Target Swimwear Return Policy (Tips That Can Help You!)

Shopping for swimwear is always exciting. What turns it into a nightmare is when you end up getting the wrong fit. I have got good news! Target swimwear policy is here to save the day as it makes return, exchange, and refund of most swimwear items quite flexible and easy.

Quick Summary

You can take Target swimwear to the store for the return or file for an online return/exchange within 90 days of the original purchase date with or without the receipt. Target will issue a full refund immediately in case of in-store return and within 14 days if you return the product by mail. The refund is sent to the original method of payment unless the receipt is missing in which case, you will get a merchandise store card.

Is Target Swimwear Return Policy Same For In-Store and Online Purchases?

Target swimwear that you buy in-store can be returned at any Target location. On the other hand, the purchases made online need to be returned in-store or sent back via mail after you have initiated the return process through Target’s official website. 

The time that you are granted for the return is the same in both cases i.e. 90 days. Online purchases can be returned at a Target store near you or sent back by mail. You need to bring along the original packing slip or order confirmation email with you for making the return in-store. 

You can also initiate the return online. In this case, Target will send you a prepaid shipping label that you have to use to send back the items. Target will process your refund once the swimsuit is received. Keep in mind that Target will charge a $5.99 shipping fee for the refund. 

There’s more to that! The swimwear that you wish to return should be unworn and have all the original tags attached. Moreover, you may have trouble returning or exchanging an item if it is no longer on display. Your best chance is to look at when Target will restock before you can request an exchange.

What If the Swimwear Is From a Target-Owned Brand?

The swimwear return policy for Target-owned brands such as Shade & Shore is the same as any other swimsuit. You have 90 days to make the purchase given the swimwear is unworn and has the tags attached. 

If the receipt is missing at the time of return, most Target-owned brands will not leave you stranded. You can use the “Guest ID” feature in this case which allows the store to look up your purchase history. Nonetheless, I would always recommend that you keep all receipts and proof of purchase safe.

It’s also worth noting that almost all Target-owned brands do not charge a shipping fee. That’s right! They will cover the cost of return shipping for their own brand items. 

Will Target Take Back Swimwear Without Receipt?

Target can take back swimwear without a receipt. However, there are a few important considerations such as the item must be unworn and with the tags still attached. 

You can return swimwear to Target within 90 days of the purchase even if you have lost the receipt. Just make sure that the item is in its original condition. 

  • Customers who do not have receipt will get a refund based on the current selling price of the item.
  • Target RedCard holders will get 30 days extra to return the item with or without the receipt as long as it is unworn and has the tags. 
  • If you purchased the item online and do not have the receipt for the return, get in touch with Target’s Guest services to initiate the return and refund process. In this case, Target may require additional information to verify the purchase. 

Can I Return Used Swimwear To Target?

Unfortunately, no. Target does not take back used swimwear for health and hygiene reasons. It is also to ensure that customers do not make fraudulent returns. 

Target denies return in this case because swimwear is considered the intimate form of clothing and the brand wishes to maintain certain standards by imposing a higher level of scrutiny when it comes to swimwear returns. 

Furthermore, if you are flagged for multiple scam returns, Target may refuse to take back any item from you in the future. 

There is one thing to keep in mind! If a customer reaches the store with a legitimate concern such as a defect in the fabric or damaged zipper, Target will accommodate the return once you have discussed the matter with the customer service help desk. 

How Can I Return Swimwear To Target In-Store? 

  1. First of all, check that the swimwear is in original condition, have all the tags attached and there is no damage. 
  2. Then head to the nearest Target store with the items and the original receipt (preferably, though you can make the return without the receipt as well). 
  3. Visit the customer service desk in the store and discuss the matter of return with the representative there. You may have to share the original purchase date and the method of payment used here. 
  4. Then wait for the return to be processed. It should just take a few minutes if you have the receipt. Otherwise, additional verification can take some time. 
  5. Once the return is processed, you will get the refund right away to the original method of payment. 

Target RedCard holders can return swimwear at the stores using the “Drive Up” service. They simply have to place the order on the Target app and then select “Drive Up” as the pick-up method. The app will provide further instructions on how to complete the return process from the comfort of your car. 

Will Target Accept Swimwear Return By Mail?

  1. Check that you have receipt and also confirm that the swimwear is eligible for the return i.e. there is no damage, the tags are still attached and you have not passed the 90-day return window. 
  2. Pack the swimwear in the original box, preferably and you can pack it in a sturdy box or envelope to protect it during shipping. 
  3. Then get the online form for the return and fill it out. The return form should include the original package and other necessary information.
  4. Attach the label and include it in the box. Make sure the label is visible and legible. 
  5. Ship the package to Target using the carrier service of your choice. You have to initially pay the shipping cost although Target will refund the charges once the return is approved.
  6. When you return the swimwear by mail, the process and the refund can take a few days so be patient.  

How Will Target Refund My Return?

Target issues a refund to the same method of payment that you chose previously. For example, if you chose a debit card for the payment, you will be refunded on the same card. 

There are a few gray areas that this leaves. For example, you must be wondering, what if I am returning swimwear that I got as a gift? In this case, you will be credited a merchandise store card. 

Furthermore, if you make a return online because the item was defective or damaged, Target will provide you with the shipping fees. However, you have to pay these charges yourself if you simply changed your mind about the swimwear. 

Online returns also take some time to process. Therefore, you will have to wait a few days to get the refund. The time it takes also depends on your bank or the card issuer. 

Are There Any Limitations When Returning Swimwear To Target?

Target return policy is quite generous but there are a few limitations, for example, you have to make sure that the swimwear is unused, the tags are still attached, and you have not crossed the 90-day return window. 

Target, however, has the right to deny the return even if the store does not explain the circumstances. Some reasons might be obvious such as items without tags or products that are damaged will not be taken back by the store. 

Tips! How To Make Sure You Are Getting The Right Swimwear?

E-commerce options have millions of swimwear options available if you look right now! As a buyer, you are left wondering, how can I cut through all the clutter and get the right product?

Swimwear return frequency has multiplied over the years and users are now found spending 3 times longer browsing for the right match than they were in last summer. There are some tips that can help you when it comes to buying swimwear in-store or online.

  • The best time to shop at Target for swimwear is in August. That is because most suits are available at discounts and you can do a thorough online comparison before the purchase.
  • Are you a fan of online shopping? That’s good because most of the store websites now have additional tools that can help you find the right match. For example, Lyst has a feature called SwimSeeker that helps buyers determine which color would look good on them and which styles are most suitable.
  • You should be able to find more choices in larger sizes. Target itself has launched the Xhilaration store brand which sells extended sizing options.

Key Takeaways 

  • Target swimwear returns are possible within 90 days of purchase or up to 120 days if you are a Target RedCard holder.
  • The refund is processed immediately in case of in-store returns. If you choose to send the product back via mail, the refund can take up to 14 days.
  • You can not return used swimwear to Target. The item must be in original condition and with all tags attached.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you return swimwear if it is on your Target registry?

Registry items can be returned within a year of the date listed on the registry details. The products must be unworn, and should still have their hygienic layer attached to be accepted. 

Can I make swimwear return to any Target store? 

It does not matter which Target store you bought the swimwear at, the returns can be made to any, preferably the closest, Target store without an issue. Nonetheless, you have to bring proper purchasing documentation for the items. 

Does Target return swimwear bought online at the store?

Items bought online must be returned through the same means i.e. the return has to be initiated through Target official website. You can place the return request here, print out the receipt, purchase order, or return code and then bring all these necessary requirements to the customer help desk at one of your nearest Target store to get the refund. 

Does Target include shipping charges in the refund when returning online orders?

Shipping charges are typically refunded to the buyers once the return is accepted. However, in case Target declines your return due to an error or an issue, you may not get back the shipping fee.