Travel Insurance Through Costco: 4 Benefits No One Else Offers

Every journey calls for travel insurance, and if affordability is your biggest concern, Zurich travel insurance through Costco is one of the economical options! It offers extensive protection for a range of travel-related matters. Want to know why I believe Costco is one of the safest options when you are arranging a getaway? Let’s do some digging!

Quick Summary

Costco doesn’t directly provide its customers with travel insurance plans. However, Costco and Zurich share an insurance partnership for travel. Standard coverage includes baggage protection, emergency medical care, and travel assistance services. Costco’s travel insurance rates depend on the trip’s duration and coverage options. Benefits are insurance for financial security, health care coverage, and other assistance.

Can I Get Travel Insurance Through Costco?

There are no direct travel insurance services at Costco Travel. However, they collaborate with Zürich to offer their members special Costco-preferred pricing.

Zurich insurance provides comprehensive protection for travel-related issues, like trip cancellation, trip delays, baggage losses or delays, travel delays, and emergency medical expenditures. This insurance also covers damage to rental cars due to theft, vandalism, and other accidents.

You can buy Zurich travel insurance 10 days before departure if you’d like to. Visit for a quotation, or contact 1-844-246-8470 for further details. It’s important to mention that New Yorkers cannot get these plans now.

How Does Zurich Travel Insurance Costco Works?

Exclusive Zurich rates are available to Costco Travel members only and are not for the public.

Insurance is only sometimes included when traveling with Costco Travel. So, you will have to buy it separately. 

Costco Travel allows you to add Zurich coverage for up to ten days before your travel. You can add the insurance to your package while making travel arrangements in the checkout process.

Eligible Requirements For Travel Insurance Through Costco

Travel insurance protection is available to anyone who makes a reservation with Costco Travel.

The entire process requires an extra fee for incorporating the coverage into your insurance plans.

So, the only prerequisite for getting this coverage is a Costco membership for just $60 a year.

What’s Included in Travel Insurance Purchased Through Costco?

Costco Travel offers Zurich insurance that covers cancellations, delays, interruptions, global medical expenses, evacuation fees, luggage, accidents, and, in some cases, damage to rental vehicles.

Note that the insurance usually covers pre-trip cancellations in particular circumstances, like injury, illness, or the death of the traveler, their immediate family, companion(s), or business partner. Such events are uncontrollable.

Costco Travel does not provide insurance for cancellations based on a change of heart regarding the trip.

Sickness, injuries, fatalities, catastrophic weather, mechanical failures, strikes, auto accidents, hijackings, kidnappings, terrorist activity, devastating events, and being a victim of a crime like an attack or theft are only a few protected events

It’s important to realize that your policy coverage might differ according to your region, where you are going, and the plan you selected.

Note: The term “cancellations” used here applies to pre-trip cancellation in terms of insurance coverage.

Exclusions To Costco Travel Insurance

Some exclusions are related to Costco Insurance, as with any other company.

The specific coverage can vary case by caseso specifying it can be difficult. In addition, you are liable for verifying the credibility of your claim.

What I know is that Costco’s Zurich insurance generally excludes the following from its coverage:

  • Avoidable trip cancellations include changing your travel dates or plans because of a change of mind.
  • Unsupportable injuries, illnesses, or mishaps that haven’t been adequately reported or documented.
  • Accidents or occurrences which take place too long before the start of your vacation hinder your travel plans reasonably.

You need to check the specifics of your insurance for an in-depth understanding of the coverage and limitations that apply to your circumstance,

Costco Travel Insurance Cost

Travel insurance costs depend on many variables, including your travel destinations and how many people you want to be covered.

According to the data I have acquired, members can buy Zurich insurance for just $25 to $30 per person. Please note that these numbers represent a trip taken by a single person. As more people are added to your travel itinerary, the price of insurance will rise.

Also, insurance for domestic journeys is usually less expensive than insurance for travel abroad.

You should contact Costco Travel and Zurich’s reliable information or customer service for accurate pricing information that suits your travel needs.

How Can I File a Claim on Travel Insurance From Costco?

  1. Choose the orange “File A Claim” option after hitting the link.
  2. Ensure you have the required information available before filing your claim. This includes a detailed description of the loss, incident, or problems, travel dates, the time and price of the insurance purchase, supporting proof of the failure, like bills or photos, and your preferred means to get the claim reimbursement.

You can also call Zurich directly at 1-844-799-0331 in the U.S. or Canada. Please get in touch with 1-416-945-9802 if you are outside the United States. Note that it’s not a toll-free line.

You can make your claims over the phone from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Write an e-mail to if you want to file a claim past these hours.

Benefits of Costco Zurich Travel Insurance

  • It covers the unfortunate case that you or your loved one gets ill a day before your departure, making travel impossible.
  • If you arrive at your destination, but the luggage doesn’t.
  • If a medical emergency occurs when you are traveling.
  • Other unforeseen occurrences when you miss your flight due to a car accident on your way to the airport.

In addition, your travel insurance provides round-the-clock travel and emergency assistance, ensuring constant access to support. Understanding that support is accessible by dialing 1-844-246-8470 allows you to relax and take in your holiday.

You have ten days before departure to add insurance on any Costco Travel booking made through Zurich.

You need to purchase the insurance plan within 21 days of when you made the first trip payment for you to qualify for the exemption of the pre-existing medical condition exclusion. The insurance policy includes the coverage’s terms, circumstances, limits, and exclusions. Visit for further information.

A travel insurance policy provides peace of mind by assisting in paying for costs related to such scenarios and more. Don’t let unanticipated events spoil your holiday. Let travel insurance cover you in unexpected situations.

Costco Zurich Travel Insurance Reviews

Unfortunately, Zurich’s rating with the Better Business Bureau is unfavorable. Based on almost 100 customer reviews, they currently hold a rating of just 2 out of 5 stars.

Zurich has a total rating of 2.1 out of 5, considering user reviews on the product review website. Many comments criticize the situation and call attention to issues like delayed claims processing and unfavorable response times, leading users to experience significant discomfort.

Should I Get Travel Insurance From Costco?

Despite the scarce positive reviews of Zurich, the insurance purchased through Costco is still worth considering.

Keeping detailed documentation is required, though. In the case of any unexpected events, comprehensive records can be invaluable and ensure that you have enough supporting data to support your claim.

It’s important to realize that purchasing travel insurance with accurate documentation would be futile.

List of Airlines That Costco Travel Uses

  • Air France
  • Air Canada
  • Air New Zealand
  • United Airlines
  • Air Tahiti Nui
  • Air Tahiti
  • British Airways
  • Air Transat
  • Delta Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Fiji Airways
  • WestJet

Key Takeaways

  • Costco offers its customers an option for travel insurance in collaboration with Zurich Insurance. 
  • Benefits like trip cancellation/interruption, emergency treatment, baggage security, and travel assistance services usually come with this policy.
  • Purchasing travel insurance from Costco relies on individual needs and preferences, considering factors such as eligibility criteria, price, insurance details, and customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I get travel medical insurance from Costco?

Yes. But there are certain limitations on the out-of-country medical expense coverage available through the travel insurance given by Costco Travel through Zurich.

Do all Costco members get travel insurance?

Yes. All Costco members can avail of Costco Travel insurance.

Will I get my money back with Costco Travel?

Yes. Executive members and anybody with a Costco Anywhere Visa card can get 2% and 5% back on Costco Travel costs.

What is the phone number for Costco Travel Insurance?

You can contact Costco Travel directly by calling 1-877-849-2730. They are available during the following hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT, Monday to Friday.

Is Costco Travel the same as Costco membership?

Only American residents with the status of Costco members can purchase from Costco Travel. They aim to give the best deal by using the buying power and then giving Costco members the best savings.

How to claim travel insurance for a canceled flight?

You can file a claim by contacting your insurer on the phone, or website stated in your policy if the flight gets delayed or canceled for a valid reason and not rescheduled in a particular period (often 3–12 hours, based on the terms of your insurance).