Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets? Get Your Winning Ticket Now

Have you found yourself standing in line at Walmart and wondering does Walmart sell lottery tickets? Prepare for an unexpected answer as we thoroughly explore their offerings and examine their lottery ticket sales! As it turns out, Walmart is not just the place that can make your purchases extremely affordable but it could also become your go-to location for winning a big prize! 

Quick Summary

Walmart sells lottery tickets in Canada. Walmart does not sell lottery tickets online. It has over 20 lottery ticket types, including Mega Millions and Powerball. Walmart provides lottery tickets in the U.S. and Canada, but you must be 18 to buy them. The Powerball Lottery is played in most U.S. states and has a high payout. The gift cards can’t be used to buy lottery tickets. Walmart sells scratch-off lottery tickets, used to pass the time while stuck in nowhere. Walmart sells Raffle Tickets, including the famous 50/50 roll. 

Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets In All States?

Walmart offers lotto tickets all over the US, except in locations that don’t participate in the annual drawings.

You can’t buy jackpot tickets at Walmart if you live in Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii, Alabama, or Utah. Moreover, these states don’t take part in the big nationwide draws.

Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets in Canada?

The company is suspected of selling lottery tickets in retail stores in Canada. 

What national lottery they offer tickets to depends on the state lottery, run by the federal government in Canada. Moreover, the New South Wales Lottery is the sole jackpot sold by this firm in New South Wales, Australia. 

Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets Online? 

Walmart is not a retailer of lottery tickets on the Internet.

Retailers online, like Amazon, offer lottery tickets. Moreover, Amazon is a convenient and fast retailer making it a popular alternative. You may also want to know if Albertsons has Mega Millions tickets on sale or if Safeway has lottery tickets.

Types of Lottery You Can Buy At Walmart 

Walmart has more than 20 ticket types. Mega Millions and Powerball are the two most well-known national lottery.

Except for a few states, the two lotteries are offered nationwide. In America alone, millions of individuals take part in lotteries every single year.

Requirements to Buy Lottery Tickets At Walmart 

Walmart provides lottery tickets in the U.S. and Canada. The problem is that Walmart lottery tickets are only bought if two conditions are fulfilled.

  • You must be legal currently, which is the age of 18.
  • Your only purchase option is to bring cash to the ticket booth on the event day. 

How To Purchase Lottery Tickets At Walmart In Stores? 

Once you have a valid government identification card, have enough cash, and are 18 or older, you can go to any Walmart store near your home to purchase lottery tickets. 

When you arrive at your Walmart store, head towards the customer service desks, which are located near the cash counters. When you ask the customer service rep to purchase a lottery ticket, you will be offered two options: manually selecting different combinations of computer-generated numbers.

Option A

A lottery ticket holder can select five numbers with a range of 1 to 69 and one number between 1 and 26 to play a winning chance. The first five numbers are white balls, while the number 1 is a mega gold ball.

Option B

There is also a computer-based method of selecting numbers for lottery tickets in addition to the manual method. In this instance, the computer randomly decides the number of tickets for the participant.

When you’re done with the lottery ticket numbers selection process, either manually or computer-generated, the next step is determining the number of times you want the ticket valid for the drawing. The more often you wish tickets to become drawn, the more times you will have to pay. For instance, you pay $2 for one draw, and it continues.

Not only can you buy lotto entries at Walmart retail outlets in the USA, but you can also buy them at Walmart shops in Canada.

Which Of These Two Options Is More Effective?

Both ways have their good points and bad points. Choosing your numbers will give you greater control over the game, but it will also be a matter of luck.

A computer’s pick is a viable option if you cannot select your numbers. It is because it’s an instant and simple way to win lottery tickets. 

Steps To Buy a Lottery Ticket at Walmart

For newcomers, purchasing lottery tickets and placing wagers can be nerve-racking. Lottery tickets can be enjoyable and stress-free if you are knowledgeable about lottery rules and have realistic expectations. 

  • It’s usually recommended to plan out the amount you will spend on a ticket.
  • If you need clarification on whether playing in your country or state is legal, look it up online.
  • Visit a supermarket or convenience shop. If your state offers lottery tickets, you can purchase them at grocery stores.
  • A lotteries’ online tools are available to help you find authorized retailers. For example, the state lottery’s retailer locator lets you find vendors.
  • Every lotto is different. However, they all share some features regarding how you place your bets. If you’re looking to purchase a lotto ticket and you are at the shop, you’ll be asked for the ticket you want (many states and countries offer multiple lottery games to choose from) and then choose the numbers you wish to place your bets on. 
  • Suppose you’re in a rush or don’t need to worry about which numbers you pick. In that case, most lotteries today allow you to allow a computer to select an appropriate number automatically for you.
  • There’s a section or box on the play slip in this scenario. That is to signify that you’re willing to accept any number the computer selects. If you accept this, you won’t need to write any numbers on the slip.
  • For instance, you can look at the Powerball Lottery, which allows you to choose “Quick Pick” on your ticket. You will receive five random numbers between 1 – 69 and one between 1 – 26. You can restrict your Quick Pick to the initial set of five numbers or one final number 1-26.
  • Then indicate if you’d like to play several draws. Suppose you purchased an online lottery ticket and still seek a winner. Instead, you must attend the lottery draw, where the winners will be announced.
  • The winners are randomly selected. If you pay just the cost of your base ticket, it will end after one draw. 

Minimum Cost of a Lottery Ticket at Walmart 

If you buy a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket for two dollars or less, you can enter a single drawing. You can raise your probability of hitting the jackpot by buying a lot of $2 coupons and entering a bunch of drawings.

Be sure to verify the price at the counter, as prices can change at any point.

Other Stores That Sell Lottery Tickets 

You can buy lottery tickets everywhere. Gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and lottery retailers sell lottery tickets. There is also the option of playing online lotteries in certain states or countries that provide lottery tickets.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart sells lottery tickets.
  • The Powerball Lottery is played in most U.S. states and has a high payout. You must choose five numbers from 1-69 and one number from 1-26.
  • Moreover, lottery tickets are an affordable way to win a substantial prize. The buying process is simple, but make sure you are knowledgeable about the lottery rules and have realistic expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Buy A Lottery Ticket With A Walmart Gift Card? 

Unfortunately, no. Walmart gift cards can’t be used to buy lottery tickets from Walmart. Money’s power is undisputed. That is why you have to use cash to buy a lottery ticket. Other payment methods are prohibited.

Does Walmart Sell Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets? 

In all of Walmart’s stores, scratch-off tickets can be purchased. Many believe these tickets are used to determine who wins the prize. However, they are an efficient and straightforward method of passing time. Scratch-off tickets to entertain yourself while stuck in the middle is an excellent idea.

Does Walmart Sell Raffle Tickets? 

There are indeed several Raffle Ticket rolls available at Walmart. The retailer offers a wide range of Raffle tickets, such as the well-known 50/50 roll. Prices vary based on the number of tickets included in the roll.

But, upon further research, I discovered that the price range is between $13 and 35 dollars (depending on the number of tickets and rolls).

Where To Buy Lottery Tickets Near Me? 

Lottery tickets, such as convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and dedicated lottery retailers, can be bought nearby. Look out for signs displaying sales information or ask the cashier in each establishment if they offer lottery ticket sales.