Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? Tips For Shoppers To Compare Price

Looking to score the best deals on your next big-ticket purchases like appliances? You might be considering popular retailers such as Best Buy and Costco, known for their extensive product variety and competitive pricing. But when it comes to price matching, which one offers the upper hand? Specifically, does Best Buy match prices with Costco? Read on to uncover the answer to this wallet-saving question!

Quick Summary

Best Buy does offer price matching with Costco, but there are certain stipulations in place. The item must be brand new and identical in every way, and it must be readily available at Costco. The price listed by Costco must be valid and publicly advertised – not exclusive to Costco members. To get a price match at Best Buy for a Costco product, you need to present proof of the lower price. Other retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target also offer price matching with Costco.

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco Online?

Yes, you must provide a live advertisement at Best Buy instead of just a screenshot if you’d like a price match against

The point of this criterion is to validate the current cut pricing. When a price comes in through via membership programs or incentive deals, Best Buy refuses to accept the price match.

Can I Price Match Best Buy Items At Costco Stores?

Yes, Best Buy provides customers the option to match Costco prices on items that are located within a 25-mile radius of their nearest store.

The products must match, be easily found, and not be on the list of excluded items to be eligible. Both local retail rivals and online retailers may match Best Buy prices.

The product must be brand-new to qualify to be eligible for a price match, and the identity prerequisites, comprising brand, model size, and color, must be met. Items on clearance, in open boxes, and that went through refurbishment are excluded.

The price match policy at Best Buy doesn’t apply to items from community vendors, members-only clubs, hourly or daily deals, external websites, and more. Products that are on Best Buy’s list of exclusions are not qualified for price matching.

At this point, you might also want to know whether Target price matches Best Buy at stores as well as online. Continue reading to find out!

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco After Purchase?

Best Buy no longer allows price matching with Costco for purchased products. Even if competitor retailers meet the criteria, customers are unable to request a price match after completing their purchase at Best Buy.

Best Buy exclusively offers price matching for purchased items against identical products available in Best Buy app stores, on, and within Best Buy physical stores.

Steps To Price Match Best Buy With Costco

Buyers can use these steps to ask Best Buy to match a current price:

  • Find the exact same and eligible item at Costco, making sure to confirm its model number, color, and brand-new state.
  • Claim the price match by initiating a chat with Best Buy or by phoning 1-888-237-8289 (1-888-BEST BUY).
  • Display Best Buy on the Costco website or advertisement.
  • By validating the price difference, Best Buy will evaluate and approve the request.

Best Buy is free to match its price with Costco after thorough validation.

Other Stores That Price Match With Costco

In addition to Costco, Best Buy additionally provides price matching with major online retailers like,,,,,  and other local retail competitors! Be sure to consider the below-mentioned retailers too!


Given its retroactive nature, Target’s price-matching policy is extremely beneficial. This is how it works:

The official Target price-matching policy at first sparked a few eyebrows about Costco. Although they started price matching in effect on October 1st, 2015, they have since expanded their policy to cover price matching with “brick-and-mortar” Costco stores. It is sensible to believe that the procedure works the same way as price matching with another competitor retailer.

If you find any one qualifying item for less at Costco or on, it will match that price. Price adjustments submitted within 14 days of your purchase are valid in lieu of price match requests made at the point of purchase. The ‘Guest Services’ desk in-store manages all Target price adjustments and matches.

Suppose you buy a qualifying item from Target and later discover it for fewer dollars on, at a few selected online competitors, or in a local print advertisement that comes from Target or a rival retailer. In that case, you are entitled to a price match. You can access a full list of online rivals online or at Guest Services. Call 1-800-591-3869 to get in touch with Guest Services about your purchases.

If you make a physical purchase, you can still get a reduction in price if the same product goes on sale online during the following two weeks. This is still a worthwhile offer even though it might necessitate multiple trips to a Target store (which could make it less appealing for those who live far away or must deal with complicated transportation logistics). Apart from Costco, Best Buy also matches Target!

Dyson, Disney, Lexmark, KitchenAid, Garmin, Keurig, Fisher-Price, Huggies, Lego, Pampers, Apple, and Rubbermaid are a few examples of renowned top brands that are eligible for price matching.

CVS Optical/Pharmacy

Managing costs for prescription medications and eyewear is an important concern, which is why CVS offers an efficient price match option:

If you find an item we sell for less elsewhere, just contact their customer service staff by phone or email to have the lower price matched! As a backup, you can wrap up placing your order online and include the URL of the lower offer in the “Coupon Codes and Exclusive Comments” space at the checkout.

The fact that you can carry out this entire transaction from the ease of your home and that you have a week to ask for a price adjustment render this offer more enticing. Of course, there are certain limits and exclusions, but they look to be fair.

Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Price Match Policy certainly includes Costco, even though it may seem a little confusing. The complete breakdown is as follows:

The only items protected by this policy are “brand new, unused versions of the exact same kind with a similar warranty.”

Just show them the reduced price from Costco, whether on your mobile device or a printed product listing from, and they’ll match it.

There are some things to keep in mind, though, like rebates, special programs or academic discounts, promotions, freebies, gift cards, reward point redemptions, vouchers, promo codes, bundled products, or one-of-a-kind and limited-quantity deals.

Common household names subject to price matching comprise Apple, Samsung, Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Alienware, Acer,  and Xbox.

Home Depot

The global giant in home renovation, Home Depot, goes above and beyond price matching. The Low Price Guarantee for in-store transactions operates as follows:

They will match any retailer’s current lower price for the same in-stock item if you find one somewhere else, and they’ll beat it by 10%. Just bring the advertisement, a printout, or a picture to the checkout for verification. (For this, the associate may have to get in contact with the competitor.

Their Price Match Guarantee for online purchases covers both the item’s cost and the cost of shipping. However, competitors must provide Price Match items for delivery to the customer’s address. Please be mindful that the in-person 10% Low Price Guarantee discount is not applicable to purchases made online.

Here is how you can get 10% off while price-matching Amazon at Home Depot!

It’s a fantastic deal with a built-in discount! People who live in smaller towns with just one large renovation store nearby would find this approach very helpful. (For instance, I’m 35 miles from an area with a Home Depot and 45 miles from a local town with a Lowe’s.) Always read what is provided under “What’s Not Included” carefully.

Costco’s usual retail prices must be adhered to, which shouldn’t be an issue unless the product is advertised as a manager’s special.

Home Depot provides storage and organization products, ladders, wrench sets, and power tools such as cordless drills and screwdrivers that are qualified for price matching.

This policy does not apply to custom orders, volume discounts, open-box products, labor and setting up, sales tax, rebates, free offers, mistakes in typography, or internet purchases.

Dyson, Bissell, Honeywell, Calphalon,  Master Lock, Lifetime, Duracell, Feit Electric, and Coast Flashlights are a few prominent top brands qualified for price matching.


With a few limitations, you should be aware of, Kohl’s will happily match prices on Costco products.

Both Kohl’s and Costco must now have an inventory of identical products. Price matching isn’t available the week of Thanksgiving or the week after.

The quantity of products you can price match depends on any limits Kohl’s finds suitable.

Google Nest, Xbox, DeLonghi, Apple, Cuisinart, Netgear, Keurig, and KitchenAid are a few famous top brands that are entitled to price matching.


Here is the outline of how Lowe’s price-matching policy works:

Only when an item is a special order, closeout, clearance, liquidation, impaired, or is being withdrawn can Lowe’s match a lower price from Costco. Even while Lowe’s and Costco might not sell many of the same products, you can find similar items when you shop.

Stanley, Dyson, Kwikset, Energizer, Leatherman, Little Giant, and Safety 1st are famous top brands accepted for price matching.


For the same products, Staples is willing to match Costco’s prices. This is how it works:

The Staples website states that “Staples is going to match items sold by any store that sells items in both retail outlets as well as with the same brand.” Both Costco and fit these criteria. Additionally, We validated via Staples’ live chat that they consider Costco as a “retailer,” rather than a “wholesaler.”

Just provide evidence of the lower Costco pricing when buying the same product at Staples to get a price match. You can do this by showing a printout directly from or by clicking a photo of the price tag from the item in question and the Costco price tag on your cell phone.

Technology items such as laptops and tablets, standard office equipment, and organizational/storage products are among the products that are eligible for price matching.

Like the ones stated for Office Depot above, popular top brands tend to be available for price matching.


When shopping for beds, pet food, supplies, and treats, match pricing at your local Petsmart with those at Costco. The details are listed below:

The items must be the same in size and readily available at both Petsmart and Costco so as to be eligible for a price match.

Just show the reduced Costco price to a Petsmart salesperson.

Please take note that items labeled as clearance, rebates, BOGO (Buy One Get One),  liquidation, or open to other special offers are not qualified for price matching. Also, price matching does not apply to products or services related to animals, but this shouldn’t be an issue because Costco doesn’t sell cats or provide dog grooming services.

Frontline, PetArmor, Advantage, and PoochPads are a few prominent top brands that are eligible for price matching.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers price matching against Costco, despite the lack of an official policy, based on our analysis. The rundown is as follows:

Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club are the only two local competitors with which Sam’s Club will match pricing on the same items.

Additionally, you have a week from the time of purchase to file a claim for the lower Costco prices.

All save their retail brands. Kirkland and Member’s Mark are among the top brands that are eligible for price matching. Here, accuracy in product specifications, such as serving size and package size, is of the highest priority.


The Petco Price Match Guarantee includes products from Costco, too.

The items must be similar and currently offered at both Petco and Costco in order to be eligible for a price match.

Just show any Petco employee the lower Costco price, and they can help you receive your savings.

Please avoid pairing this offer with any Petco coupons or promos.

Advantix, Kong, NexGard, Avery, You & Me, Nutro, Iams, and Purina are a few famous top brands that are accepted for price matching.


The prices at your local Costco will be more than gladly matched at Sears. This is how it unfolds:

As stated by Sears, “If you discover a lower price on the same brand and model number that is available for sale at other local competitor’s retailer, Sears will match that price.” Costco is a renowned local competitor.

Sears asks that you submit a copy of the competitor’s advertisement displaying the lower price to carry out the price match. You must be able to snap a picture of the item using your cell phone and use it as proof because Costco doesn’t often air conventional ads. You can also print out an image of the product page and give it to a Sears representative if the item is available on

Look out for price-matching opportunities, particularly within the world of consumer electronics, like Blu-ray players, HDTVs, and home theatre systems.

Sony, KitchenAid, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba are a few popular major companies that are eligible for price matching.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco and Best Buy do price match, but some criteria must be met.
  • You must show documentation of the lower price at Best Buy for them to match a Costco item.
  • The Costco website price needs to be a live offer (not a snapshot) and open to anybody for Best Buy to price match Costco online orders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does It Take Long To Get A Price Match?

Best Buy generally provides a price match after approximately 15 days, depending on the individual item’s approval process. Customer service representatives from Best Buy often offer phone or online chat support for the entirety of price match requests.

Do I Need Costco Membership To Price Match Items?

You do not have to be a member of Costco to ask for a price match. A web page or a recent Costco ad might be submitted as evidence to Best Buy customer service employees.

How Many Products Are Allowed For A Price Match?

There is a single price match per product per customer. Best Buy isn’t on board with any excess.

Does Best Buy Price Match B&H?

Best Buy does not match B&H’s pricing. It7 only matches the costs of local rivals in the retail sector and a few internet sellers like Crutchfield, Amazon, Dell, and HP.

Does Best Buy Price Match Online?

Online price matching is an option at Best Buy, but only for particular rivals and under particular conditions.

Does Best Buy price match Amazon Prime Day?

The type of products and the period of the sale might influence whether Best Buy matches Amazon Prime Day pricing. Best Buy does not offer match pricing on services or liquidation discounts, which could include a few of the Amazon Prime Day specials. However, on Prime Day and Black Friday in July, Best Buy and Amazon often have the same discount prices on hundreds of products.

Does Best Buy price match Walmart’s?

Yes, Best Buy will match Walmart’s price, but only in specific circumstances. You may ask for a price match on an item that is the same as the one that Walmart sells.

Does Best Buy price match Amazon?

Best Buy will match Amazon prices, but only for certain products and situations. Best Buy does not, however, match all of Amazon’s prices or promotions. According to the rules, Best Buy cannot match the pricing of items that are on sale, reconditioned, are in open packages, make up a portion of bundles, are subscription-only, or are membership-only.