Does Walmart Pay Weekly? Maybe! (But It Gives 50% Pay Early)

Financial emergencies don’t wait to hit you till the end of the month! Therefore, individuals with thin savings funds are often looking for ways to get paid sooner than 30 days. With policies extremely supportive of the employees, you may wonder does Walmart pay weekly or biweekly to help you cater to an unexpected crisis.

Quick Summary

Walmart pays on a biweekly basis which means each employee will get the paystub twice a month. There are only a few states where Walmart employees may get paid every week. However, for this need, the Even app is a reliable platform that has partnered with Walmart to allow workers to access 50% of their income before payday. The app offers one month of free trial after which you can continue to use the basic plan (no charges) or upgrade to a paid subscription with additional benefits. 

Does Walmart Pay Its Employees Every Week? 

Walmart does not pay its employees every week. Instead, the payment schedule is set biweekly which means the employees get paid twice a month. However, different states have variable laws and at some locations, Walmart employees may get their pay weekly. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Walmart may deduct taxes or other contributions when dispatching your pay. If no such payment is due, you should check the payslip before receiving the deposit.

Moreover, Walmart takes good care of its employees. Perhaps that is why it has come up with a helpful bereavement leave policy with paid off for the workers. Similarly, it has something in stock for those employees too who wish to receive partial income before the payday (just keep reading!)

How Often Does Walmart Pay Its Employees?

Walmart pays its employees on a biweekly basis which translates to twice a month and 26 times a year. Each period will last up to 14 days. 

The payment schedule applies to all eligible associates who will receive their pay from Thursday – Friday at the end of the biweekly period.

How Does Walmart Pay Its Employees?

Most of the job positions at Walmart pay employees on an hourly basis and the pay scale depends on the nature of their position. Roughly stating, hourly employees get paid at a rate between $11 to $15 per hour. 

  • Hourly employees are compensated with paid time off depending on how much they work and the wage that they are paid. 
  •  Employees on fixed salaries get paid the amount they have agreed upon regardless of the number of hours that they work. 

As per the updated policy of 2023, Walmart pays its employees either through Direct Debit into the bank account or load the wages onto their Walmart-issued debit card.

Employees can use their Walmart-issued ID to log into the online account and retrieve the paystubs.

Do Walmart Employees Get Paid Time Off?

Walmart employees can get PTO or paid time off but it depends on the number of hours they are working as well as the status of their employment. 

Hourly employees can earn paid time off based on how exceptionally well they are performing and fulfilling their job requirements. Moreover, how much time Walmart will give with pay depends on whether you are a full-time, part-time, or temporary worker. 

There’s more! Workers who do not avail of the PTO that they have earned can always get it later or, even better, cash it out. The cashout is included in the payroll after the 1st of Feb. You can read more about Walmart PTO terms and conditions on their official page. 

How Can Walmart Employees Get 50% of Their Income Early? 

Walmart employees can access 50% of their earned wages ahead of payday through the Even app. The app charges a small fee but it gives users access to free budgeting and saving tools. 

The Even app is not owned by Walmart or any other similar business. Nonetheless, it has partnered with multiple companies to help its employees get early access to income in tough times. 

This does not mean that Walmart will change the pay scale for any of its employees. The company continues to pay hourly employees once every two weeks as promised in their employment policy. However, the app guarantees early access to 50% of their income within seconds. 

Steps To Use Even App For Walmart Employees 

  1. Download the app on your device either through Apple Store or Play Store depending on the type of phone you have. 
  2.  Then you need to create an account on the Even app using your phone number. 
  3.  Once you are done, open the account and sign up for the Even Plus program. Keep in mind that this will cost you $6 per month. 
  4.  Even Plus allows you to access the Instapay feature for earned wage access. To make use of it to the fullest, connect your bank with the app using the bank routing number. 
  5.  Provide Walmart Employee ID in the app to complete the account setup. 

Users can start requesting one pay advance payment per week right after they are done completing the registration. Any confusion? Take a look at this Even FAQ provided by Walmart itself for further details. 

Is Even the App Free to Use?

When users sign up for the first time, the app offers one month of free trial subscription. Furthermore, if they continue to use the basic plan, there will be no charges. 

However, the basic plan does not have much to offer. Even Plus subscription, which costs $6 per month, offers budgeting tools and saving features that can be quite beneficial in the long run. 

Here’s some good news! You can get a month of free subscription with Even Plus too as it offers one chance every 90 days to current users so they can experience all the features of the app free of cost. 

Walmart Pay Structure For Different Positions (Updated Information 2023)

Position Income/hour
Cashier $14
Front End Cashier $15
Sales Associate$20
Deli Associate$15
Retail Sales Associate$18
Overnight Stocker$15
Assistant Manager$35
Assistant Store Manager$39
Warehouse Worker$16
Department Manager$26
Personal Shopper$15
Pharmacy Technician$18
Certified Pharmacy Technician$20
Team Lead$25
Customer Service Representative$18

Key Takeaways 

  • Walmart pays its employees biweekly which means every worker gets paid twice a month. The pay period starts on Saturday and ends on Friday, 14 days later.
  •  Employees on hourly wages earn around $11 to $15 per hour with paid time off. The exact pay scale varies depending on the position and job description.
  •  Walmart has partnered with the Even app to allow workers to access 50% of their income earlier than payday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walmart DC pay its employees weekly or bi-weekly? 

Walmart pays all its employees on a bi-weekly basis. The cycle starts on the 1st of each month regardless of the location of the Walmart store and the position of the employee. 

What is a Walmart time card?

Walmart sells attendance time cards. These can track when the employees come and go, if they fulfill their employee hours per day, and eventually, determine the amount of time they will be compensated in each pay period. 

When does Walmart Fulfillment Center pay its employees?

All Walmart employees in stores, fulfillment centers, warehouses, etc. are paid on a bi-weekly basis. 

Do Walmart warehouses pay weekly? 

Walmart warehouses, just like stores, pay its employees on a bi-weekly basis. 

How much does Walmart pay every 2 weeks? 

Walmart’s pay scale may vary depending on the specific position as well as the location of the Walmart store. Some employees are paid more than others if they are handling technical tasks or higher positions like regional managers or team leads.

When do Walmart employees get paid with direct deposit? 

Employees with Walmart MoneyCard accounts can get paid with direct deposit two days earlier than when they are paid. 

Does Walmart hold back a week for pay? 

Many businesses hold back 1 week to 3 weeks’ pay before providing the employee with their first paycheck. However, Walmart does not do this. Walmart employees get paid on the first payday of their employment.

When does Walmart’s pay period start and end? 

Walmart’s pay period is 14 days long. Typically, Walmart’s pay period starts on Saturday and ends on Friday 14 days later.

Do Walmart employees get paid for orientation? 

Walmart does pay its employees for two to six weeks of orientation.