Does Walmart Price Match Amazon Prime Members Online?

If you feel like giving up on paying too much for the stuff you love, listen here shopping enthusiasts! The ultimate secret weapon to get the lowest prices on your favorite items is Walmart’s in-store and online price match policy for Amazon. You can ensure you avail of the most incredible deals on your favorite items simply by determining if Walmart’s prices match Amazon’s. So, keep reading if you are ready to shop smarter and save more!

Quick Summary

Walmart does not price match Amazon Prime, but you can consider alternative retailers that are available. Secondly, Walmart’s price match policy is valid for in-store and online purchases. It might price match other retail stores such as Target and Best Buy, but it is best to confirm through the policies for each store. Moreover, you can request a refund for the price difference if an item they bought goes on sale within a certain period. 

Walmart Price Match Policy For Amazon

Walmart’s price matching policy is a smart way to offer discounts on your shoppingHowever, it is essential to note that they do not offer price matching for Amazon Prime. 

Walmart does not provide price matching or adjustments for anything requiring membership conditions. It will differ from the prices available to Amazon Prime subscribers, as doing so demands a paid subscription.

When buying on, you can request a price match for a special price when you find it on at a regular rate. So, watch out for those non-Prime offers. You can use Walmart’s price-matching policy to get the most excellent deals feasible.

What To Do When Walmart Does Not Price Match Amazon Prime?

You can still buy your desired product from your nearest Walmart store and relish the lower prices on Amazon.

What if you are in a situation where you want a product the instant, but Amazon is more within your means than Walmart? It is a shared encounter you might have experienced when you shop.

Just open the product page from Amazon’s website via the web browser on your smartphone. Ensure that you avoid signing into your Amazon account so that buying does not display the “Prime” label.

Alternatively, you can sign out of the Amazon application, and the Prime label disappears from the product site. You can save some bucks since Walmart would be compelled to match the lower price range.

Does Walmart Price Match Other Stores?

Walmart retail stores must either price match or offer price changes if a price decreases within seven days of the purchase.

Sam’s Club: Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not offer price matches with any of its competitors, including Walmart. It is mentioned in its policy as well.

Target: matches prices, but with Walmart stores, it is unlikely. Target will match Walmart’s rates. Furthermore, RedCard holders can get the benefits of an extra 5% discount as an incentive for being a RedCard holder.

Best Buy: It does match you, fortunately. If you are shopping online, they will match the price, but if you are buying at a Walmart store, they will not match any other retailer’s price; Best Buy is one of the retail brands that will match the rates.

GameStop: GameStop is unfortunately not subject to Walmart’s price matching policy, although GameStop is a chartered retailer for Target and’s price matching service. This is because Walmart needs to consider them as their direct competitors.

Walmart Price Match 2023 Terms and Conditions

  • At the same time, when Walmart retail locations match the price of the stuff bought through, they would not do so for items purchased in competitor stores or at other Walmart locations. Walmart will not fit the lower price you get at another retail store, so do your shopping elsewhere.
  •  The only companies at eligible list of online competitors will provide price match services. So, you should go through which online retailers are included.
  •  Coupons, clearance, holiday season, and discounted items do not qualify for price matching at Walmart. Hence, you will not get the price matched of a product with a coupon or events discount.
  •  Walmart will not match the pricing where there is a prerequisite of membership. For example, Walmart would not match a store’s member-specific price cuts if the concerned store offered them.
  •  There is a daily cap of one price match request for each customer. So, make sure to compare the costs carefully before ordering so that you get the most outstanding deal available.

Walmart Price Match Exceptions For In-Store and Online Shopping

The retailer completely adheres to its price-matching policies whether you make your purchases in-store or online. So, if you wish to store purchasing, you must follow specific rules for your price match call to get accepted.

Such as you must let the sales representative know the price and provide the details needed to validate that the product is available now on Also, note that Walmart can impose limits on quantities, notably for reselling.

In-store purchases

  • Not all your in-store buying will get matched for the lowest price by Walmart.
  •  If you make an in-store purchase during a particular sale, such as on a rollback, Black Friday, clearance, or Cyber Monday bargain, there would be no price match for you.
  •  Auction websites, third-party vendors, and membership-exclusive websites are also skipped, as are the Marketplace Retailers from Walmart or other competitor retail stores.
  •  Apart from that, Walmart does not match bundle deals, buy one, get one free offer without pricing, mail-in specials, and promotions needing a purchase to win a gift card.

Online purchases

  • Walmart has a slightly more lenient standing if you request a price match when shopping online. A few exceptions do still are present, though.
  •  When a request is made for an online price match, the item needs to be identical and accessible on both the website of the online shop and
  •  Moreover, Walmart allows only one price match per item for each customer daily. Besides that, rain checks are unavailable for out-of-stock products at the store.
  • only matches the prices at facilities displayed on their official list of online competitors, including,, and
  •  Walmart will not match the prices for the products on clearance, on sale, within a holiday, or membership exclusive.

Walmart’s policy is liable to endure revision at any given time. So, keep checking their website occasionally or contact a Walmart representative for the most updated policy details.

What Is Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy?

The Price Adjustment Policy at Walmart operates just like their price matching. Still, there are some essential particularities. You must remember that online purchases are not eligible for price adjustments.

When you request a price adjustment at the store, Walmart will only adjust the price of an item if it gets displayed on or at the store where you bought the product initially.

You can then return it for a price adjustment when you come across a lower price at or where you purchased it.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart’s price match policy works for in-store and online Amazon purchases, but Amazon Prime is excluded from the list.
  •  Customers should check each store’s terms and conditions before the purchase because it might price match the competitors like Target and Best Buy.
  •  Customers can request a refund for the difference in pricing if an item they purchased from Walmart goes live on sale within a certain period. This is possible due to the brand’s price adjustment policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Target’s price match Amazon’s?

Target will match Amazon’s price if your bought product has a similar brand name, weight, size, color, volume, and model number. One limitation is that Amazon must deal with and deliver the concerned product for the price match; items from third-party vendors are not eligible for this offer.

What is the pricing strategy of Amazon and Walmart?

Following the famous “flywheel” theory, Amazon’s marketplace became popular due to its low rates. This popularity, in turn, lured more sellers to the website, thus boosting the competition and dipping the prices. Meanwhile, Walmart has progressed steadily using an everyday low-price strategy.

Why is Walmart get away with price matching?

The company is planning to end Savings Catcher. This recognized price-matching approach instantly compensates buyers for any price differences between Walmart and its competitors. Walmart stated that the offering is coming to an end since it already has the most affordable prices.

Will Walmart match the price of all I’ve already purchased?

Within seven days of your original purchase date, you must provide evidence of lower, non-clearance pricing for the product on

How can I get Walmart to match prices?

You can call Customer Care at (800) 966-6546 to talk with them directly. After that, Walmart will validate the eligibility by looking at the online store and its current price. They will also ensure that the item is in access at both and the competitor’s e-store.