Does Target Have Afterpay: Exclusive Deal Online Buyers Will Love

Target is often our go-to place for affordable and stylish shopping. But here is a game-changing hack you might need to know: Does Target have Afterpay? Since BNPL services like Afterpay mean you don’t have to pay for your purchases upfront, you can fill your cart like there is no tomorrow!

Quick Summary

Target allows buyers to use Afterpay for online purchases or if they are buying anything through the Target app. However, the service has yet to be available to in-store buyers. Legal US residents who are above 18 years of age can sign up with an Afterpay account to buy eligible products through it and divide the payments into four equal installments. However, it is essential to remember that the total expenditure must be at most $1000. 

Does Target Accept Afterpay For Online Payments Only?

Afterpay is available only for online shopping at or while purchasing items through the Target app. US buyers can opt for Afterpay at Target’s official website. 

Afterpay is one of the most popular buys now pay later services that is an excellent option for buyers who can not afford a purchase right away. Although it is an Australian company, the service is available in the US. It lets customers divide a purchase into four equal installments.

Furthermore, you pay 0% interest on installments in later months. All transactions can be done via credit card or debit card.

Note: Some sources have quoted that customers in Australia or New Zealand can shop with Afterpay at Target in stores and online.

What Happened To Target Afterpay For In-Store Purchases?

You can not use Afterpay for purchases at physical Target stores in the US, but stores in Australia and New Zealand do accept Afterpay. 

How Can I Set Up Afterpay Mobile App?

  1. Download the Afterpay app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2.  Then launch the app and enter your login credentials to open the account.
  3.  Tap on the Card tab and follow the instructions that should be on the screen. You may be required to ask for credit card information as a source from where the installments have to be deducted. This way, you can set up the account with your Afterpay Card.
  4.  Then you can start using the app right away.

Steps To Pay With Afterpay At Target

  1. First of all, you have to register for an Afterpay account. You can sign up for it by visiting Afterpay US official website or downloading the Afterpay app on your device.
  2.  Once the account is active, you are set to start shopping at You can also use the Target mobile app to add items to the shopping cart.
  3.  Select Afterpay from the list of payment options at the checkout.
  4.  You will be charged 25% of the total cost for the first payment.
  5.  Subsequent payments will be scheduled every two weeks three times until the bill for your purchases is clear.

You can turn on reminders within the app to ensure you remember a payment when it is due. Moreover, the app allows you to set up automatic payments once you add a debit/credit card from which the deductions should be made. This is a foolproof way to make sure to receive all prices.

Eligible Criteria For Using Afterpay At Target 

  • Afterpay users at Target need to be US residents or DC residents.
  •  Users must be above 18 years of age if they reside in Alabama or Nebraska.
  •  You have to share the operation US address at the time of application.
  •  Users must also provide a valid email ID and phone number before using Afterpay.
  •  The credit card or debit card you are using must be registered in the US.

Will Afterpay Charge Me With Any Transaction Fee For The Payments? 

There is no transaction fee when you use Afterpay to make payments as long as they are done on time. Otherwise, you will have to pay penalty charges. 

The fee for late payments can be as high as $10. In addition, Afterpay may charge you an additional $7 if you need to clear the payments within seven days.

Can I Pay the Installment Less Than What Is Due Installment?

Afterpay has recently introduced a feature that lets customers “pay what you can, when you can” and works only when you log in via the Afterpay URL instead of using the mobile application. 

  1. Open on your browser and then log in to your account.
  2.  Tap on Payment Schedule and then click on View Order to continue.
  3.  Location the option of Make a Payment. Click on it, and enter the money you want to pay on the next screen. It does not need to be the entire installment.

Once done, you will notice that the payment history has been updated to reflect the remaining due amount.

What Will Target Do If I Need to Make Timely Payments With Afterpay?

Afterpay will not permanently ban your account, but it may temporarily suspend services. You can buy something else with Afterpay once you clear the previous debt. 

If you are irresponsible with Afterpay use, it may also reduce the spending limit. Afterpay typically does this when it notices a user continuously making late payments.

Moreover, payments are necessary to ensure you score the Pulse Rewards tier. In the worst scenario, you may be unable to use Afterpay for an extended period. If you are already facing such a situation, I recommend contacting their customer support team for guidance.

Spending Limits For Afterpay at Target and Other Stores 

You can shop with Afterpay at Target’s online store if the total expenditure is at most $1000. 

Customers have often complained on official platforms that they do not see the Afterpay option at the checkout option. Most of the time, the reason is that you exceed the maximum range that is allowed with Afterpay shopping.

Target Afterpay Terms and Conditions

  • There is a limit on how much you can spend with Afterpay at Target. The store allows a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $1,000 on purchases.
  •  US Terms of Service have highlighted that customers must be 18 years or more to shop with Afterpay at Target.
  •  Only legal residents in the US are allowed to use this service.

Why Is Target Afterpay Not Working Online?

The most obvious reason why you may not be able to use Afterpay at Target is that you are trying to find this option for in-store shopping which is not available.

If that is not the case, simply refreshing the app may help. Target app or Afterpay mobile application can experience glitches from time to time that is, hopefully, settled within a couple of minutes.

Can I Use an Afterpay Card To Return An Items At

Whether you can use the card to return an item bought online with Afterpay depends on the store’s policy. Target does allow such returns although there are other stores that do not.

You can return the item bought at by mailing it back to their online return center. It is advisable that you send it in along with the valid return receipt.

  1. Open your Target account and select the order that you wish to return.
  2. Then tap on the Return item option. You can choose to return it to a store or send it back via mail.
  3. After selecting the option, tap on Continue and choose whether you want to replace the item or get a refund.
  4. Then provide your shipping address.
  5. Select Submit in the next window and tap on Print Mailing Label. You will have to attach this label to the parcel for return.
  6. Then drop off your product at a UPS-approved location.

Can I Mail Back an Online Purchase From Through Afterpay App?

  1. Tap on Orders in your Target account and then choose the item you wish to return.
  2. Then select Return Order and choose the option of Mailing a Return.
  3. After that, choose appropriate return method.
  4. Wait for the confirmation message that your payment has been successfully transferred.

Benefits Of Using Afterpay At 

  • There is no fee for signing up with Afterpay. Moreover, there are no interest charges for installments as long as you pay on time.
  •  There is no lengthy application procedure. Afterpay will inform you of the financing decision within seconds.
  •  Afterpay is a great way to manage a budget when shopping at Target’s online store. It allows you to spread the cost of the purchase over multiple months, making it easier on your pocket.
  •  Afterpay at Target also helps you save precious time as you can make purchases quickly without waiting in long lines or worrying about cash payments.
  •  Afterpay does not have any credit score requirement. Even applicants with poor credit scores can earn approval.

Target Buy Now Pay Later Services 

Other than Afterpay, Target also accepts PayPal, Klarna, Pay in 4, and ZIP BNPL services. You can locate them under payment options at the checkout when shopping at or through the mobile app. 

The purpose of all buy now pay later services is the same: They let you purchase something without paying for it upfront.

However, it is essential to compare the different options since their fees and repayment policies differ, and some are more flexible than others. For example, certain BNPLs allow you to extend payments for up to 12 months, while others give four months window only.

Target lists Affirm as its financing option on the website. Some of its prominent terms and conditions are:

  • The payment schedule is fixed.
  •  Customers can choose to pay between 3 to 12 months.
  •  Affirm does charge any late or hidden fees.
  •  It is eligible for purchase worth $100 to $15,000.
  •  Affirm does run a credit check.
  •  You may be required to make a down payment.

Popular Stores That Accept Afterpay

  •  Sephora
  •  American Eagle
  •  Myer
  •  Lululemon
  •  Bed Bath & Beyond
  •  ULTA Beauty
  •  Dillard’s
  •  Finish Line
  •  ASOS
  •  Boohoo

Key Takeaways 

  • You can use Afterpay for online purchases at or through the Target app.
  • Afterpay for Target in-stores is not available in the US but buyers in Australia and New Zealand can still make use of it.
  • There are no transaction fee for Afterpay but in case of late payment, you will have to pay $10. Moreover, the purchase amount can not exceed $1,000 if you are paying with Afterpay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Target accept Klarna for payments in-store and online?

You can use Klarna for online payments at, but the physical stores still need to open their doors for this mode of buy now, pay later installment programs.

Does Walmart accept Afterpay?

Walmart customers need help using Afterpay financing to purchase in-store or online. However, there are several other Buy Now Pay Later options that Walmart does accept for buyers who want to split their payments.

Does Costco take Afterpay?

Unfortunately, Costco does not take Afterpay for in store or online purchases.

Will Afterpay affect my credit score?

Afterpay shopping does not affect credit scores in any way. It only simplifies how you purchase something that you can not afford to pay for upfront.

Can I register for Afterpay during my checkout at Target?

Even if you have not signed up for the program, Target allows you to register for an Afterpay account at the checkout and then continue to pay with it.