Target Teacher Discount (How To Avail Upto 15% Off!)

When it is time to go back to school, teachers often have to spend a lot on things like notebooks, markets, pencils and what not. If you happen to be one of them, there is an easy way to save some cash! Target teacher discount now gives you the opportunity to shop all you need as you stay under budget.

Quick Summary

Target offers 15% discount to teachers during the Target Teacher Prep Event which applies to both, online and in-store shopping. Teachers need to verify their employment status at after which they can use the discount once per year from middle of the summer year till the end leading to the new school year.

Target Teacher Discount Policy (2023)

Target gives up to 15% off to teachers if they qualify for the discount. The discount is applicable at selected school supplies and some more items during the Target Teacher Prep Event. As it turns out, this is best time to shop at any of the Target stores!

This is an ideal opportunity for the teachers to purchase the stuff they need at lower prices. The sale is available from the middle to the end of the summer when the new school year starts.

Does Target Teacher Discount Apply To Grade School Teachers?

Yes, grade school teachers are included in the list of eligible teachers who can avail this discount.

Other positions include K-12 teachers in private and public schools, homeschool teachers, daycare center teachers, teachers at early childhood learning centers, professors in university and colleges, and teachers in vocations, trade and technical schools.

As long as these teachers can provide identification for proof of eligibility, they can get the Target discount. As proof, they must provide a recent paystub or employee contract.

Does The Discount Apply To High School and College Professors?

The discount applies to high school and college professors as well. These posts are eligible for teacher discount.

How Can Teachers Qualify for Discount At Target?

There is a list of teachers who qualify for the discount at the store depending on which educational institutions they belong to.

  • Colleges.
  • Universities.
  • Home schooling centers.
  • Early childhood education centers.
  • Daycare centers.
  • Degree-granting institutions.
  • K-12 schools.

Moreover, any teacher who is a member of Target Circle can verify his/her status and avail the discounts. The verification procedure is discussed in the next section.

Do Teachers Need To Show Proof of Employment To Avail The Discount?

There is no need to show the proof unless you are a new teacher who has not registered with Target before.

New teachers need to provide proper credentials such as eligible ID to avail the discount.

Nonetheless, teachers do need to verify their status if they wish to avail the discount year-round.

  1. They must head to Target website and log in their account.
  2. Then click on the Account settings and tap on “I’m a teacher”
  3. Provide all the necessary details and upload the documents as per the requirements.
  4. Then click on “Verify your Status” button to complete the procedure.

Wait for the verification to complete after which the teachers can avail the discount in-store as well as online.

Moreover, teachers should save the discounts savings offer. Then the 15% off will appear on all the eligible items on and in-store if they pay via Target wallet.

Later on, you must uncheck the coupon from your Target Wallet until you visit the store to shop again. This is suggested so that you do not accidentally apply the discount on a small purchase.

How Can Teachers Use Discount At Target?

Once teachers have verified employment status at, they will see the discount automatically linked to the account.

They can then use the discount to purchase any eligible item online or in-store at 15% off. The discount can be used only once per year and, therefore, you must save it for a purchase that gives you maximum benefit.

Can Teachers Share The Discount with Other Teachers?

Teachers are not allowed to share the discount with other teachers even if they are eligible for this.

However, they can buy supplies and eligible items for other teachers using your discount offer.

Products Included Under Target Teacher Discount Policy

Luckily, the discount applies to a number of items at Target.

  • Apparel.
  • Toys.
  • Arts and Crafts.
  • Notebook, folders and blinders.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Food storage bags.
  • Writing supplies.
  • Playground equipment.
  • Electronics.
  • Classroom furniture.
  • Disinfecting wipes.
  • Board games.
  • Card games.
  • Hand sanitizers.
  • Facial tissues.

Products Exempted From Teacher Target Discount

There are some items at Target on which the discount does not apply.

  • Electronics.
  • Lunch bags.
  • Backpacks.
  • Clearance items.
  • Items sold and shipped by Target + Partners.

Target College Student Discount Policy

Target has something is stock for college students as well. It offers up to 20% off through Target Circle. However, as is the case with teacher discount policy, you must verify your student status is order to get the sales.

Key Takeaways 

  • Target gives up to 15% off to teachers if they qualify for the discount. The discount is applicable at selected school supplies once per year.
  • The include grade school teachers, K-12 teachers (private and public), homeschool teachers, daycare center teachers, teachers at early childhood learning centers, professors in university,colleges, and teachers in vocations, trade, technical schools.
  • Teachers do need to verify their status at if they wish to avail the discount year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the discount for teachers available at Target?

The discount is available from the middle to the end of the summer leading into the new school year.

Does Amazon offer teacher discount as well?

Amazon does not have Individual Prime teacher discount anymore. However, it does offer certain programs to educational organizations, Amazon Business, through which they can benefit.

What is the Microsoft teacher discount policy?

Microsoft offers up to 10% off on selected products for teachers. These include educators K-12 and higher education staff.

Does Target student discount have an expiry date?

The discount can only be used once per year. Therefore, students are recommended to use the discount on major purchases for maximum benefit.