Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon (Bonus Tip – Get 10% Off)

We all want to find the best possible deals, especially online shopping. is the go-to destination for many of us. If you shop at Home Depot instead, can you score the same prices at Amazon? The answer to this lies in determining whether Home Depot price matches Amazon. The store price match policy has been confusing in the past, so let me simplify it for you.

Quick Summary

You can get a price match at Home Depot if the identical item is available on at a lower cost. Moreover, Home Depot’s price matches online retailers and in-stores with almost all leading stores, including Amazon, Lowest, Best Buy, Wayfair, Target, etc. The price match must be requested at the purchase, and customers can claim a price adjustment within 30 days of buying the item. 

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon Online Only?

Home Depot only price matches with the items sold at The policy does not extend to third-party sellers and products provided by Amazon. 

Moreover, Amazon regularly has prime day deals introducing 20% to 30% discounts on various items. You can not use the price match on such products.

This is just one of the few restrictions that Home Depot imposes regarding price matching with Amazon. Furthermore, it is also compulsory for the item to be available in stock in both Home Depot and Amazon inventory. 

Customers are requested to bring proof of a lower price when requesting a price match. They can contact Home Depot stores directly or contact Home Depot customer service online with a digital ad or screenshot proving a particular item is being sold at a lower price on Amazon. 

Home Depot will verify the lower price before processing the price match request. It has to confirm that the items are, in fact, identical, i.e., they have the same model number, manufacturer, features, etc. 

Is Home Depot Cheaper Than Amazon?

Comparing more than 100 items sold by both retailers shows that Home Depot regularly has better prices than Amazon. 

Some of the most prominent categories in which you will find prices at Home Depot more competitive than Amazon are home decorations, lawn care, gardening items, and the storage section.

Some items on Home Depot are priced as much as $50 lower than the costs you will find on Amazon. Since the latter is quite expensive, I recommend you look into Amazon return pallets and warehouse deals to make the purchases here more affordable.

Home Depot Price Match Amazon Restrictions

  • The price match policy only applies to items sold and shipped by Third-party sellers are not eligible for this offer. 
  •  The items that are being price-matched must be identical. The same products with different model numbers will be denied a price match at Home Depot. 
  •  The item should be in stock on and Home Depot at the time of the price match request. 
  •  Limited edition items are not eligible for the price match. Similarly, items covered under buy two get one free are not included.
  •  Customers need to produce proof of lower price such as a receipt, screenshot of product page at Amazon, digital ad, etc. 
  •  Lastly, Home Depot’s price match policy only applies to a price decrease within 30 days of the purchase. Otherwise, the request will not be entertained. 

Other Stores Home Depot Price Match

Best Buy: Home Depot does the price match Best Buy.

Costco: Unfortunately, Home Depot does not price match Costco. It is one of the leading retail wholesalers excluded from the list.

Wayfair: Home Depot does the price match Wayfair, but open-box merchandise is excluded from this policy.

Target: Home Depot price matches Target and vice versa. Moreover, if you are a Target RedCard holder, you can get 5% off on the Target price match on top of the lower price.

What Is Home Depot In-Store Price Match Policy?

Home Depot also has an in-store price match policy, which applies to specific local retail competitors and some online retailers. However, per policy, they must be within a 25-mile radius of the Home Depot store where the request is placed. 

As discussed above, other terms and conditions that apply to Home Depot’s price match policy also apply to the price match requested within the store. Moreover, buyers can not ask for a price match for items on clearance sale, closeout, refurbished products, or open-box items. 

Can I Price Match Home Depot With

Home Depot may or may not price match an item with the same one on the official website, This is left to the discretion of the local store managers. 

The policy around this is confusing. Most Home Depot stores allow customers to price-match the same item on their official website. Still, since no official instruction has been given, the decision to do this depends on permission from the store manager.

Similarly, whether you can price match an item in one of the Home Depot stores with the same thing in another Home Depot location has been left to the discretion of the store manager.

Nonetheless, Home does the price match with other online retailers. However, this does not cover the shipping costs involved if the buyer has to return an item for the price match. 

For an online price match, call Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 or visit Home Depot’s official website and discuss the matter through live chat. 

List of Products Excluded From Home Depot Price Match

  • Items sold by third-party sellers
  •  Items on liquidation sales
  •  items being sold at point-of-sale counters (foods or drinks)
  •  Products that have ongoing clearance or ongoing seasonal discount
  •  Customer or unique order products
  •  Discontinued items
  •  Rebates
  •  Bundles and free offers
  •  Rental programs
  •  Sales tax
  •  Refurbished and open-box merchandise
  •  Installation services
  •  Labor services
  •  Financing products

Any item checked on a price match request that turns out to be cheaper just because of a typographical error or misprint is also excluded from the policy.

Can I Get Home Depot Price Adjustment in 90 Days Without Receipt?

The price adjustment is offered for up to 30 days at Home Depot. Moreover, you are requested to bring along the receipt as proof of purchase to claim for the adjustment.

 It can be tricky to convince Home Depot management for a price adjustment after a month has passed since the purchase, and you need the receipt as well.

However, in most cases, the decision is left to the store manager’s discretion. So if you can provide a valid justification, there is still hope!

How Does Home Depot Price Match Drop Refund Work?

If you have identified a price drop, you must directly approach the retailer to request a refund. 

Home Depot will verify the price difference and check if the item is still in stock before refunding you. In most cases, the refund is made to the original mode of payment, i.e., a debit card or a credit card you paid with.

Tip! Does Home Depot Price Match Plus 10% Still Work?

Home Depot lets buyers price match items with leading retailers (online and in-stores) and promises to beat the competitor prices by 10%. 

This feature made Home Depot’s low price guarantee policy quite interesting, but since May 2020, the offering has been discontinued.

However, Canadian Home Depot promises to “beat competitor prices by 10%”.

Key Takeaways 

  • Home Depot does the price match with items on as long as third parties are not selling them and are available in stock on both platforms.
  •  Other major retailers that Home Depot price matches include Best Buy, Wayfair, and Lowes.
  •  It is important to note that Home Depot reserves the right to update its price match policy at any time. Shoppers should regularly check the retailer’s website or contact their customer support service for the latest information. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use the price match discount with a coupon at Home Depot?

Home Depot does allow you to use coupons at the time of the price match to avail of further discounts.

Does Home Depot price match on Black Friday?

Home Depot does not price match Black Friday sales or any other seasonal or annual sales, such as sales on special days, promotional discounts, back-to-school sales, etc. 

Can I get a price match at Home Depot after purchasing?

Home Depot offers a price match and adjustment if any changes in the price are made within 30 days of the purchase. You can claim for the lower price and request a refund if Home Depot puts an item on sale or there is any price reduction on the item you purchased. 

Does Home Depot’s price match Lowes?

Lowes is one of the few famous stores that Home Depot price match with. Since the two have competitive prices, buyers are often interested in determining which retailer offers a particular item for a lower cost. 

Does Home Depot’s price match Walmart’s? 

Home Depot price match with items in Walmart physical stores as well However, you must provide proof of price, such as a digital ad, screenshot, or receipt, to claim the refund.