Does Target Sell Macbooks? Expansion + Deals Coming Soon

MacBook purchases can be pretty heavy on the pocket, so we often wonder, “What are the reliable places where I should buy this gadget from?”. If an Apple store is not an option, you are mostly left with trustworthy retailers and electronic stores. I once visited Target with high hopes of finding a good deal. So next time you are thinking does Target sell Macbooks or not? Here’s what I found!

Quick Summary

Target does not sell Macbooks on its website or in-store. However, it has a range of laptops from many other brands besides Apple. You can find additional Apple items, like iPads, Apple Watches, iPhones, AirPods, and Apple accessories at Target. Other stores that sell MacBooks include electrical stores, registered resellers, and Apple Stores. Also, Target doesn’t offer maintenance or assistance with Apple products.

Can I Buy Macbooks At Target?

MacBooks are currently not available for purchase from Target either in-person or online.

Target does not sell Apple laptops, just like you won’t come across Chanel bags, as the two brands make very different products. Target additionally caters to entirely different customer demographics.

However, Target provides a range of other Apple itemslike iPads, Apple Watches, and iPhones. Target also plans to increase the number of Apple products it offers shortly.

Reasons Why Target Does Not Sell Macbooks

Target has a different customer base than Apple. So it has no room on its shelves or the budget for MacBooks! Target emphasizes affordability and convenience, while Apple puts more value on quality and design.

If a price point around $1,999 seems suitable, Apple does not provide a budget-friendly MacBook. This explains why Target does not sell any of them. Consumers perceive these laptops as costly, and the market is fully saturated.

Target stores are recognized for their broad range of goods, which includes everything from electronics to baby goods. It aims to attract people with different lives, wants, and interests.

MacBooks are regarded as high-end products with massively high costs. These prices might go above what Target customers expect.

Also, MacBooks are far more costly than competing products in the market. For example, a MacBook Air costs $900 for the most basic model.

On the other hand, most Windows notebooks are available to purchase for less than half of that price. Despite being known for their outstanding quality, Apple’s products are also higher in cost.

Target and Apple are keeping up with their partnership, and there are plans to add more Apple counters to Target stores in several new states, like New York, California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida.

What Stores Sell MacBooks?

Target does not sell Apple Macs, but you can find them at several other stores:

  • Apple stores
  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart

The main distribution channel of these goods involves Apple stores. When you talk to a professional at a Target store in the Apple section, they went through training from Apple company.

Also, Target offers a 15-day return period for any Apple gadgets you buy there, provided you have proof of your purchase with the receipt. This is strict compared to the general Target return policy but still offers some flexibility to the buyers.

Can I Buy Laptops Other Than MacBooks At Target?

Yes, Target sells an extensive collection of computers and laptops from several brands, each at a different price point and degree of quality.

Target offers many laptop brands, like Acer, Alienware, Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft. To be competitive with other retailers, Target has priced these laptops at an affordable cost.

Additionally, Target often provides coupons and other deals on its tech-related products, like laptops, letting customers get even better costs on their purchases.

Target offers special deals and discounts which make these laptops affordable while keeping the same level of quality, even if purchased directly from the leading brands.

Target offers an extensive collection of laptops from about $149.99 to $2499.99. Due to this variety, Target can cater to various customers with different needs and budgets.

You can also ask Target to match a lower price if you spot the same laptop elsewhere, ensuring you get the most affordable value.

List of Apple Products That Target Sells

  • Apple Watches
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • HomePods
  • Apple TV Kits

Some Target locations have mini-Apple stores where customers can chat with Apple representatives and explore various products.

Customers can explore and purchase the entire Apple product selection and in-store options on the Target website or via their mobile app.

For better convenience, Target provides a convenient 15-day return on Apple products, like the Apple Watch. You can return even opened Apple devices if you have the original packing, all accompanying accessories, and the actual sales receipt.

Should I Buy Apple Products From Target?

Target is an excellent place to buy Apple gadgets.

Many Apple products, including iPads and iPods, are available at Target. It offers its advantages to customers, even if the official store of Apple continues to be the only place for purchasing genuine Apple products.

The fact that prices at Target are often more affordable than those at the Apple Store is a significant benefit. Customers can use its lower prices when buying Apple items at Target. 

In addition, some Target locations feature an Apple-certified service facility, providing in-house repairs mainly for iPhones and iPads. Customers seeking support for Apple devices can benefit from this additional service’s ease and accessibility.

Is Target An Official Retailer For Apple?

Although Target is not a certified Apple retailer, it sells products made by Apple.

Some people assume Apple has a more significant say than it genuinely has over Target’s stock. Also, I learned that Target locations carry different Apple product versions compared to other places.

It’s true that Target sells many Apple products and even established a mini-site just for marketing Apple devices. It’s important to remember that Target works differently from retailers who use Apple’s direct order system, such as the Apple Store.

Are Target and Apple Partners?

Target and Apple have a practical partnership and big plans to expand in February 2023.

Depending on the region, around 17 to 36 Target stores will provide an innovative new service termed as an Apple store.

These Apple stores will include a selection of Apple products, like iPads and iPhones, that customers can buy with an initial deposit of 20% compared to the regular 30%. The first week of February is when the primary store is expected to open.

This partnership is favorable for both sides as it makes it simpler for Target customers to buy Apple products. Target intends to launch 25 Apple stores within their current stores to emphasize their focus on Apple products. But let me tell you that this collaboration excludes selling MacBook laptops at Target stores.

Customers can now have their tablets or phones shipped straight to their homes. This initiative also lets Apple reclaim its space in retail locations, where it was heavily undercut by e-commerce sites like Amazon previously.

Can I Get Apple Repairs At Target?

The Tech Squad at Target provides a cost-effective repair system for Apple gadgets.

You can use Target’s handy and affordable services if you require repairs on your Apple gadget, as the two companies have established a partnership.

The Tech Squad gives you a two-year limited warranty that covers accidental damage and applies to PCs and iPads. The coverage will only last 90 days following the service date if you fail to show the original invoice or if Target cannot confirm the purchase date.

More than 1,800 Target stores nationwide, so you can get your repairs done at any of them.

Key Takeaways

  • Target sells MacBooks, neither on their website nor in their physical locations. It focuses primarily on providing an extensive range of items at reasonable prices.
  • Nevertheless, Target sells many other Apple products, such as iPads, iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watches, and other accessories.
  • If you want to buy a MacBook, you can also look into authorized resellers, electrical stores selling Apple products, and Apple stores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walmart sell Macbooks?

Yes, Walmart supports both in-person and online selling of MacBooks. You can look for laptops by the CPU, RAM, screen size, price, and MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models1. In addition, Walmart sells refurbished MacBooks that undergo an extensive check before they go on sale.

Does Target sell Apple chargers?

Yes, Target offers Apple chargers. Target sells Apple chargers both in-store and online. Target has several charger brands, like Belkin, Heyday, Just Wireless, and Anker.

Where can I get a MacBook at the best pricing in the US?

The most excellent MacBook deals usually appear on Amazon and Best Buy. Average discounts on the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M1 vary from $50 to $250.

Do you think buying a Mac from the Apple Store is better?

Going with an online retailer might be more affordable, but using the Apple Store can give you better customer care. If you are not personalizing your iMac, buying locally will provide immediate satisfaction. Sales taxes and shipping expenses can be put up, so keep that in mind.

Is Apple affordable at Costco?

Costco gives discounts on Apple products, like Apple devices. Although it tends to be challenging to find an excellent price on an iPhone or another item of Apple gadget anywhere, you may see one or two cuts on equipment available on sale at Costco.