Buy Gift Cards Using AfterPay: The ONLY Method That Works!

Do you need to buy gift cards but want the option of paying overtime? Then, AfterPay is what you should check out! You can purchase gift cards using Afterpay from your favorite shops and brands without paying upfront!

Quick Summary

Afterpay offers customers a way to buy digital gift cards from multiple stores and brands. Some stores may sell digital and physical gift cards, whereas others might only provide digital versions. Visa gift cards are not readily available for buying with Afterpay. However, while purchasing Visa gift cards, certain retailers might accept Afterpay as an option of payment. Gift cards are covered by something other than Afterpay’s indicated refund policy. 

Can I Buy Digital Gift Cards Using AfterPay?

Customers who register in the Pulse Rewards program’s Platinum, Diamond, or Mint Tiers tend to be eligible to buy gift cards from several retailers by using Afterpay.

Your one-time payments and period as a customer are only two factors that influence the accessibility of gift cards for Afterpay transactions.

Based on these factors, customers of the Gold Tier or people who do not participate in the Pulse Rewards program might still be able to buy gift cards from certain stores.

Will I Also Get A Physical Card?

You will get the e-Gift Cards digitally over email. Printing the e-Gift Card is another possibility if you’d rather have a hard copy.

You should know that we will need the first payment for the gift card when you place the order, so this is a crucial detail to remember. This initial deposit constitutes the first installment and is approximately 25% of the total price.

You can see your gift card transactions on the Afterpay Application if authorized.

Can I Buy A Visa Gift Card With AfterPay?

Unfortunately, the Afterpay e-gift card collaborator Prezzee does not provide Visa gift cards. 

However, you may get gift cards from various popular stores such as Target, Sephora, Walmart, Adidas, Doordash, and many more. Though it appears that Afterpay cannot currently be used for buying Amazon gift cards, it is worthwhile checking with Prezzee to see if this will change.

You may want to read about Afterpay at Target or if Costco accepts Afterpay or not to further explore the options of gift card purchases you can consider.

Does Afterpay Refund Gift Cards?

E-Gift Cards by Afterpay are ultimate offers and aren’t refundable once bought.

Note that you cannot request a cash refund if you’re using a gift card. This is because gift cards function as vouchers instead of debit cards, and only closed-loop or prepaid cards are eligible for cashback.

Contact Information For Afterpay E-Gift Cards

Call the Afterpay Gift Cards Service at (855) 929 3700 when you seek assistance or have concerns about the e-Gift Cards you purchased with Afterpay. 

The team is available on any day of the week between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm US Eastern Time, so they’re readily accessible for support with any issues that arise.

Afterpay Pulse Rewards

Take advantage of the opportunity of signing up for Pulse Rewards as an Afterpay user and start receiving incentives for your sensible shopping! 

Joining it will assist you in building an excellent credit score and allow you to collect valuable points that might be exchanged for spectacular perks.

You can profit from the many advantages you receive as a Pulse Rewards member from this mutually profitable partnership. By downloading the Afterpay smartphone application, use Pulse to start earning these benefits immediately.

Establishing your account is as essential as signing in, choosing Rewards, and clicking “Join for Free.”

How To Join Pulse Afterpay Loyalty Program?

Presenting Pulse Rewards, a unique loyalty program established to acknowledge and reward Afterpay subscribers for their efficient spending and timely payments. Members of Afterpay who have been verified can access Pulse via the app, assuming they fulfill the criteria and comply with the rules and regulations.

You can participate in the program’s activities right away as you register as a member. However, it’s essential to remember that Pulse Rewards is only available using the Afterpay app, which calls for a mobile app with a minimal version of 1.36.0.

As you grow through Pulse Benefits, you’ll have access to great deals on gift cards from participating retailers for which you can pay Afterpay. Listed below are the eligibility prerequisites:

  • Gold: Earn 100 earned points.
  • Platinum: Earn an initial amount of 100 and a maximum of 299 points.
  • Diamond: Earn 300 to 499 points.
  • Mint: Earn 500 or above points.

Take advantage of Pulse Rewards to enhance your Afterpay experience instantly.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers may buy e-gift cards from several brands and retailers using Afterpay, providing an easy online shopping method.
  •  By completing transactions through Afterpay while participating in certain activities, customers can earn Pulse Points. Users generally require an active Afterpay account to register for the Afterpay Pulse loyalty program.
  •  For further details about e-gift cards and associated subjects, visit Afterpay’s official site or contact their customer care service at +1 (855) 929 3700.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Afterpay Gift Cards In-Store?

Users with Pulse Rewards membership and those in the Platinum or Mint Category are sure to be eligible to buy Gift Cards for a range of retailers through Afterpay. 

Some retailers may permit the purchase of Gift Cards from clients who are in the Gold Tier or who aren’t taking part in the Pulse Rewards program.

Why Are Afterpay Gift Cards Not Working? 

Ensure the payment method customers have set up in the Afterpay app has been kept to date and valid. The customer needs to tap both the “Pay in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay” and “Authorize and pay in-store” options for them to start using the Afterpay Card.

Is Afterpay readily available for Target gift cards as well?

Afterpay restricts the buying of any gift cards or e-gift cards. If a consumer puts an item on the restricted product list in the cart, they will not be permitted to select Afterpay at the checkout.

Can I buy Amazon gift cards using Afterpay?

A handy Afterpay payment method available on Amazon is the gift card offer. Gift cards, which might be purchased using Afterpay, will function as payment options on Amazon.

Can Walmart accept Afterpay?

Sadly, Walmart does not allow Afterpay financing for transactions. There are no “buy now, pay later” payment methods that Walmart is willing to accept, like Afterpay.