Does Costco Install Car Batteries? Find out Here!

If you are Running to your car to get to work, turning the key, and realizing the car battery is dead. Oh boy, I have been there and done that! You might have heard about Costco’s amazing deal on car batteries but does Costco install car batteries too? There are a few important details to keep in mind for this as you try to get back on the road.

Quick Summary

Unfortunately, the car batteries that Costco sells are not installed by the company itself. But there are a number of locations where you may have the option to install your new battery, including Walmart, AutoZone, Napa, Pep Boys, and O’Reilly.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries? (2023)

Unfortunately, Costco does not install car batteries, but you have many other alternatives to get them installed.

If you’re a Costco member looking for a brand-new car battery, you might just be curious whether you can install it at the store while you’re there to accomplish two goals. Sadly, the answer is no.

When it comes to the automobile batteries they sell, Costco doesn’t provide installation services. But you have a ton of different choices, from well-known auto parts retailers such as AutoZone and Napa to retail stores like Sam’s Club and Walmart.

The best thing is that the installation costs are affordable. In some places, like Sam’s Club, you can install batteries for as little as $3 to $5! 

So, just get your automobile battery fitted without paying a fortune, therefore sit back and relax.

Should You Buy Car Batteries From Costco?

Yes, Costco is dedicated to giving their customers value and you will not be required to spend a fortune on a good quality battery.

Hunting for a car battery can be stressful. Costco is one of the greatest places to get a car battery, renowned for its unbeatable rates and premium goods. All of their sites sell the well-known Interstate battery brand, so you can be sure you’re getting a long-lasting item.

But Costco doesn’t provide the services to install batteries, which means you’ll have to look for a technician elsewhere if you don’t have any experience working on cars and require a professional to install the new car battery for you.

But don’t let it stop you from shopping at Costco to get excellent deals on high-quality goods. You can quickly locate a dependable expert to set up your fresh battery with a little online searching.

Thus, make your way over to Costco’s automobile section and just get ready to recharge your vehicle’s battery!

What Are Prices For Car Batteries At Costco?

Costco has much lower prices on car batteries than other retailers, including Walmart. Despite the fact that automobile batteries are not sold in bulk like the majority of other products, Costco provides them at competitive pricing.

Costco offers automobile batteries at such low prices that you may jumpstart your car without spending a lot of money. Compared to other retailers, you might save somewhere around $15 to $40 on just a single battery, depending on your car.

Also, if you have environmental concerns, you’ll be pleased to learn that Costco supports the recycling of used automobile batteries. They also provide a mechanism for you to bring in your used battery for recycling in order to avoid paying the $15 basic charge cost. You can feel good about contributing to the environment while simultaneously saving money.

Wait! If these prices still seem like a burden on your pocket, you may look into Costco saving tips shared by the CEO to make the purchases they’re more affordable!

What Are Program for Costco Automobiles?

If you are a Costco member, you may be wondering about how to save cash on your next auto purchase. You’re in luck since Costco members get access to both new and used cars through the Costco Auto Program (CAP), a car-buying program that provides discounted wholesale prices on both. 

You can use the program to shop at nearly 3,000 partner locations nationally, either locally or online. 

  • No hidden charges; the price listed is what you spend – saving up to $1,000 on car purchases
  • Additional warranties
  • Special 24-hour member support
  • Service discounts of up to 15% are available at selected service facilities on parts, services, and extras.

Let’s check out how it works. It’s easy. Simply act as follows:

  1. Go through the vehicles that are offered by visiting Models, features, costs, and benefits can all be compared.
  2. Make your choice of the desired vehicle and provide your contact information. A certificate including the CAP cost and the authorized dealer’s contact details will be sent to you.
  3. Get in touch with the dealer and make an appointment. Bring any additional documentation that the dealer may request, along with your certificate and Costco membership card.
  4. Check the car out and give it a test drive. If you’re happy, close the agreement with the seller and take pleasure in your brand-new vehicle.

The CAP is an excellent option for purchasing an automobile while saving time and money. You can receive a reasonable price on a high-quality automobile without having to deal with the headache of dealing with dealers. Also, you can benefit from becoming a Costco member by getting extended warranties and service discounts.

What About Costco Interstate Batteries?

Costco is a well-known retailer that sells two varieties of Interstate batteries: the Absorbed Glass Mat Battery and the Regular Flooded Battery.

The Absorbed Glass Mat Battery: It is typically found in heavy gear like trucks as well as in personal electronics like laptop computers and cell phones. In order to avoid short circuits from being caused by vibrations, this battery incorporates a fiberglass mat that serves as a barrier between the lead plates.

The Standard Flooded Battery: It is just a lead-acid battery that has existed for a while and is still in demand because of its affordability. Usually, automobiles and some other small cars use this battery.

It’s important to keep in mind that even though both kinds of batteries have their own benefits, the particular battery that you need might depend on the specifications and usage of your car. The expert personnel at Costco can assist you in choosing the ideal battery for your requirements.

Do Costco’s Batteries Come with Warranties?

Yes, Costco usually provides a 36-month (3-year) limited warranty.

Like me, you probably enjoy shopping at Costco because of the excellent discounts and high-quality products. But Costco offers more than just that; it also sells automobile batteries. And not just regular car batteries, but the ones that have a long warranty that will end up saving you money and problems.

With car batteries, Costco typically provides a 36-month limited warranty. This means that you can get a free new battery at any Costco warehouse if your battery dies during the initial three years of purchase.

There will be no questions asked, and no receipts will be required. You only need to provide your used battery and membership card to get started.

The duration of the warranty varies based on the type of battery. Depending on how well they work and how long they last, different batteries have different warranty durations

So, you should not settle for less when it comes to getting a new automobile battery. Get a top-notch battery with a bigger warranty by going to the Costco in your area. You’ll be happy that you did.

What Options Are There To Getting Your Batteries Installed?

Costco sells a large range of reasonably priced battery options in-store, but not installing car batteries itself. The good thing is that it won’t take you long to find somebody else to install it all for you!

A number of additional companies provide affordable costs and professional installation. You can get all the automobile batteries you need from the following locations:

  • Batteries Plus
  • Pep Boys
  • Oreilly Auto
  • Walmart
  • Advanced Auto Parts

Getting a trustworthy battery is essential to making sure your car starts when you need it to, whether you’re driving a modern sports car or a durable old pickup truck.

Key Takeaways

  • Although Costco doesn’t provide car battery installation services, its collection of batteries is quite fairly priced.
  • When customers buy batteries from Costco and install it themselves or pay a small installation fee at another service center, they can save a lot of money.
  • If your battery fails within the first three years after purchase, Costco offers 36-month limited insurance that enables you to get a free battery change at any of its warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Costco replace my battery?

No, Costco will not install the auto batteries they offer.  Customers of Costco can, however, buy their battery at a discounted rate from Costco and thereafter take them to one of these sites, such as a technician, for installation.

What should I do with my old battery?

Simply take it back to your nearby Costco. Even a core credit will be given to you in appreciation for your environmentally friendly practices.

How long should an automobile battery last?

Some automobiles’ batteries can last as long as five or six years, while others must be replaced after just two. Generally speaking, your car’s battery needs to be replaced every three or four years. An additional component of routine maintenance is changing your car’s battery.

What causes a car battery’s life to be shortened?

Long-term full or partial discharge, vibration from improper placement, under- or overcharging, extremely high or low temperature, water loss, electrolyte contamination, and terminal corrosion are all factors that might reduce the lifespan of a device.

Does Costco offer a better price on auto batteries?

If you’re a member of Costco or Sam’s Club, your preferred warehouse retailer is probably where you’ll get the finest prices on car batteries. If not, buying auto batteries at Walmart is a wonderful idea. Three-year guarantees are provided by all three dealers, while the last two also provide free installation.

Are all Interstate batteries from Costco the same?

Several companies produce batteries, which are marketed under many names. Interstate produces quality batteries that can be found at Costco.