Does Costco Sell Dry Ice? (5 Other Options That Are CHEAPER)

Costco has it all! So, when I had to host my birthday party with fizzy, cold drinks, my instinct guided me to its stores without confirming whether does Costco sell dry ice or not. Since it offered reliable Costco catering that I had already signed up for, I assumed dry ice would not be a problem. Although I got lucky, you might not because the two seem to have a complicated relationship. Let me clear the air and explain how often you would find dry ice at Costco stores, and share my two cents on which stores are better alternatives.

Quick Summary

Costco does sell dry ice but only at some stores. Therefore, buyers should call their closest Costco stores and confirm with the management if dry ice is available. You are most likely to get it for $1 to $2.75 per pound if it is. More economical alternatives are Walmart, which sells ice for less than $1.5 per pound, or Kroger. 

Can I Buy Dry Ice At Costco?

Yes, Costco sells dry ice, although you may only find it at some locations nationwide. 

Most Costco locations do not sell dry ice, so there are solid chances that the one in your area might also run out of stock. If the store has it, you will find it in the front section with a freezer.

To save time and inconvenience, I recommend scanning the Costco store beforehand or using the Costco store locator to identify the one near you and confirm whether it has dry ice in stock.

How Much Will Dry Ice At Costco Cost Me?

Costco sells ice for approximately $1 to $2.75 per pound. However, the exact price depends on the vendor. 

There is no fixed price for dry ice at Costco stores. Sometimes it is priced by weight, while other times, Costco may sell it as per vendor demands.

Some buyers have recommended the Costco website for purchasing dry ice as they believe it is cheaper. Costco online sells it for as low as $1 per pound. However, the online store only takes orders of 10 to 25 pounds. Moreover, you have to pay shipping charges depending on the distance.

What Other Stores Sell Dry Ice?

Luckily, there are plenty of other stores that sell dry ice. So, if your local Costco does not have what you need, here’s what you should consider next:


Kroger is more reliable than Costco if you want to buy dry ice. However, the store has age restrictions, so you need to show ID as proof of age older than 18 years to purchase ice blocks and pellets.

Kroger stocks ice in the freezer section towards the back or sometimes in the front, depending on how the local management deems it proper.


Walmart is the second-most standard option that buyers turn to if their local Costco store runs out of ice.

This is also true because Walmart almost always has dry ice stocks ready to be sold. You will find it in the ice section near the front door, where the cashier and checkout aisles are located.

Nonetheless, you can confirm the availability by first using Walmart’s store locator to find one near you and then calling to ensure they have dry ice.

Walmart may be more expensive than Costco. Typically, dry ice will cost about $1 to $1.50 per pound here.


The stores usually have dry ice at the front in the designated ice section. You can always ask the store representatives for guidance if you need help locating the section.

Ice Cream Shops 

Technically, ice cream shops should have dry ice as a backup to keep components cold in an electricity emergency. However, this is not a fool-proof option as not all ice cream parlors offer this facility.

Local ice cream shops are a good place to check if you want a bag of dry ice at cheap rates or even for free.

Gas Stations 

You will also find dry ice at some of the local gas stations. However, it is a good idea to check beforehand if the one you plan to go to stocks ice.

Some more prominent names, like Chevron or Maverick, are good options to start looking at.

Uses of Dry Ice 

I am sure you already have a couple of uses in mind since you came looking for an answer to “Does Costco sell dry ice”. What other stores let you buy dry ice? However, you may need to learn that this form of ice has a vast range of uses. Some are going to sound exciting!

Storing Food 

Dry ice serves exceptionally well when storing food for long periods. Let’s say you go camping or a road trip. Since carrying a small refrigerator or freezer is impractical, dry ice in a container always does the trick!

Ironically, dry ice is commonly used to store dead bodies too! If there is time in burial preparation, large dry ice storage boxes are available where the body can be kept.

Flash Freezing 

Fishermen or hunters commonly use dry ice to keep their catch cold the whole day away from any refrigeration source. The ice keeps fish cold and fresh for up to 10 days. Furthermore, it can be put in an insulated container, keeping it effective even longer.

Special Effects 

Did you know that dry ice is used to create that smoky and foggy effect you see in the movies during Halloween scenes?

Moreover, the ice can make serving drinks fun, as you can make a witch’s brew or homemade root beer with it. Time for a spooky party!


  • All carbonated drinks are processed with dry ice since the liquid absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • Dry ice processes most of the mixtures that aid freezing in chemical laboratories.
  • Cold caps used in chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients are made with dry ice. They help to reduce the blood flow to the patient’s scalp.
  • Ice is also sometimes used in clinical procedures to remove warts, although many now prefer to use liquid nitrogen.

Hazards of Dry Ice To Watch Out For 

Dry ice is classified as hazardous by the US Department of Transportation for many reasons. The most prominent one is that it can shift from solid to gas immediately, which can cause problems when moving in large volumes. 

As sublimation occurs, the volume of carbon dioxide produced can damage containers. It can potentially injure transporters too, either through explosion or by displacing oxygen which causes breathing issues.

Dry ice is also “very” cold. If not handled properly, it can harm skin the minute it comes with content with the carrier. People who try to hold it for long may develop frostbite.

Key Takeaways 

  • Costco does not sell dry ice at all its locations, so you must consider alternatives like nearby gas stations, Kroger stores, or Walmart.
  • For Costco stores that sell this type of ice, the cost is much higher ($1 to $2.75 per pound) than Walmart, which sells dry ice for $1 to $1.5 per pound.
  • Dry ice is classified as hazardous because it sublimes and may cause an explosion within the container or frostbite if not appropriately handled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Costco sell dry ice near me?

Whether your local Costco has dry ice or not is something, only the present representative can inform you of correctly. Since not all Costco stores sell dry ice, it is advised that you call the one closest to you and confirm availability.

Do gas stations sell dry ice? 

Some gas stations sell dry ice but expect to find it elsewhere. You will have better luck with prominent gas stations like Chevron.

Does Target sell dry ice? 

Target has a range of frozen products, but consumers keep wondering whether Target sells dry ice. As per the latest information, Target stores do not sell dry ice. Walmart and Costco are more reliable alternatives.

Does Whole Foods sell dry ice too? 

Most Whole Foods locations sell dry ice for approximately $1 to $2.99, especially during the holiday or summer. However, the availability may be limited when winter is around the corner.

Does Sam’s Club sell dry ice? 

Some Sam’s Club locations and its online store sell dry ice.

Where to get dry ice near me?

There are online store locators that can help you identify the closest locations selling dry ice. However, their usefulness depends on where you live. It is best to check out stores like Walmart, Costco, or Kroger.