Does Walmart Price Match Target? (Complete Information)

Searching for the greatest discounts and hunting for ways to save money can be time-consuming and tiresome. So if you check prices at various stores as I do, you will definitely be familiar with this struggle. Prominent shops like Walmart and Target have started to provide price matching as a feature. But does Walmart price match Target? 

Quick Summary

Walmart does offer to price match Target. However, this service is online available for online stores. You can contact Walmart’s Customer Service before completing a purchase if you find an identical item on Target’s website and get a discounted price. Walmart only permits a single online price match per day, per item, and the store has the right to refuse to match any online price.

Does Walmart Price Match Items Sold At Target? 

Walmart operates at quite a large scale. Perhaps that is why it has put forward elaborate policies such as the Walmart bereavement policy or the pre-order policy at the Walmart store. Similarly, it also offers its clients to match prices with other stores to be sure that they are making the right choice.

Walmart and Target always seem to be engaged in subtle yet intense competition. Both retailers want to attract more customers. Hence, price matching is one strategy to succeed in the struggle between the two retailers.

But the question remains: does Walmart price match Target?  The answer to that is a little more complex than a straightforward yes or no.

Walmart only matches prices on, instead of Target’s physical shops. This means that you cannot just walk into a Walmart store with a printed advertisement from Target’s weekly flyer and expect a discount.

In fact, Walmart only matches the cost of products offered through the online platforms of both retailers, and Therefore, if you find a toy with a great price at Target’s physical store, you’re out of luck. You can contact Walmart’s Customer Service before completing a purchase if you find an identical item on Target’s website.

You should understand that Walmart will not match the cost of products that are on sale or in advertisements where the original price cannot be guaranteed. So, consider these limitations, the next time you compare the pricing between Walmart and Target.

Does Walmart Price Match Target Ads?

Walmart and Target are two of the biggest businesses in the country, and many customers are curious to know if the prices are the same there as elsewhere. There are certain conditions to understand if Walmart does offer price matching.

Walmart doesn’t match the prices of multi-purchase promotions like

  • Buy one, get one free offer
  • Buy one item to decrease the price of another item.
  • Spend a specific amount of money to earn a free gift

Additionally, Walmart won’t price match Target’s marketing if the original price isn’t guaranteed. This means that Walmart won’t match the price if Target is running a promotion with a limited supply or if that is only valid for a short period of time. 

Unfortunately, a price match may be given if promotes a specific item at a fair market price that is currently in stock at This applies unless the ad has passed the expiration date. Furthermore, customers do not need to have a copy of Target’s advertisement, but the promotion must be from the official website of the Target store.

Does Walmart Price Match Value of Items In Target Sales?

Walmart does not match the price of the products and items in Target deals, even those with percentage or cash discounts. This clearly means that Walmart will not match a price if Target is having a deal when its items are reduced by a specific percentage.

Moreover, Walmart does not price match during special sales occasions like Cyber Week promotions, Pre-Black Friday, and Black Friday. This is because Walmart does not want to get involved in a pricing battle with its competitors during some of the busiest time periods of the year.

Finally, Walmart does not match prices on products that are available at Target during limited-edition, flash, clearance sales, and closing-out specials. Walmart would not be able to match these prices because these promotions are often made to quickly move the products. 

Does Walmart Price Match Shipping Fees At Target?

Target is one of the biggest competitors of Walmart. Therefore, according to Walmart’s policy, they will match the price of a product being offered by a rival company which includes additional charges as well such as shipping and handling.

So, if you find an item on that is cheaper than the same item on Walmart’s website, Walmart may match the reduced price while considering any additional fees that Target imposes on its customers for product shipping, processing, handling, etc.

Despite the benefits, the price-matching program at Walmart has some limitations. If your order includes additional items that are only available at Walmart stores, the total delivery cost cannot be calculated, and extra shipping fees will be charged.

In such a situation, where you add multiple items and ask Walmart to match a lower price, Walmart may reject your request for a price match.

How To Price Match Target Items At Walmart?

If you are shopping online at and trying to match the price of an item offered on You can simply make a request for a price match with Walmart. 

You can speak with Walmart Customer Service to obtain the pricing change before you complete your transaction. If the item meets the requirements for a price match, a Walmart employee will examine the specifics of the product and reimburse you for the price difference. Also, you must understand that Walmart has a daily limit on the amount of price match requests it will accept for a single product.

In the case of price matching, it is crucial that every aspect of the requested item matches the one that Walmart sells. This includes its size, model color, and brand. Moreover, the item must be available in both Walmart and Target, when the request is submitted.

How Does Walmart Online Price Match Works

Walmart has a strategy to help you with its online price match system. What you need to do is get in touch with Walmart before completing your order to get the discounted or reduced price if you find it at one of the online stores that Walmart has authorized.

Simply get in touch with online Walmart Customers Support or give them a call at (800) 966-6546 to take full advantage of this program. A Walmart employee will verify the online store, and their current pricing, and confirm that the product is available both at Walmart and the competitor’s website to determine whether the item qualifies for the promotion.

Walmart only permits a single online price match per day, per item, and Walmart has the right to refuse to match any online price. So, before making a purchase, it is recommended that you do your research to make sure that you are receiving the best deal available.

This approach is especially helpful when purchasing expensive things like HDTVs, computers, electronics, and small household appliances because even a little discount can count. Therefore, if you want to save money on your next online purchase, start shopping wisely by keeping Walmart’s price-match policy in consideration.

Can You Price Match Items Already Purchased At Walmart? 

Price-match requests must be submitted to Walmart prior to processing the payment transaction. So, you’re out of luck if you’ve already completed your order and then find the same thing for less price, somewhere else.

This indicates that you must think quickly and do research before going to Walmart. Otherwise, you could pass on a lot of opportunities!

You won’t be allowed to return or receive a refund for an item that you bought from or some other online store and then tried to price match. So, before clicking the “purchase” button, check sure you’re receiving the greatest value.

Can Walmart Turn Down Request To Price Match Target?

It’s not always as easy as it may seem to price match a product at Walmart with an identical item sold at Target.

So first of all, whenever you purchase on, Walmart has the right to refuse your request for a Target price match. Moreover, they also have the power to refuse your request if the company believes it to be invalid. Moreover, Walmart won’t take Target coupons, bundle discounts, or in-mail rewards.

Additionally, forget about attempting to match prices on things sold on Walmart Marketplace by independent retailers because the price match policy at Walmart completely rejects these requests.

Walmart has the right to refuse your application in case of any inconsistencies between the items too, even if they appear to be identical. So, this means that the price matching will only be recognized for absolutely identical goods.

Lastly, don’t assume Walmart compares Target store pricing with those found online or in-store. Since it is strictly prohibited by their policy.

What Online Retailers Will Walmart Price Match With?

Walmart has a price-matching approach that enables customers to compare the prices of some online retailers. It’s essential to keep in mind, though, that Walmart will just price match with particular internet retailers. Walmart now price matches only with the following 28 online merchants:


It’s crucial to point out that Sports Authority and Toys R Us have been removed from Walmart’s list since they are no longer operating. 

Moreover, there are certain restrictions on Walmart’s price matching policy, such as the exclusion of items from these online sites that are sold by independent sellers. Before making a purchase, it is usually advisable to study Walmart’s price-matching policies and regulations.

How To Get Price Protection Via

I want to draw attention to a great Walmart shopping tip that can help you save money. You may perhaps get a big discount if you checked their website when making a purchase in person.

Here’s how it works: When purchasing your favorite item in-store, you can request a price adjustment if you find the identical item at a cheaper price on Showing an employee, the Walmart portal on the cellphone will allow you to do this. Remember that in order for the price change to take effect, the product must be similar and available on

There are certain exclusions to this policy, despite the fact that it is a great method to save money. Clearance, special offers, daily deals, and deep discounts are excluded.

All in all, don’t let that stop you from regularly shopping at, especially for large purchases. With your phone, you can set a reminder to check out the website in a few weeks and also easily save your receipts.

However, Walmart only permits one price change per item, each day. As a result, be careful to explore your options before finalizing everything.

Does Target Also Price Match Items At Walmart?

You’ll be thrilled to find out that matches prices on The only drawback is that you’re given just 14 days to ask for a price match.

Before you proceed and request a price match, confirm that the product matches the one on in terms of brand, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number. Remember that Target won’t match the prices of Walmart for things that are on sale and promoted if there is no proof of the original cost or a coupon.

Now let’s discuss how to receive a price match. It’s really simple. To get help with your request, all you need is to get in contact with Customer Care. They will check the product’s availability and pricing on and update your purchase price appropriately.

Target also has a strategy whereby it will match prices from a few other competitor websites, such as,, and others. And therefore, you may also ask Target to match prices if you discover an item for less at any of these retailers.

Key Takeaways 

  • Walmart does provide a price match strategy for products that are sold at, however, certain conditions must be met in order to be eligible for a price match.
  • Moreover, you should confirm that the product about which you’re asking for a price match matches the product listed on Target’s website in terms of brand, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number.
  • Walmart will not match prices on products that are on sale or those that are promoted as exceptional deals e.g. Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walmart match prices with business competitors?

Customers must fulfill certain requirements in order to use the price match policy: The product needs to be the precise model and manufacture. and the website of the other retailer must have the item in stock. 

Does Walmart match Amazon’s prices?

Walmart’s physical locations won’t match Amazon’s prices. But will fully match Amazon pricing if you’re purchasing online. Before placing your order, get in touch with Customer Support for a price match.

Is Walmart preferable to Target?

Walmart didn’t make the top 100 customer-focused firms of the 2022 list, but Target did. Hence, even if Walmart may provide a greater range of services, Target is more likely to offer cost-effectiveness.

If prices drop, would Walmart issue a refund?

You can ask for a reimbursement for the amount at stores like Walmart that permit it, allowing you to gain access to the newly reduced price. You must submit proof of a better, non-clearance price for your product on within 7 days of your first purchase in order to be eligible for an adjustment at Walmart.

What is the policy for pricing adjustments?

If a retailer offers a price adjustment policy, it usually means that it will refund you the difference if the price of anything you just purchased reduces during the next 14 to 30 days.