Is Aldi Cheaper Than Walmart (Can I Save Up To 15% Here?)

I’m constantly looking for strategies to cut costs on my groceries. I mean, WHO IS NOT!? Right? Recently I noticed that Aldi is an excellent pick for customers on a limited budget. But is Aldi cheaper than Walmart, the retail giant? I made my mind up to carry out some analysis and compare the costs of a few typical grocery store items at both locations.

Quick Summary

Aldi is often cheaper than Walmart for food items, although costs can change based on the item and the location. In comparison, Aldi was found to be 15% less costly than Walmart, and it also offered a wider range of items priced at least $0.10 less affordable than Walmart. Aldi keeps its low pricing by stocking less stuff, primarily private-label brands, charging for bags and carts, and operating smaller, simpler facilities with fewer employees. Walmart stores feature larger aisles and items than Aldi stores, which are smaller in size and have fewer items.

Aldi vs Walmart – Which Store Is Cheaper?

With 5342 outlets across the United States, Walmart ranks as one of the world’s largest networks of retail discount departmental stores. Its global net sales as of 2021 reached an incredible 555 billion dollars.

One of the primary catalysts for Walmart’s success is the stunningly low cost of its products. Aldi, a competitor, has however risen to challenge its market dominance. Aldi is constantly growing, has grown to over 2000 outlets due to its affordable rates. This poses the question concerning if Aldi is more affordable than Walmart.

I have laid out a web-based review of several grocery store products below. The prices mentioned only apply to each establishment’s exclusive brands as a way for a reliable assessment.  Remember that geographic variations in pricing can happen.

Keep scrolling for a thorough analysis and to find out what products provide more savings at Walmart when compared to Aldi.

Fresh Groceries

ProductAldi priceWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
Green Onions$0.89$0.88Walmart
Gala Apples $2.99 $3.70Aldi
Fuji Apples/lb$1.32  $1.86-Aldi
1 pound Bananas$0.46 $0.47Aldi
1 lb Yellow Onion$0.883$0.757Walmart
1 Pound Asparagus$2.49$2.98Aldi
Bell-Peppers                 $2.29$3.34Aldi
I Pound Red Grapes$1.39$2.48Aldi
1ea Lettuce$2.09  $2.56Aldi
Oranges, 3lb$4.99$5.23Aldi

Aldi charges a lesser price than Walmart for perishable groceries

Non-Perishable Groceries

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
28 oz Bush’s Best Original Baked Beans$1.98$2.18Aldi
12 oz Chunk Light Tuna$1.80$1.72Walmart
2 Pounds Granulated Bouillon Chicken$4.88$4.74Walmart
5 Pounds All-Purpose Flour$1.15$1.56Aldi
15 oz Canned Tomato Sauce$0.54$0.64Aldi

Although Walmart has a few low-cost products, Aldi wins in this comparison.

Meat & Seafood

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
I pound Chicken Breast$1.99$2.38Aldi
1 lb Thick-cut Bacon$4.39  $4.24Walmart
1 pound Ground Beef$2.99$4.83Aldi
1 Pound Fresh Salmon$7.49$7.64Aldi
I Pound Pork Loin$2.99$3.38Aldi
Imitation Crab Meat, 8 oz$2.19$1.99Walmart
1 Pound Beef Stew Meat$5.49$5.98Aldi

Walmart and Aldi both cost less for meat, with the sole exception of bacon and seafood.

Breakfast Cereals

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
15 oz Frosted Flakes$1.49$2.98Aldi
Fit & Active Vitality Cereal  Vanilla Almond$1.95$2.25Aldi
Bran Flakes$1.99$1.98Walmart
18 oz Corn Flakes$1.39$1.43Aldi

With the most economical breakfast cereals, Aldi beats Walmart in this analysis.

Dairy & Eggs

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
1 Gallon Milk$2.50 $2.50Tie
1 oz Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt$0.796$0.737Walmart
1 lb Unsalted Butter$3.55  $4.18Aldi
Almond Milk, 64 oz$1.79$2.22Aldi
Free Range Organic Eggs,12-ct$2.39$3.62Aldi
Butter, 16 oz$1.89$2.98Aldi
Shredded Cheddar Cheese $2.99 for/11 oz $2.77/16 ozWalmart
1 ea Large Eggs$0.1125      $0.115Walmart
Eggs, 12-ct$1.31$1.53Aldi
Oat Milk, 64 oz$0.46/oz$0.86/ozAldi

Aldi leads Walmart overall despite frequent shifts in dairy pricing.

Pantry Items

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
Soy Sauce, 15 oz.$1.29$1.48Aldi
Apple Sauce Pouches$1.49 $2.46Aldi
Barbecue Sauce,18 oz$0.95$0.98Aldi
Coffee$3.65 Coffee
Flour (All purpose, barley, bleached)$1.15 $1.18Aldi
Organic Chicken Broth$2.99 $1.98Walmart
Peanut Butter,40 oz.$2.29$3.47Aldi
Pure Maple Syrup, 12.5oz$6.09$7.98Aldi
Mayonnaise, 30 oz$1.94$2.48Aldi

Aldi outperforms Walmart in this category when it pertains to stocking your pantry.

Bakery & Bread

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
White Bread$0.65$0.84Aldi
Hot Dog Buns$0.79$0.88Aldi
Gluten-Free Bread$5.49 $3.88Walmart
Chocolate Mini Donuts$2.39$2.36Walmart
Plain English Muffins$1.15$1.18Aldi

Aldi offers lower costs than Walmart, as already visible.

Pasta & Grains

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
Mac & Cheese, 7.25 oz$0.34$0.34Tie
Elbow Macaroni$1.82$1.64Walmart
Jasmine Rice, 5 Pounds$0.069/oz$ 0.077/ozAldi
Gluten Free Penne, 16 oz$2.89$2.98Aldi
Instant White Rice, 28 oz$2.65$2.44Walmart
Black Beans$0.50$0.50Tie

When compared to Aldi, Walmart offers very competitive pricing in the pasta and grain subcategories.

Beverages & Soda

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
64 fl oz Cranberry Juice Cocktail$1.95$1.83Walmart
10 6 fl oz pouches of Fruit Punch Capri Sun$2.05$1.98Walmart
20 fl oz Bolthouse Farm Green Goodness Smoothie$2.11$3.53Aldi
2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola$2.05$1.96Walmart
8 20 fl oz bottles of Thirst Quencher Gatorade$5.49$5.48Walmart

Aldi was surpassed by Walmart in that category.

Frozen Foods

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
Ice-cream, 1.5 quarts $1.85 $1.97Aldi
Vanilla Ice Cream, 48 oz$1.85$3.98Aldi
Brussels Sprouts, 12 oz$1.15$1.27Aldi
Thin Crust Cheese Pizza$2.19$2.80Aldi
Corn, 12 oz$0.47$1.00Aldi
Cooked Shrimp$4.59$5.60Aldi

Aldi was outnumbered by Walmart in this particular niche.

Chips & Snacks

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
Fruit Snacks, 28 ct$0.15/oz$0.136/ozAldi
Chocolate Chip Cookies, 4oz$2.29$2.74Walmart
Mini Pretzels, 16 oz$1.32$1.33Aldi
Plain Potato Chips, 8 oz$1.35$1.23Walmart
Dark Chocolate Bar$0.29/oz$0.56/ozAldi

Because of its tax-free status, Walmart surpasses Aldi when pertains to dry snacks.

Personal Care Products

ProductAldi RatesWalmart RatesCheaper Rates
1 Bag Trash Bags$4.95 (11 cents/bag) $5.12(12 cents/ bag)Aldi
28 fl oz Men’s Suave Ocean Charge 2 in 1$4.35$3.54Walmart
500 Cotton Swabs$1.75$1.98Aldi
Dish Soap$1.69 $1.98Aldi
36 Count Ultra Thin Pads$3.95$4.07Aldi
5.4 oz Crest Complete Extra Whitening Toothpaste$3.29$2.42Walmart
Diapers$10.99/100 diapers$17.57/160 diapersAldi

In the domain of personal care products, Aldi turned out to be more affordable than Walmart.

Service, Departments, and Public Perception

ProductAldi RatesWalmart Rates
Return PolicyIt offers a “Twice as Nice Guarantee”Return Policy
Curbside PickupYou can get the same-day curbside pickup when you make an order on the website or via Instacart.It gives a complimentary same-day curbside pickup.
DeliveryFee is charged for Instacart deliveryIt gives complimentary next-day or two-day delivery.
ShippingOffer No shippingFor orders over $35, shipping is free for 3-5 days.
Loyalty ProgramsIt does not offer a loyalty reward scheme.It features a Walmart Plus membership.

However, I always recommend creating and sticking to a list when it comes to grocery shopping when trying to save money, irrespective of the store you select. Starting your shopping excursion with a sense that there is not enough space for flexibility. It is only up to you to take care of the items on the list.

Who Wins?

Aldi works because I cannot empty my pockets just for a more classy shopping experience!

When evaluating the per-unit costs for those items, Aldi and Walmart exhibited a price difference of around 10.4%. However, the amount of savings differed depending on the product in question.

Compared to pantry products, Aldi disclosed that fruit and certain kinds of meat were cheaper. You’ll save more every time you shop at Aldi because of their regular low prices.

It calls for weighing the benefits and drawbacks of Aldi and Walmart before making a choice. The shopping experience between the two is a key comparison.

The stores at Aldi are relatively tiny and offer a simple shopping experience since they want to keep costs down. While keeping costs low, Walmart has larger outlets that offer an extensive range of products and a more classic supermarket shopping experience.

Despite knowing that Aldi is usually less expensive than Walmart for many items, Walmart often offers discounts on its products. This indicates that there may be an opportunity for bigger savings at Walmart for smart customers who use these offerings.

In addition, compared to Aldi, Walmart offers a greater range of goods. Therefore, Walmart can be your preferred option if you’re looking for an item that Aldi doesn’t offer.

While Aldi and Walmart offer attractive grocery shopping options, your final choice ultimately boils down to priorities and individual preferences. Aldi’s low prices and consistent excellence make it an informed decision that could help you save money.

On the other hand, Walmart may offer various items and take advantage of discounts. Aldi delivers a no-frills experience, while Walmart’s shopping environment has a classic vibe.

How Does Aldi Keep Its Prices Low As Compared to Other Retailers?

Aldi has earned an image for its wide range of reasonably cost goods sold under its private label. Aldi’s exclusive items comprise more than 90% of the groceries they sell, avoiding the need for higher expenses connected with well-known brand names, like fees associated with marketing and advertising.

Aldi streamlines its buying process and avoids brand names, drawing comparisons to Trader Joe’s plan. Aldi keeps a restricted inventory of roughly 1,400 products, significantly fewer than Costco’s stock of about 4,000 items.

Due to this, the stores have smaller tracks, resulting in lower rent and labor expenses. In contrast, Walmart supercenters have over 100,000 products, whereas an ordinary grocer only stocks around 40,000 items.

In contrast to other retailers, Aldi also takes a modest strategy for advertising. Customers must also carry their bags and lease shopping carts, further decreasing costs. Customers then benefit from these savings while sustaining the store’s dedication to affordable prices.

Rather than having to be placed separately on shelves, Aldi displays its products in the original cardboard shipment containers. This allows you to save costs while reducing workers’ time during refilling. 

Aldi Store Details

With around 2,000 shop sites across 36 states, German discount retailer Aldi has an important position in the retail sector.

Aldi states that its prices are surprisingly 50% lower than those at traditional stores. A comprehensive review in locations like Chicago and Houston demonstrated that Aldi’s prices represented a 15% discount compared to Walmart’s.

The considerable price difference has helped Aldi emerge as the fastest-growing grocery company in the United States over the last year.

Aldi currently holds the third-largest position amongst grocery retailers regarding the number of stores, after Walmart and Kroger, who claim the first and second places, respectively. According to data from the National Retail Federation, Aldi earns the 4th rank in sales, having sales close to $135 billion.

Walmart Store Details

As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart maintains a significant footprint with about 10,000 outlets and 600 Sam’s Club sites spread across 20 different countries. This giant company also has 2.1 million employees worldwide, of whom 1.6 million work in the United States, making it the biggest private employer in the world.

Walmart’s huge supercentres are what set them above other retailers. They are known for having a large inventory that includes many products and surpasses Aldi’s selection by an average of 70. These supercentres surpass Aldi’s average store size of 12,000 sq ft, covering a vast 178,000 square foot area. 

Around $538 billion was Walmart’s overall sales as of the end of 2022, a startling sum that is nearly four times the $135 billion in profit that Aldi stated.

Additionally, Walmart offers an extensive selection of private-label products, including well-known brands like Great Value, Marketside, Freshness Guaranteed, Member’s Mark, Ol’ Roy, Parents Choice, and others.

The basis of Walmart’s capacity to maintain cost-efficiency rests on its vast scale, made possible by multiple sales that allow procurement of products in bulk.

Additionally, Walmart has been investing heavily in cutting-edge technology, facilitating streamlined processes, waste reduction, and improved efficiency. It is now offering one of the best buy now pay later programs to make shopping more affordable for buyers.

Key Takeaways

  • For most grocery store items, Aldi usually costs less than Walmart. The prices I assessed revealed that Aldi was around 15% less costly than Walmart.
  • Prices at Aldi were particularly affordable for vegetables along with certain meats. A wider range of private-label products is also available at Aldi, which helps you save a lot more.
  • Walmart has a higher price tag but more options and convenience than Aldi, which offers smaller range and less convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Aldi cheaper than Costco?

Aldi usually charges less for its private-label items than Costco, but Costco costs less for brand-name products.

Is Aldi cheaper than Target?

Although costs can differ by product and location, Aldi usually provides lower prices for groceries than Target.

Is Aldi cheaper than Publix?

Aldi came out above Publix with an aggregate price of $114.93, which was $26.15 (or about 18%) less expensive than Publix’s average of $141.08.

Is Aldi cheaper than H-E-B?

Budget buyers who dread shopping might prefer Aldi over H-E-B. In most cases, Aldi is more affordable than H-E-B for groceries.

Is Aldi cheaper than Trader’s Joe?

Aldi offers specialty and gourmet products at a cheaper rate than Trader Joe’s, providing it the advantage. Along with handmade bread and baked goods, customers may find a wide range of exotic cheeses and charcuterie.