Target Shoe Return Policy (How To Maximize Shoe Purchases)

If you are regretting a shoe purchase, return policies can be a life-saver. As I just found out, Target shoe return policy is quite flexible but it leaves room for many questions such as what if you don’t have the receipt or maybe you bought it during the holiday season and couldn’t make the return on time? Let’s sort out these confusions! 

Quick Summary

Customers can return shoes to Target within 90 days of the purchase given they are not worn or damaged. Target RedCard members have a more flexible window for return of up to 120 days. It is advised that you make the return with original packaging, tags and labels. Target will then refund the purchase to the original method of payment in case of credit/debit card or provide Target gift card balance if you paid with cash or a gift card. 

What Is Target Shoe Return Policy? (2023)

As per the policy listed on Target official website, you can return the shoes bought from the store or online within 90 days of the purchase. 

Target is quite famous for its shoe collection. However, once in a while, you may end up buying the wrong fit. Luckily, you can return the shoes to Target without any hassle. However, it is preferred that shoes be in new condition. 

Target also states that the shoes should be in their original packaging and must include tags or labels when you come to make the return. 

You can return the shoes bought online either by mail or in person by visiting the Target store. However, shoes bought at a Target store must be returned in-store. 

Although the returns are accepted within 90 days only if you pay for shoes with a Target RedCard, you will get an additional 30 days to return the item. All in all, you are free to return the shoes up to 120 days from the date of purchase. 

Can You Return Shoes To Target After 90 Days?

Target shoes must be returned within 90 days of the purchase unless you have bought them through Target RedCard. In this case, you can make the return within 120 days. 

The 90-day policy also holds if the shoe was purchased by someone else and gifted to you. You must return the shoes within the given time frame and bring along the gift receipt. 

You must be wondering what to do if the shoes do not fit you and you are past the return window. In this case, your best bet is to sell them online or donate them to a local charity. 

Does Target Return Worn Shoes? 

Target’s official return policy states that the shoes must be new, unworn, and without any damage as you come to make the return. 

If you have worn the shoes outside, it is highly likely that Target will not take them back. You have to make the return with the original packaging, including tags or labels. Only if your shoes meet these criteria will Target accept the return. 

All hope is not lost! Some customers have shared that they were able to return the shoes to Target after they were lightly worn. As long as the shoes do not show any sign of wear or tear, you should be able to make the return. It will also help to have the original receipt and tags. 

Can You Return Shoes to Target Without Boxes?

Target’s return policy states that the shoe must be returned in its original condition and so you are advised to bring along the box as well. 

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Target may accept the return without the box if the shoe is in perfect condition and you have a valid reason for not having the box. Some Target stores are more lenient than others and do not give a tough time when a buyer reaches back for making a return. 

Even if you are unsure, it is still worth the try. It is possible that you may not get the refund but you should definitely not give up the case without trying. 

Can I Exchange Shoes At Target?

You can exchange the shoes bought at Target for a different style or size. However, the shoe that you are returning must be in original packaging and unworn. 

The local Target store staff should be able to guide you on whether the shoes are eligible for return or not. It is important to discuss the matter with the store management because there are exceptions to the rule of exchanging shoes at Target. 

  • If the shoe that you are exchanging is no longer available, the store will not allow for the return. 
  • You can not exchange the shoes if they show any sign of wear or tear. 

Don’t forget that Target hosts a wide variety of shoes. If you can not find the right fit, you should be able to spot something that matches your style and size. 

Does Target Take Shoe Returns Without Receipt?  

Whether Target will take back the shoes without a receipt depends on your particular case. It will still need to verify your purchase through some other means. 

If a customer does not have the receipt, Target may verify the purchase through the credit/debit card that you used to make the purchase. Therefore, you are advised to bring the card along when you come for the return. 

The store may also use the Target Circle program or verify the purchase through the Target app. These are just some of the methods that Target uses. It is very much possible that it may not be able to verify the purchase at all. 

In this case, you just have to pray for the best! Target can be quite lenient with the returns and accept them without the receipt if the shoes are in a new condition. 

Can I Return Shoes to Target If They Were a Gift? 

You can return shoes at Target if they were given as a gift as long as you have the gift receipt. 

A little tip for someone who is planning to gift Target shoes to someone: Always include the gift receipt! They will be needing it in case they plan to change the size or style. 

Things can get trickier if you don’t have the gift receipt. In this case, you should reach out to the store management and discuss the matter with them. Hopefully, the store will accept the return if the shoes are in good condition and you return it with the original packaging. 

How To Return Shoes Bought At Target?

The return procedure at Target is quite straightforward. Pick the shoes that you need to return, the receipt, and the packaging, and head to the Target store. 

  1. First of all, confirm that you have not crossed the 90-day return window that Target has. 
  2. You can also consider making the return through mail or using Target’s online return center. 
  3. If you are making the return via mail, label the packages appropriately. 
  4. Then drop off your package at a post office or shipping center. 
  5. If you are making the return in-store, bring the shoes, receipts, and packaging to the customer service desk within working hours.

Target will process the refund as soon as the return is finalized. You can expect to get the refund within a few days on your original form of payment. 

Does Target Have an Extended Holiday Return Policy? 

Purchases made between 1st November and 25th December can be returned/exchanged through 15th January of the following year. 

Holidays seem like the best time to shop at Target. However, this policy differs and does not cover all items. There are some products that have a specific return window that you must follow. This includes most of the electronics and some entertainment items as well. 

The holiday return policy may also be different if you don’t have a receipt with you. Target requires valid ID when returning items without receipt during the holiday season. This is to control fraudulent returns and protect customers and companies from scams.

How Does Target Refund Returns? 

Target refunds return to the same payment method if the purchase was made with a credit/debit card. If you paid with cash or a gift card, you will receive the refund in the form of a Target gift card.

The refund process begins as soon as you return the shoes. This means immediately if you are making an in-store return or when the store receives the shoes if you sent it in via mail. Subsequently, the refund should appear on your original form of payment within a few days. 

Returning the shoes in-store carries some advantages. You may get an immediate refund or exchange at the customer service desk in this case. You can get cash back, credit on your card or a balance on a Target gift card depending on how the purchase was made. 

If the shoes were bought on sale, you can expect to get the refund in form of store credit for the current selling price of the shoes. 

What Are Exceptions To Target’s Shoe Return Policy?

  • You can generally not return the shoes if you don’t have the receipt. Target needs a valid form of verification before accepting any return. 
  • If you brought the shoes on sale or the price has dropped since then, you may not get the full price when you make the return. 
  • Target can flag you if you make too many returns to the store. This will limit your ability to make any returns in the future. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Target has a flexible return policy for shoes. You should try to return these within 90 days or up to 120 days if you have the Target RedCard. 
  • If the purchase was made during the holiday season between 1st November to 25th December, you can return the item through 15th January of the following year with the exception of electronics. 
  • Target makes the refund to the original method of payment or provides a balance on the Target gift card if you made the purchase via cash or a gift card. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I return shoes to Target after wearing them?

Target may take back shoes that have been lightly worn only. The same goes for Target-owned brands. You can return shoes to them for up to a year given there is no obvious wear and tear.

What items can I not return at Target? 

Opened music, movies, video games, airbeds, etc, can not be returned to the Target store. 

What does Target do with returned clothes?

Target does prefer to resell the returned clothes but if that is not possible, it will donate or recycle the clothing. 

Why is Target denying my return?

Target may decline the return if you come after the 90-day return window has passed or if the product that you are returning has been damaged.