Does Target Take EBT? (Online Buyers MUST Read This!)

As someone who uses EBT to buy groceries and other necessities, I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while: does Target take EBT as a payment method? I know the importance of being aware of the retailers who accept this payment method. I want to share some interesting details I found after research!

Quick Summary

You can use EBT payments or even WIC to make purchases at Target, but you must physically visit a Target store. You can only use an EBT card to purchase essential SNAP-eligible food items. Moreover, Target’s policy allows customers to return a product within 90 days.

Does Target Accept EBT or WIC For Payments? 

YES! Target does accept EBT and WIC for payments. EBT is a governmental program that offers cash aid to low-income people and families.

Target accepts EBT and WIC at any of its physical shops across the US and Canada. It is just another way to increase the type of payment options it offers to its customers, similar to how I previously discussed with you whether Target takes PayPal or not.

So, you can now shop for groceries, clothes, and other necessities at Target with your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. It’s a game changer for people who rely on government programs for a living.

Target has long been a favorite spot for those looking for deals. Now it is even more convenient for people who want to save cash while shopping. And who wouldn’t like to save a little extra money? Target’s acceptance of EBT is excellent news for someone on a low budget or who enjoys a reasonable price. 

Does Target Take EBT Online?

No, Target does not take EBT online. If you have an EBT card, you should be aware that you cannot use it to purchase items on or the Target application, regardless of what their website may claim. 

So to utilize your EBT card for purchases, you must physically visit a Target store. However, this is not a recent issue, and several EBT cardholders who want to purchase online have found it frustrating.

Therefore, it’s better to plan your buying appropriately and prevent any potential disappointments until Target modifies its webpage to reflect this fact.

When Will Target Take EBT Online?

There must be official information about Target considering EBT payments for online purchases. 

Target has accepted EBT payments in stores for years in almost all the states nationwide. However, you can not purchase eligible items online or through the Target app. Some sources have pointed out that Target did start accepting EBT payments for drive-up and pickup orders as of April 2022.

Can You Pay With EBT At Target Curbside Pickup?

No, you can not pay with EBT at Target curbside pickup due to the lack of required technology. As it turns out, Target lacks the technological resources necessary to facilitate this transaction.

We all enjoy the comfort of online shopping but need more time to utilize EBT to purchase things on or the Target application.

While it’s unfortunate that we can’t use our EBT cards to benefit from the convenience and ease of online shopping, we must remember that we can still obtain what we need by buying in-store.

How To Use EBT Card At Target Self-Checkout?

Target’s self-checkout lane can assist you in saving cash on your EBT transactions and scanning and packing your items. 

The self-checkout aisle lets you divide your order into eligible and ineligible products when using your EBT card to pay. It makes it simple to identify which goods are suitable for EBT payments and which are not.

Does RedCard Benefits Work With EBT Card?

Unfortunately, RedCard does not work with EBT cards. You can access incredible benefits like free delivery, special deals, and instant access to offers if you purchase at Target and have a RedCard. 

The drawback is that you must use a RedCard as the only form of payment to receive these advantages.

In other words, you won’t be able to use your RedCard advantages while utilizing your EBT card to purchase groceries. You will have to decide between the benefits of the RedCard or the ease of EBT payment like being pushed into a “choose your poison” situation.

But don’t worry; Target has you covered with a massive range of items, excellent prices, and top-notch customer service, regardless of your payment method. So, you can continue to enjoy excellent and stress-free shopping whether you’re paying with RedCard or EBT card.

Target EBT Eligible Items 

Using your EBT card at your favorite Target store and shopping healthy is now possible! Target has a wide range of healthy food alternatives that are EBT-eligible. These include

  • Fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables
  •  Cereals like cereal and bread
  •  A range of meats like chicken, beef, pig, and seafood
  •  Cooking oils
  •  Formula
  •  Plants and seeds that provide food
  •  Peanut butter
  •  Non-carbonated drinks like juice.
  •  Dairy items like milk, cheese, and yogurt

Items You Can Not Buy With an EBT Card 

You can’t buy several things at Target with your EBT card. These limitations make sure that EBT benefits are only used for basics.

  • Hot food items: While you may buy fresh meat and veggies with your EBT card, you cannot accept “hot” things already prepared, which excludes heated deli goods and ready-to-eat meals.
  •  Alcohol/ tobacco products: Using your EBT card to buy alcohol or tobacco goods will be prohibited if you smoke.
  •  Baby Products: Some unexpected things like diapers and baby wipes are not items you may purchase at Target with your EBT card.
  •  Household cleaners and Paper products: These things can appear like necessary household necessities, but since they are not classified as food, they are not covered by the EBT program.
  •  Other non-food items include cosmetics, pet food, or other hygiene items. You can not use your EBT card to purchase them.
  •  Medicines and vitamins: You cannot purchase supplements and vitamins using an EBT card.

Remember these limitations the next time you purchase at Target while using your EBT card. But don’t panic; there are still many other things you can buy with EBT to assist you in stocking up on daily essentials.

Return Policy For EBT Purchases at Target

Target’s policy allows its customers to return a product within 90 days. Your refunds will be credited to your EBT card if you used it to make a purchase. 

Retailers cannot give cash returns when an EBT card is used to purchase something. Target’s 90-day return policy covers perishable groceries such as dairy items, fresh fruits, vegetables, baked products, or seafood, allowing you to buy with the assurance that you can handle damaged or outdated goods.

Moreover, many other things can be returned for a complete refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase. Therefore, Target is a perfect choice for customers who wish to experiment with new products or enjoy the benefits of promotions.

Key Takeaways

  • Target allows you to buy necessary SNAP-eligible foods like meat, dairy, and baby formula with your EBT card. EBT benefits are designed to be only used for needed food purchases, not non-essential purchases.
  •  EBT cards cannot be purchased on the Target app or online at 
  •  Target has a 90-day return policy, so you can confidently buy your products and receive the best deal at Target due to the enormous variety of reasonably priced, high-quality food products available there.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Does EBT work at every Target location?

 Target has allowed customers to pay with SNAP at all our locations for many years. Also, customers might pay for groceries that qualify for SNAP on

 Does Target accept animal payments?

 However, despite the many advantages Target provides its customers, a friendly pet policy is not one of them. Only qualified service animals that have received ADA approval are permitted in Target shops. Target’s policy disqualifies counseling and emotional support animals, which are prohibited in its establishments.

 Can I use my EBT or SNAP payments to purchase baby food or formula?

 Yes, you can purchase baby food using SNAP assistance which comprises baby food in packages and jars, cereals, juices, and infant formula. For additional details, you can access the SNAP Eligible Food List.

 Can you purchase protein shakes at Target with EBT?

 Only protein powders labeled as foods can be purchased with food stamps. Supplemental protein powders are not eligible for EBT.

 Does Target accept Calfresh?

 Yes, Target does accept this mode of payment at all stores. You must take your EBT card to pay for the eligible items at your local Target store.