Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges? Get It Done Under 15 Minutes!

With social media and digital photography taking prominence, finding economical ways to manage ink costs remains a priority for consumers. For years, Costco was recognized for providing ink cartridge refill services, catering to those looking for a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing new cartridges or offered to develop films. However, with an evolution in the market for printing services, the question “Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges” has gained the attention of many. If you are one of these people, let’s dive in and learn about the services offered in 2023.

Quick Summary

With an increase in digital photography and social media, the decline of Costco Photo Center and ink refilling service was inevitable. Brother, Epson, and HP are some of the significant brands of ink cartridges sold at Costco. Numerous other stores, such as Staples, Walgreens, and Office Max, offer printer ink cartridge refilling services. Read on to learn more about printing strategies that can help save you money on ink!

Does Costco Still Refill Cartridges in 2023?

Unfortunately, Costco does not refill printer ink cartridges in 2023. The official announcement of shutting down the in-store Photo Center came in January 2021. Given that the Photo Center also provided printer ink cartridge refilling services, Costco also stopped offering this service

All Photo Center services officially ended on 14th February 2021. Photo printing services have now shifted to However, you cannot avail of printing or ink refilling services in-store.

A couple of years agoCostco was one of the most reliable retailers that offered an ink cartridge refill service. This allowed customers to bring in their empty ink cartridges and have them refilled at a lower cost than purchasing new onesHowever, the wholesale retailer has discontinued this service.

Costco’s Photo Center allows customers to bring empty printer ink cartridges and get them refilled at a fraction of the price of buying a new one. Having the ink cartridge supplied saved customers a HUGE sum of money.

In addition, it decreases wastage and allows the material to be reused. Along with ink refilling service, Costco Photo Center offered numerous printing-related services. These incorporated passport photos and photo printing.

Costco has taken steps to ensure the safe availability of ink cartridges-related products. The wholesale club intends to secure their customers and workers from improving product standards to introducing new packaging. Moreover, they plan to educate customers about the toxins within ink that can be hazardous to a person’s health.

If you plan to purchase ink cartridges, visit Costco or check out Amazon to buy similar products. Typically, you will find that purchasing ink cartridges at Amazon is cheaper compared with Costco.

Why Did Costco Discontinue Ink Cartridge Refill?

One of the primary reasons that led Costco to discontinue its Photo Center Services is a steep decline in photo printing. The introduction of social media and smartphones with excellent cameras have reduced the need for printing pictures in-store.

Digital photography is another reason people have stopped paying for photo printing services, especially at retailers such as Costco Photo Center. As a result, the need for ink cartridge refills dropped significantly.

Given that the need for ink was reduced, the wholesale club saw the massive cost of the Photo Center. They realized that stocking ink for refills could have been better for the business. All of these reasons led Costco to shut down its in-store ink-related services.

Types of Ink Cartridges You Can Buy At Costco

Although Costco does not offer the ink cartridge refill service any longer, members of the wholesale club can still purchase a wide selection of new ink cartridges from its online store ( 

Moreover, these cartridges might also be available at some of Costco’s warehouse locations. You can find many new ink cartridges for various printer brands and models. These cartridges typically include original manufacturer cartridges as well as third-party alternatives.

Shoppers can find ink cartridges for popular printer brands on These brands include:

Brother: Known for producing high-quality prints, Brother is a renowned brand stocked at Costco. The store stocks a selection of Brother ink cartridges to fit various Brother printer models, each designed to provide excellent printing results.

HP Ink Cartridges: HP’s ink cartridges are also sold at Costco. The store’s inventory includes an array of HP ink cartridges. From black and white documents to vibrant colour prints, HP cartridges provide reliable results that live up to the brand’s reputation for quality.

Epson Ink Cartridges: Celebrated for their exceptional colour accuracy and vivid print outputs, Epson ink cartridges can be found at Costco. Epson cartridges, available in standard and high-capacity options, utilize advanced ink formulations for sharp and vibrant prints.

Previously, this wholesale membership-only club stocked a more comprehensive range of brands regarding ink cartridges. Customers could find different types of brands, including Lexmark, Innovera, and Xerox. As of February 2023, Costco has decreased the collection of ink cartridges sold at the store.

Shoppers can find a more comprehensive selection of ink cartridges at Generally, the price of printer ink cartridges ranges from $50 to $100. You can also purchase these cartridges at the warehouse at slightly cheaper rates. Mostly, online prices tend to be higher.

Where to Refill Ink Cartridges Instead?

While Costco has discontinued its ink cartridge refill service, there are still various alternatives available to refill ink cartridges. If you are sure your ink cartridges can be reused, it is best to get them filled or make this a DIY project. 

However, it is imperative to ensure that you opt for good-quality ink. Otherwise, you will end up with terrible photo prints. At Costco, members can ONLY purchase new ink cartridges.

Regrettably, the list of retailers that provide printer ink cartridge refilling in 2023 is limited. Let’s explore a couple of convenient stops that provide ink cartridge refilling services:


If you are looking to save time by multitasking, consider Walgreens for your printer ink cartridge refills. This retailer offers a one-hour cartridge-refilling service, making it the perfect spot to shop for essentials while having the ink refilled.

Generally, Walgreens outlets that have a Photo Lab will provide this service. Customers will need to take their empty casing to avail of this service.

In addition, the store only accepts casings from specific brands, including Samsung, HP, Fuji, Lexmark, Epson and Brother. The representative at the photo desk will inspect the cartridge for chipping or other forms of wear and tear.

After this, the casings are cleaned and refilled. It is imperative to specify the colour you need to be filled. Failure to do so will result in black refills as default.

You will also need to mention the brand and model of the printer. All this information will help the employee provide good quality refills and guide you on how long the process will be.

Best Buy

Best Buy, a major electronics retailer, offers ink cartridge refilling services in select locations. Its Geek Squad provides these services. These individuals are trained to supply 300+ printer ink capsules from various brands. However, the refilling service is only accessible at select locations.

It is best to inquire whether Best Buy in your neighbourhood offers this service. Typically, the service begins at approximately $9. Like other options, you can naturally drop off empty cartridges and receive refilled ones once complete.

Office Max

A subsidiary of Office Depot, OfficeMax provides an array of printing services. Their ink cartridge refilling services can help you save on costs while ensuring you can continue producing high-quality prints. 

Typically, Office Max printer ink cartridge refilling service is efficient and quick. If you have run out of ink, visit Office Max, where an employee will take the empty cartridge.

They will then inspect the empty casing to see if it can be reused. The trained staff at Office Max will clean the cartridge to remove any dried-out ink. As a result, the refill will give you high-quality prints.


Famous for office supplies, Staples offer a wide range of printing solutions, including ink cartridge refilling. Many Staples locations have dedicated print and copy centres that can assist you with refilling your ink cartridges.

Staples often emphasizes quality and customer satisfaction, making it a reliable option for those seeking professional cartridge refilling services.

Cartridge World

As a global franchise specializing in printer and toner cartridge refilling services, Cartridge World focuses on sustainability and quality. It offers personalized assistance, outstanding customer service and reliable quality ink refills. 

Their expertise in cartridge refilling and dedication to reducing environmental impact make them a compelling choice. Providing excellent service at a low cost makes Cartridge World a top choice for schools, businesses and home users.

Irrespective of where to get the capsule refilled, ink cartridge refilling typically takes about 15 minutes. However, it may vary for different stores.

Should I Buy New Printer Capsules Instead?

When considering your printer ink options, buying new printer cartridges versus refilling existing ones can have significant implications.

Even though ink cartridge refilling has benefits, purchasing a new cartridge from Costco is often overlooked. To get the best deal, you should always confirm the ink prices from each brand. Let’s take a look:

Advanced Features: Some newer printer models have advanced features, such as automatic ink level monitoring, which helps you track ink usage and anticipate when to replace the cartridge. These features often work seamlessly with new, genuine cartridges. Moreover, the ink cartridge home delivery service is a convenient option, given the high cost of gas.

Guaranteed Quality: New printer cartridges come directly from the manufacturer, ensuring consistent and high-quality printing. These cartridges are designed and tested to work seamlessly with specific printer models, minimizing the risk of compatibility issues or printing errors. However, refilled low-quality ink can spoil the document and damage the printer.

More straightforward Setup: Installing a new printer cartridge is a straightforward process that typically requires minimal effort. In contrast, refilling cartridges can be messy and may require specific tools or techniques. If you fill the capsule correctly, you must replace the printer.

Reduced Risk of Damage: Mishandling or improper refilling techniques can damage cartridges, leading to ink leakage, printer jams, or poor print quality. Purchasing new cartridges eliminates this risk. In addition, each capsule can only be refilled 4-5 times. These casings can get damaged because of wear and tear while printing.

Warranty Protection: Most new printer cartridges come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you encounter any issues with the cartridge’s performance or quality, you can often seek a replacement or refund within the warranty period.

Tips! How to Save Money when Printing

Statistics show that Americans waste around $10 billion annually to purchase brand-name ink that can be bought for less. If you are an avid printer user, it is natural that you will have to replace or refill ink. Here are several strategies that can help you save money on printing:

Switch off Automatic Updates

 Even though software updates are imperative to ensure your device is running efficiently, printer manufacturers are taking advantage of this feature. Most printer makers update this software to discourage using cheaper ink by making it less compatible. By turning off automatic updates, you can continue working with cheaper ink that will make it cost-effective.

Stay Away From Ink Subscriptions!

Most prominent printer manufacturers have introduced a new and improved way of refilling ink: through ink subscriptions. When you subscribe, these companies automatically mail you new ink when you are low. Customers are encouraged by the claim that this service will save you approximately 50% of the cost.

However, this saving only applies to people who print regularly and when they stay within your prepaid monthly allotment of pages. This method has a lot of uncertainty, and there is no sure-shot way to determine how much you will print. Moreover, these programs are scary as they continuously monitor the way you utilize your printer. How are companies tracking the level of ink? These manufacturers are embedding microchips in ink cartridges.

Purchase Third-Party Ink Cartridges 

Typically, third-party inks can be purchased for half the price. However, people are concerned about quality and voiding the warranty when purchasing it. Luckily, the Supreme Court passed a rule that allows customers to buy ink from someone else. Moreover, ink can be refilled in used cartridges. According to the law, using third-party ink would not void the printer’s warranty.

Remanufactured or Compatible Cartridges

You can find these cartridges at office supplies and online stores. They seem similar to name-brand cartridges. Typically, old cartridges are recycled, opened, cleaned and refilled with ink. However, remanufacturers must reprogram the chip on a cartridge because your printer might reject it or refuse to function correctly.

You can save almost half the amount from name-brand ink when you buy remanufactured ink. In some cases, you might get messages from the company, such as HP, stating “altered or cloned.” This can be dismissed. However, you might be required to update the software in other cases. For this reason, it is best to turn off automatic updates. Tip: purchase cartridges that offer a refund.

To maximize the benefits of remanufactured ink, it is essential to check the printer model. HP+ models that end with an E will not allow remanufactured ink as it contains software locks. It would help to always opt for ink cartridges with many positive reviews.

Ink injections

With this method, people can purchase ink bottles and inject them into the cartridge using a syringe. You will require some practice, a newspaper to cover the surface (as it does get messy) and some guidance. These kits can be found for 90% of a name-brand cartridge. Sometimes, you can refill cartridges multiple times.

 Key Takeaways

  • Costco no longer offers ink cartridge refill services. The discontinuation of this service affects customers seeking cost-effective printing solutions.
  • Customers must explore alternative options for ink cartridge refilling and purchasing. Refilling cartridges depends on cost, convenience, and print quality.
  • Purchasing new printer cartridges from Costco or other retailers remains viable as it guarantees quality and optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to refill ink cartridges near me?

Even though the demand for ink cartridge refills has decreased significantly, offices, local print shops and individuals still require ink for printing. To search for ink cartridge refill services, you can search online for retailers that sell ink cartridges near you.

 What is Walgreens’ ink refill service cost?

Another popular retailer that offers ink refill service is Walgreens. Refilling a cartridge is more cost-effective than purchasing a new one every time you run out of ink. You can get a standard black printer ink refill costs around $10. On the other hand, you can get a coloured cartridge replenished for approximately $25. Typically, Walgreens will take around an hour to refill empty ink cartridges. Refilling the cartridge is still cheaper, given that new ones cost around $50.

Can you refill ink cartridges by yourself?

In the majority of cases, ink cartridges can be refilled yourself. However, you must be mindful of the proper technique and understand whether the cartridge is designed to be filled.

When refilling the cartridge yourself, it is best to go through the printer’s manual to avoid costly mistakes. For instance, if the cartridge has dried ink, you must prevent refilling it because it will not work correctly and lead to printing disasters. For cartridges that can be supplied, you must purchase a DIY ink refill kit from the local store or online.

It is imperative to remember that refilling cartridges yourself can be challenging and messy. It’s often recommended to seek professional refilling services to ensure quality.

People Also Asked 

How many times can I refill ink cartridges?

Unfortunately, there is no sure short answer to how many times you can refill an ink cartridge. Generally, the manufacturers design these cartridges to be used once. The number of times an ink cartridge can be refilled depends on factors like cartridge design, maintenance, and the quality of the refilling process.

On average, cartridges can be refilled 4-5 times before their performance degrades significantly. To prolong the life of your cartridge, you can supply the ink before the cartridge dries out completely. 

Are remanufactured ink cartridges safe to use?

It depends. Remanufactured cartridges are refilled and reconditioned by third-party companies. Purchasing remanufactured ink is an excellent way to top up your ink cheaply. Even though the quality of these cartridges has improved, they still need to match the product given by the manufacturer. It is safe to use remanufactured ink cartridges IF they are good in terms of quality. Such cartridges will not damage your printer or result in leakages.

Is there currently a need for more Costco hp ink cartridges?

Yes, Costco hp ink cartridges are short in the market. Similar to other printing supplies, ink cartridges are also in high demand. However, the disruptions and backlogs in the ports owing to COVID-19 have prompted this shortage. Moreover, these cartridges were previously produced at a lower cost. With a price increase, people are leaning towards refilling their kits.