Walmart Battery Core Charge: Get $10 Refunded With THIS Hack

Last month, I needed a new car battery in an emergency. Though Walmart was a safe choice, I didn’t want to spend the extra money on core charges at the store. Luckily, I learned that if you return an old battery in 90 days, Walmart provides a refund! After purchasing a new one, I replaced my old battery the next day, and I had no trouble getting a refund for the core fee. So, if you’re facing a similar situation, here are my two cents on Walmart battery core charge and what you can do about it.

Quick Summary

The cost of a new battery might involve a core fee as a deposit for encouraging a return of the old battery. The standard price for a car battery at Walmart is $10. If you bring your old battery within 90 days of purchase, Walmart will refund the core charge you spent on it. Bring your old battery and invoice to a Walmart store to receive a refund on the core charge.

What Is Walmart Battery Core Charge and How Does It Work?

A “deposit” is synonymous with a battery core charge. It is an obligatory recycling charge for used car batteries, assuring their recycling and preventing landfill disposal. 

This preventive strategy for battery recycling contributes to the conservation of resources, a decrease in pollution, and the protection of the health of our planet.

One of the most sustainable ways of energy storage is lead-acid batteries, commonly referred to as automobile or vehicle batteries, due to their 99% recyclability rate.

The essential purpose of a core charge is to deposit materials on the battery’s internal components, notably the iron core. Once a battery has served its intended use, the manufacturer expects its return for recycling.

Although a battery core charge might initially seem confusing, its functions are straightforward. Automated control for the battery core comes along when buying a car battery from Walmart, usually costing between $5 and $10.

Your receipt will show this expense as a “merchandising fee” or an element of your tax sum. This charge is a refundable amount you can cash out when you return your car battery.

You must keep your receipt for all the time of the battery’s life to be eligible for this refund, then go to any Walmart store to take it up.

How Much Does Walmart Battery Core Charge Cost?

If you like seeking discounts and hunting down sales to save money, you’ll be happy to learn that the charge is only $10, which is very affordable. 

Car batteries, the most common recycled battery, are subject to this fee in all cases. This fee could be more balanced when compared to other sellers. Also, you can be confident that it will be fully reimbursed if you return the battery to Walmart after it fulfilled its intended purpose.

The battery core charge differs depending on the size and efficiency of the battery you buy, between $10 to $25. Since lead-acid battery recycling makes up almost 99% of the lead-acid battery marketplace in the US, this service is quite significant.

You know the highly elevated expenses of producing the new lead. Lead’s completely recyclable nature and properties remain unchanged throughout recycling, making it remarkable. Information is highly sought-after and constantly in demand due to this attribute.

Especially in the automobile sector, batteries constitute over 85% of all lead usage nowadays!

Will Walmart Give Me a Core Charge Refund?

The Walmart battery core charge works similarly to a deposit, suggesting that you can ultimately reclaim it as a refund.

You’ll need these things to get a refund for your battery core charge:

  • The battery you deposited for.
  • The original invoice states the order.
  • Any differences between battery brands are inconsequential.

You won’t be eligible for a return at Walmart if:

  • You don’t give your battery back to Walmart.
  • You can’t show the original receipt for the purchase with the core fees.
  • You try to return a battery that wasn’t purchased at Walmart.

Steps To Get a Refund on your Walmart Battery Core Charge

  1. Bring your old car battery that you purchased from Walmart with your receipt to any Walmart store.
  2. If you want your deposit returned, let a Walmart staff know (remember to bring the battery and the receipt).
  3. You can purchase an all-new car battery at the same time if you’re planning on doing so.
  4. The Walmart Auto Care Center lets you set up an installation appointment. You can apply the refunded core charge against the cost of your replacement battery if you choose this option.

Walmart often includes core charges in its sales tax. It’s essential in such circumstances to get in contact with the store manager or the auto service manager. They will take handle this for you.

If the state tax rates on the receipt are significantly more significant than the expected proportion for your state’s costs, that may indicate an issue.

Walmart Battery Replacement Policy

As Walmart’s official website states, new car batteries are accepted for returns, refunds, and exchanges, following the retailer’s standard return policy. 

However, to complete this process, you must do so within 90 days of the purchase date and generate an original receipt or other valid evidence of purchase.

After the first 90 days, the customer must continue to hold an active warranty to be eligible for a replacement. 

Walmart ensures all its auto batteries have a minimum one-year manufacturer’s warranty. So you feel at ease knowing that you have adequate coverage.

Tips! Things To Keep In Mind When Returning Old Batteries To Walmart

Keep your receipts: It’s worthwhile to keep your receipt and the warranty from the manufacturer. This measure makes sure that any subsequent returns or exchanges at Walmart go seamlessly.

Maximum savings: If you recycle the old lead acid battery and purchase a new one, you may get a price break on the new battery plus a refund for the core charge.

Warranty terms: As indicative of their commitment to client satisfaction, Walmart provides car batteries with a manufacturer’s warranty that endures at least one year.

Check expiration dates: Always confirm the battery’s expiration date before purchasing. The storms could have been more brand-new than they appeared because of Walmart’s competitive pricing.

Hacks To Avoid Battery Core Charge At Walmart

  • Use an unused battery as a core by finding a friend, relative, or neighbor who no more needs it. Ensure that the battery is the same type, size, and power level as the one you’re purchasing and continues to hold a charge. If these requirements aren’t satisfied, Walmart might not recognize it as an acceptable core.
  • Check out if any recycling or scrap yards in the vicinity sell used batteries for a reasonable cost. You can buy one and trade it in for a different one if you find one for a price below the core charge. However, be careful about the quality and state of the battery since some parts might be faulty or dated.
  • Look for promotions or discounts online that may reduce the price of the battery or cancel the core fee. Many apps and websites could offer coupons or other offers that let you save cash on your purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • The core charge for car batteries at Walmart is $10.
  • If you return the old battery within 90 days of purchase, you get a refund for your core charge.
  • Walmart provides a free 90-day battery exchange service where you can get a new battery in return for a dead one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I return a Walmart car battery if I have not used it?

Yes. You can return your car battery to any Walmart store if you purchased it there over the last 90 days with your original receipt.

Can I return a battery core anywhere?

Usually, any retailer selling car batteries will accept the return of battery cores or old, utilized batteries you might have. If you return a core deposit to a facility other than the one where you bought the new battery, you may not be eligible for a refund.

Does Walmart bring back old car batteries?

Yes. After 90 days, you are ineligible to return a battery for a full refund; however, you can still produce an old car battery to Walmart for a refund for the core charge.

Will Walmart give me cash back for old car batteries

No. When a car battery has been used, it is not eligible for a refund. However, you’ll probably be able to get your cash back for your core charge.

Does Walmart recycle batteries?

Yes. Many Walmart stores accept used batteries for recycling, such as those from vehicles, houses, and cell phones.

How much is the battery core charge at AutoZone?

Depending upon the part you purchase, core fees vary. For instance, the AutoZone core charge for batteries usually ranges from $22.

What is the battery core charge at Lowes?

You must pay an additional charge of between $10 and $22, along with the cost of the replacement battery for a “core.”