The store’s online website offers a huge selection of prescription eyewear. Walmart got you covered with a vast variety of lenses and frames at competitive prices, regardless of whether you require glasses for reading, using a computer, or just wearing them in the house. Even contact lenses and sunglasses are available for purchase from Walmart Vision Center.

Online ordering for glasses from Walmart is quick and simple. To place an order, you simply require your prescription on hand. This enables your order to be completely validated and ensures that you receive the proper glasses. Online eyeglass purchases can also be made using your FSA/HSA account.

With eligible items, Walmart provides free shipping and free in-store pickup. Also, you can try on your eyewear in your nearby Vision Center prior to purchasing it. The skilled opticians at Walmart can assist you if you require any changes or repairs. Also, when you buy glasses, you can get a case and lens wipes for free.

You may find a variety of styles and brands at Walmart Eye Center to match your preferences and budget restrictions. Designer eyewear is available from brands including Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Ray-Ban. 

Also, you have a variety of lens options, including single-vision, bifocal, progressive, and blue light-blocking lenses. You can also add scratch resistance, anti-reflective coating, UV protection, and other features to your lenses to make them more unique. 

Can You Buy Contact Lenses at Walmart?

Walmart Contacts is a great option if you’re searching for a quick and inexpensive way to receive your contacts.

Many well-known brands are available at Walmart, including Acuvue, Dailies, Air Optix, and Bausch + Lomb.

You can instantly find the ideal lenses for both eyes and your budget from $40 to roughly $80 for each box. On top of that, you can return any item without trouble and receive FREE shipping on every order.

You can also join up for its “Auto Lens Subscription service” to save additional time and money. In order to ensure that you never run out of contacts or have to stress about placing another order, Walmart will use this service to automatically ship you new contacts whenever you need them. 

How Much Does Walmart Charge for An Eye Exam?

Walmart charges around $75 for an eye exam.

The Walmart Vision Center offers a variety of goods and services to meet your needs and budget, making it a wonderful place for having your eyes tested and purchasing glasses or contacts.

For an eye examination with an optometrist, expect about $75. Despite the fact that this may be a little more expensive than Costco’s $65 exam cost, many Walmart participants expressed general satisfaction with the level of treatment they receive.

You can find trendy eyewear from well-known brands, top-notch lenses with a variety of alternatives, and contact lenses from reliable manufacturers. 

A qualified Doctor of Optometry can do a thorough eye exam for you and identify and cure any eye conditions or vision issues. 

It’s important to keep in mind that compared to a typical optometrist appointment, you might spend less time in person with the doctor. So, Walmart’s vision center can be the ideal choice for you if you’re on a packed schedule and require a quick, fairly priced eye check.

The Walmart Vision Center is accessible, reasonably priced, and expert. You can simply book an appointment online or just show up without one.

What Is Eyeglass Pricing at Walmart?

Frames at Walmart start at around $50 and come with free single-vision lenses. While those with advanced features may charge an additional $40 to $80.

Walmart is your best choice if you’re sick of paying exorbitant prices for your prescription glasses and lenses. The selection and cost will surprise you.

Whether you love traditional, modern, or unusual designs, you may discover frames that match your taste and personality. Frames at Walmart start for around $50 and come with free single-vision lenses!

Moreover, other lens options, including advanced or colored lenses, are available for a fair additional charge of $40 to $80.

Additionally, Walmart offers a range of lens kits to take your eyewear to a whole new level. For those who live an active lifestyle, Walmart has impact-resistant lenses as well as water-resistant and anti-smudge coatings for daily wear.

You can choose a package that meets your demands and your budget with varying prices from almost $30 – $150 with the standard frame and lens fees.

Are Eyewear Prices at Walmart Competitive?

Yes, eyewear prices at Walmart are pretty competitive with a huge range of frames available, including 20 under $20 and 137 under $50. 

Furthermore, single-vision lenses are free while progressive no-line lenses only cost $50, and additional tints have varying prices.

Prepare to update your look with trendy eyewear from Walmart Vision Center! Online retailers provide an astonishing range of frames, including 20 under $20 and 137 under $50. The best thing is that most of these eyeglasses are from top companies including Nike, Fendi, and Vera Wang.

But Walmart also provides a variety of lens selections to meet your preferences. Single-vision lenses are free, whereas “progressive no-line lenses” cost only $50. Also, there are many tint options available if you want to add some flair to your glasses, such as basic tint for $41, polarized tint for $65, and also transition lenses for $65.

Thus, you can locate the ideal pair of spectacles to meet your particular style and eyesight requirements at reasonable costs and with a variety of customization possibilities.

Do You Need an Appointment To Get A Vision Exam At Walmart?

Yes, you need an appointment to get a vision exam at Walmart.

If you require new glasses or an eye test, Walmart Vision Center is there to assist you. But there is a catch: you can’t just go online and make an appointment. No, you must contact the Walmart eye center in your area to make an appointment for a vision test. It would also help to know Walmart pharmacy hours to be able to make the appointment smoothly.

However, don’t let this little inconvenience stop you because the procedure is simple, and the staff is quite friendly and will help you through it. Also, you will be able to speak with a live person about your eyesight concerns and issues.

Once your appointment is arranged, you may begin perusing Walmart’s remarkable variety of reasonably priced frames and lens choices online.

What Does Walmart Vision Center Offer?

There are many alternatives available at Walmart Vision Center, which allow you to select the ideal set of glasses to suit both your style and visual requirements. They have everything you need, including reading glasses, computer glasses, prescription glasses as well as sunglasses.

Lenses: Walmart offers a variety of lenses as well, including clear lenses, colored lenses, and polarized lenses, just so you may personalize your glasses any way you like. And if you want to give your lenses a little additional protection, Walmart provides a variety of coating alternatives too.

Eyesight examinations: You’ll need a valid prescription in order to get your new glasses. Here’s where the on-site optometrists at Walmart come in. They offer eye exams to guarantee that you receive the proper prescription for your glasses.

Eyewear Options: Walmart can also assist you if you already own a pair of spectacles that you adore but its frame is damaged. They provide you the choice to reuse your used lenses in a brand-new frame, which will save you money.

Does Walmart Accept All Types of Insurance?

Walmart accepts almost all types of insurance with just a few exceptions.

Walmart Vision Center could really assist you in saving cash on your next eye checkup or pair of glasses. The best part is that they accept the majority of top insurance companies!

Only a small number of providers are listed on their website as being “Out-of-Network,” which means they might offer less coverage. These companies include Davis Vision, Spectera, VSP, Cole Managed Vision, and EyeMed.

But if you ask me, I recommend you get in touch with your neighborhood Walmart eye center to get any further information regarding specific inquiries or concerns about your insurance.

Therefore, reap the benefits of this cost-saving alternative for your eye-care needs. The Walmart Vision Center provides a large selection of reasonably priced eyewear and optical treatments, including eye exams, contacts, and prescription sunglasses and glasses. 

Thanks to the ease of accepting the most of major insurance providers, taking good care of your eyesight is now incredibly simple.

How Can I Use Walmart Vision Center?

If you don’t have an actual prescription and want to boost your eyewear game, the Walmart Vision Center is just the right spot for you. 

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to schedule a meeting to see one of their optometrists and acquire an updated prescription before you can start to look through their great collection of frames and contacts.
  2. After you have the prescription in hand, you can start trying on frames at the shop. You can choose from a huge variety of frames at Walmart Vision Center, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair that matches your personality. In addition, their staff is available at all times to provide their professional judgment if you need help making a decision.
  3. After finding the ideal frame for yourself, it is time to choose the type of lenses as well as any tints or coatings that you might want to protect them. You can personalize your glasses to meet your specific needs with Walmart’s selection of lens choices.
  4. After you’ve decided everything, just pay at the counter, and wait while your contacts or glasses are prepared.  
  5. Finally, you can pick them up in person or have them delivered right to your home.

What Is Walmart Vision Center Return Policy?

You can have a 30-day return period starting from the day your online purchase is delivered. While, with in-store purchases, you can get an extended 60-day return period for frames and lenses. Contacts provide a 1-year warranty.

You’ll be glad to hear that Vision Center has your back if you enjoy shopping online for new eyeglasses and lenses. You have plenty of time to decide whether you want to keep your new glasses or return them within a 30-day return period starting from the day your online purchase is delivered.

The best part is that if you shop in person, there is an extended 60-day return period for frames and lenses bought in-store that gives you enough time to choose whether they complement your personality and vision requirements.

Also, you are not required to invest in new lenses if your doctor modifies your prescriptions within 60 days after your checkup. The Vision Center will replace your lenses for free, allowing you to see clearly without spending a fortune.

In the case of contacts, you have a year from the date of purchase to return a contact lens if it is torn or damaged. Indeed, you get a full 365 days to check that your contacts are accurate.

It’s crucial to remember that different manufacturers may have varying return procedures for damaged lenses when purchasing lenses. Make sure to verify the policy details twice before completing your order to prevent any misunderstandings.

Does Walmart Employee Experienced Optometrists Only?

No, these optometrists are not employed by Walmart. They are independent contractors and have hired space in the store next to the Vision Center.

Choosing the ideal set of new contacts or glasses can be challenging, but Walmart Vision Center will help you. While you might be afraid to put your trust in a Walmart employee’s expertise, it’s essential to keep in mind that most of their workers are actually highly qualified optometrists.

However officially, Walmart does not employ these optometrists. Instead, they are independent contractors who have rented space within the shop close to the Vision Center. So don’t let the Walmart branding mislead you; these optometrists are professionals in their industry.

So, before you go to your neighborhood Walmart, make sure to find out if the Vision Center has an optometrist. And don’t worry if you discover that the personnel at one Walmart aren’t up to grade; simply visit another one in the area to check one that does.

It’s a good idea to select a Vision Center as your “home” eye center after you locate one with an optometrist you really like. You’ll always be aware of where to turn for trustworthy, high-quality eye care.

What Alternatives Can You Use To Walmart Vision Centers?

If you are unsure whether Walmart’s Vision Center is the ideal fit for you, don’t worry; there are many other alternatives available to meet your needs!

In-person purchases: Other merchants include Target Vision, Costco Vision Centers,  and LensCrafters if you prefer to buy in person. Also, many shops provide in-person vision tests. You may receive the specialized care required to maintain the health of your eyes.

Online purchases: If you prefer to purchase online, stores like Warby Parker, Liingo, and Zenni provide many of the same services as Walmart’s online website. These include free mail-in try-on services and the chance to see how you might look in the glasses online.

Individualized care: Local ophthalmologists and optometrists are a terrific choice if you’re interested in supporting small companies or prefer more individualized care. These experts can order contact lenses for you, give you a contact lens exam, and get you brand-new frames. Just make sure to look into your local alternatives to discover the best fit.

Hence, whether you choose to purchase online, at a big box store, or at your nearby eye doctor, there is a choice that is ideal for you. So, explore and discover the perfect match for your particular needs with the world of eyewear right at your fingertips!

Key Takeaways

  • Customers can expect a maximum 10-day wait time at Walmart’s Vision Center before receiving their glasses.
  • Depending on the stock of the glasses and lenses you’ve chosen, the glasses you choose for the in-store collection might be available in a matter of 1-2 days.
  • A few additional days may be needed to adjust for handling and shipping costs if you decide to get the glasses shipped to your house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which lens manufacturer does Walmart use?

The Equate brand of contact lenses is distributed by Walmart, giving customers access to reasonably priced daily disposable lenses. A more beneficial and practical solution for contact lenses is Equate.

How long are eyeglass prescriptions valid?

Usually between one and two years, although we advise you to verify the expiration date on your prescription. However, if you are more likely to experience vision changes, your prescription for glasses may expire one year rather than two years after your most recent checkup.

Would it be less expensive to purchase glasses at Costco than at Walmart?

High-definition progressive lenses from Costco cost $130 and include an anti-reflective coating like all other Costco lenses. At many walk-in stores, you would pay roughly half of that. However, you can get inexpensive single-vision lenses made of plastic at prices as low as $29 at Walmart, which is approximately half the price of Costco.

Is it possible for me to acquire my glasses on the same day?

The answer is that you can receive both an eye examination and prescription eyeglasses within one day. To receive the best glasses for your needs, you may want to wait a few days unless it’s an emergency. Not all pairs of glasses are accessible in “one hour” or the day of your eye exam.