Does Amazon Accept Afterpay? 3 Other BNPLs You Will Love!

Grab your shopping bags as we’re going uncover something surprising: Does Amazon accept Afterpay? Well, the ruler of online retail has something surprising in stock when it comes to the payments options that you can utilize here to make your purchases more affordable. Let’s take a look.

Quick Summary

Currently, Amazon does not accept Afterpay as a payment method. You can make use of one-time cards or gift cards rather than Afterpay when making purchases. You can also look into alternatives like Affirm, Klarna, or even Amazon Monthly Payments as reliable BNPL services. Although Afterpay might not be officially accepted on Amazon, a few online retailers accept it as a means of payment.

Does Afterpay Work on Amazon?

Amazon unfortunately does not take Afterpay as an acceptable payment option. On Amazon, it is explicitly against the rules to use Afterpay for online shopping.

Although Afterpay is a famous BNPL service, it seems like majority of mainstream retailers have still not incorporated it in their systems for one reason or another. Previously we talked about why Walmart does not accept Afterpay and not it’s time to look into Amazon.

Amazon is not compatible with the Afterpay app due to this constraint. Customers are provided with a few additional options, even though they do not include a direct interface to use Afterpay on Amazon.

Despite owning the world’s biggest e-commerce marketplace and an extensive customer base of more than 300 million individuals in the US, Amazon has chosen not to accept Afterpay, stating potential financial losses inflicted by its use.

Reasons Why Amazon Does Not Accept Afterpay

Amazon opted not to accept Afterpay due to uncertainties regarding profitability.

Though several retailers allow Afterpay to provide their consumers with flexible payment options, as Amazon is the prevailing player in the retail sector, it doesn’t make sense for it to implement this tactic.

Customers are going to continue shopping on Amazon no matter which payment option they choose to offer to their customer base.

Amazon defends its denial of the incorporation of Afterpay by saying that doing so will make it more difficult for them to maintain ideal customer care. We can only be hopeful for the future. Perhaps suggestions by customers and participants on Amazon shopper panel can convince the company to consider adding Afterpay to its list of accepted payment methods.

Other Methods To Use Afterpay on Amazon

You have a couple of methods to make use of Afterpay on Amazon. Let’s look closer at both strategies i.e. utilizing Afterpay as a credit card or using it as a gift card.

Use Afterpay one-time Card

A friendly, one-time-use credit card from Afterpay which operates like any other credit or debit card is available which you can use on Amazon for payments.

Amazon considers this card as an acceptable payment option. However, you must comply with these specific instructions if you want to use this option.

  1. Proceed to the Shop menu in the Afterpay mobile application after opening it. Choose Amazon from the set of options.
  2. Following that, add whatever you want to your shopping basket after exploring Amazon’s expansive inventory.
  3. Provide your login information and shipping details as asked for during the process of checkout for you to proceed.
  4. Click on the payments page and tap “Add a Payment Method.”
  5. Pick the “Add a Credit or Debit Card option.”
  6. The “Buy now” button is usually located below the Afterpay app screen. By hitting this icon, you can turn on the “Pay Later” feature. Just be certain that the “Set as a default payment method” checkbox has not been selected.
  7. The credit card and transaction details will be submitted automatically out for you with Afterpay.
  8. For placing an order on Amazon, review the details and then proceed.

It’s important to keep in consideration that you shouldn’t set Afterpay as your default payment choice. If you do this, Amazon might attempt to use the same card to make charges for following orders which may be declined.

Use Gift Card Method

Gift cards are readily accepted as means of payment on Amazon, and the site also offers an excellent interface for using Afterpay to purchase gift cards.

Customers utilizing Afterpay can benefit from this by getting Amazon gift cards and using them at the checkout. Here’s how to get this done.

  1. Go to the Afterpay website’s page on Amazon which has been designated for gift card purchasing.
  2. With an amount range of $5 to $500, select a gift card that suits your needs. If you would like, you can purchase more than a single card.
  3. Go to Amazon and place the selected item in the shopping cart.
  4. Throughout the checkout procedure, pick the option of “Enter a gift card or promotional code” in the list of permitted payment options.
  5. Continue with the standard checkout process after submitting the gift card number.

You can make use of these savvy workarounds to take benefit of Afterpay’s perks on Amazon even though the straight-up Afterpay payment system is not present at checkout. You can avoid making a hefty upfront payment yet continue to purchase your chosen products with ease.

Moreover, if you are a frequent Amazon gift card user, don’t forget to read about our super-simple guide on how to see who redeemed Amazon gift card for fun-filled, informative content.

How To Use Afterpay Single-Use Payment on Amazon?

  1. Visit the ‘Shop’ section in your Afterpay application. Choose Amazon.
  2. Pick the items you prefer and add them to the shopping cart.
  3. As per the instructions, submit the delivery and account details.
  4. Click “Add a Payment Method” once you are at the display of the payment.
  5. Just “Add a Debit or Credit Card.”
  6. Activate the “Buy now. Pay later” button below the app’s screen.
  7. Make sure you uncheck the option for making the Afterpay card your primary payment method. Following that, hit the “Buy Now” button.
  8. The details of your credit card will be completed for you autonomously through Afterpay. Now you have access to Amazon for placing your order.

Remember that because this is a one-time purchase, it’s important to avoid putting your Afterpay card as the primary option. Otherwise, Amazon will refuse any future purchases that are debited to the same card. Since Amazon will not officially accept Afterpay, this creative trick lets you safely access an Afterpay account to make purchases on its website.

You should be assured that because Afterpay is the company that provides this option, your transactions will be processed safely and in line with Afterpay’s regulations.

Benefits of Using Afterpay on Amazon

Security: Afterpay maintains an excellent reputation for protecting its users’ data. You won’t be responsible for any errors on your account. Your monetary data remains private with Afterpay which further guarantees a secure buying experience.

Integrated Retailing System: The integration of Afterpay with other companies represents one of its most appealing elements. By signing in to your account at the checkout and picking Afterpay as the payment method, you can seamlessly make use of Afterpay at the stores of your choice.

Rapid approval: Afterpay lets you to make purchases in just a couple of minutes. A basic purchasing cap has been set for everybody, which may be raised by settling all your payments on time. Approval is quite simple, so you can shop for as much as you like under your budget.

No Interest Fees: By using Afterpay strategically and settling your bills on time, you may avoid generating interest or other fees. Only when you miss or make an installment payment later than scheduled will you incur extra charges. You may take advantage of free-of-interest shopping with payments on time.

Debt reduction: Afterpay is a great choice if you are struggling with paying off your credit cards or wish to avoid piling on additional debt. Afterpay is easier to use and available to a more range of users than average credit checks as it does not take your debt-to-income ratio under consideration.

Downsides of Using Afterpay on Amazon

Paying Off Late: Skipping an installment may not seem like a big deal initially, but the cost may pile up rapidly. The amount remaining will rise by $10 for every late payment. The total amount of the transaction can go up because of late fees.

A lack of Flexibility in Choosing the Invoice Due Date: While Afterpay offers two payment frequency options—weekly as well as biweekly—you have no way to pick a particular day of the week to pay. It implies that you can’t coordinate Afterpay’s due date with your wished-for timetable or other monetary obligations. You will be charged an extra fee if the transaction is denied.

Spending Limit: Even though you’ve got something particular in mind, Afterpay might choose not to increase the spending limit. Since Afterpay offers people an opportunity to do so, a lot of individuals ultimately end up buying things that they don’t require. They may exceed their originally set spending intentions due to their delight over the sudden financial independence.

Afterpay Amazon Limit

A standard $1000 upper limit pertains to all transactions done with Afterpay.

This suggests that you can spend only an overall $1,000 for each order with any shop provided they are explicitly excluded from the restriction.

Other Buy Now Pay Later Methods You Can Use At Amazon

Amazon provides a wide range of options when it comes to making a quick purchase and extending payment for a later date.

First, it has an exclusive service named Amazon Monthly Payments which is open to eligible consumers and is suitable for a limited selection of products.

In addition, you can opt for this sort of payment during checkout due to Amazon’s integration with certain buy now pay later services such as Affirm.

And lastly, certain payment processors, like Afterpay or Klarna, give users a single-use credit card choice, which permits delayed payments yet is still being approved on Amazon. With these many options, Amazon promises flexibility in methods of payment that satisfy different customer needs.

  1. Pick Amazon as your default online shopping method after logging into the Klarna application.
  2. Put the thing you want products in your Amazon shopping cart.
  3. When you’re directed to the checkout page, click “Pay with K.”
  4. The option of making payments in four periods, it will let you carry out shopping on Amazon with your Klarna account.

There is not any reason to look for alternatives as Amazon offers a choice to pay using Affirm when you check out. When you’ve made your order, simply hit Affirm.

You may pick from instalments that range from 3 to 48 months with Affirm’s adjustable payment schedule. There is going to be no fee if you select the 4-installment plan. In addition, a basic rate of interest (up to 36%) applies if you’d prefer to split your payments into a monthly period.

After you check out, the purchase total and your initial interest are clearly shown, guaranteeing full transparency.

Amazon Monthly Payments

Amazon has its exclusive financing alternative named as Amazon Monthly Payments, that is eligible for specific products.

You can also go through the product detail webpage for checking if a particular product qualifies for this kind of payment plan, or you can also view it while checking out process.

A down payment is an initial payment in the Amazon Monthly Payments system, that follows three more instalments phased out over a 90-day period. The great part is that choosing Amazon Monthly Payments involves no added financial expenses or interest charges.

It’s important to keep in mind that this promotion is only open at Amazon’s discretion and will be limited to specific customers. The acknowledgment of the Monthly Payments plan depends upon several factors, like the item’s cost and your prior Amazon transactions. Although these factors are taken into consideration, there is no guarantee that your specific order will get approved.

Online Retailers That Accept Afterpay

Apart from Amazon, a significant range of popular online stores accept Afterpay.

Several retailers, mainly ones in the apparel and cosmetic industries, have embraced Afterpay as a financing option, especially in the United States. Around 7,400 businesses, situated over all 50 states, are now included in the directory of Afterpay stores, and this figure is constantly growing. Some retailers take Afterpay instore and online while others, such as Target only accepts Afterpay for online payments.

Many renowned apparel companies throughout the world accept Afterpay, including Old Navy, PacSun, Levi’s, Forever 21, and UGG. A lot of cosmetic businesses additionally feature the acceptability of Afterpay as a means of payment option, such as Jo Malone London and Credo Beauty.

Retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond and the Container Store are delighted to take Afterpay for buyers who appreciate the buy now, pay later approach. Further, retailers providing the convenience of Afterpay to buy accessories and additional products consist of Steve Madden, Crocs, and Pandora, amongst others.

With Afterpay’s growing acknowledgment, customers enjoy the adaptability to purchase at several online stores, embracing the ease of delayed payment options.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon does not allow Afterpay as a means of payment. Given its growing popularity, Amazon doesn’t currently offer Afterpay transactions.
  • Alternative ways to use Afterpay on Amazon comprise using Afterpay’s one-time card along with buying gift cards from companies that support Afterpay and utilizing them for Amazon transactions.
  • Although Afterpay is not featured on Amazon, there are alternative buy now, pay later options like Klarna and Affirm that may be used on the site. These service providers offer similar payment flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can You Use Afterpay?

Those stores that accept Afterpay recognize the Afterpay Card. A listing of collaborating retailers can be found in the Afterpay application or on the internet. Relative to many of Afterpay’s competitors, namely Zip and CommBank, this is an innovative system.

Why is this $200 Afterpay cap there?

The probability to receive a higher Afterpay cap grows if you’ve kept your account for a while or have consistently submitted payments on schedule. On the flip side, the limit can be decreased if you’ve consistently paid late or have an extensive history of getting transactions rejected.

Can banks find out if you utilize Afterpay?

Though using Afterpay won’t display on your credit history report, it will appear in your bank statements, which is something creditors will check when evaluating your loan application’s eligibility.

Can After Afterpay raise your credit score?

Afterpay is not going to assist you grow your credit history as it refrains from disclosing its loans to the major credit bureaus. Although this helps in authorization, the refusal to disclose your history of timely repayments will damage your credit also.

Which one is better between Affirm and Afterpay?

In comparison with Afterpay, Affirm imposes greater interest rates. Users of Affirm need to spend a minimum of $75 on products, whereas customers using Afterpay need to pay at minimum of $60.