Does Target Take Venmo? Earn Back $40 With NO Additional Fee

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital payment methods, Venmo has emerged as a popular choice for millions of users seeking fast and secure peer-to-peer transactions. This digital wallet offers a revolutionary approach to split shared bills such as road trips, rent, or utilities. As the convenience of mobile payment apps alters how consumers make purchases, the question arises: Does Target take Venmo (accept)?

Quick Summary

Target is a much-loved destination for shoppers looking to purchase a wide range of products. This giant retailer is stepping up and adopting Venmo for contactless payment. Whether you are buying products in-store or online, Venmo payments are accepted. By shopping with a Venmo MasterCard, customers will also receive cash back. 

Does Target Accept Venmo Online and In-Store?

Target accepts Venmo as a payment method for in-store and online purchases.

Whether using a linked bank account or card or making direct purchases through Venmo balance, Target agrees with this method. Moreover, customers can also enjoy a 5% cash back on purchases.

However, Venmo cannot be used to pay for items sold by third-party Target Plus Partners on This is because most third-party marketplaces do not accept payments through digital wallets.

With over 1800 store locations across the US, Target attracts a broader customer base by adding Venmo as a payment method. The store provides a wide range of merchandise, from cheap groceries to budget-friendly liquor. 

Methods to Pay with Venmo at Target 

Venmo offers contactless payments, which are enabled by the use of QR codes. Similarly, Target also encourages contactless payments and has set up a system such as the self-checkout counter to ensure hassle-free payments.

If you need help understanding how to use it, Target’s customer service representative will be able to help you out. Moreover, the self-checkout counter comes with straightforward instructions that are easy to follow. 

There are three methods of payment through Venmo at Target:

Scan the QR Code of the App at Target

  1. Target allows its customers to indulge in a contactless transaction by presenting a QR code at checkout (cashier or self-checkout).
  2.  Customers will have to scan this code by opening the Venmo app.
  3.  Tapping the “scan” option will give you access to the camera.
  4.  This method will only work if your app has access to a camera.
  5.  You must accept a pop-up that appears on the screen or adjust privacy settings accordingly.
  6.  After scanning the QR code, you must confirm the transaction to deduct the amount from the Venmo account.

Present the QR code to Target Cashier 

  1. If you prefer not to use the app to scan the QR code, you can also present the QR code on your Venmo app to the Target cashier during checkout.
  2.  The cashier will scan the code, and the payment will be processed through your Venmo account.
  3.  For this method to work, open your Venmo account and click the “Show to Pay” button.
  4.  Your app will automatically generate the unique QR code. Present it to the cashier and scan it to make the payment. 

Use Venmo Card 

  1. Another way to pay with Venmo at Target is using a Venmo card.
  2.  The Venmo card is a physical debit card linked to your Venmo account, which allows you to make purchases at any retailer that accepts Mastercard.
  3.  A customer can receive some exclusive benefits from using this method.
  4.  It includes 5% cashback on eligible purchases.
  5.  Customers can apply for a Venmo card directly from the app. Request the card and then wait for confirmation. After the card is approved, it will be shipped to your address within ten working days. 

How Can I Pay With Venmo At Target Online? 

Mobile browsers: When purchasing on Target’s mobile website, you can select Venmo as your payment method during checkout. Remember that this service only works with Safari from iOS and Google Chrome when using Android.

You will be redirected to the PayPal website by clicking on the Venmo option. At this point, you must select Venmo as the payment option to complete the transaction. It is best to link the Venmo Wallet ID code to the checkout page for easier access.

Venmo App: You must opt-in for Venmo online purchases for this method. To get access, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. ­ Once you open settings, click on the Buying section
  2.  ­ Press on “Connect Browsers” or “Enable Mobile Web Purchase.”
  3.  ­ Purchase using your phone. 
  4.  ­ go to the checkout page and tap Venmo to complete the purchase. 
  5.  ­ Making in=app payments by using linked accounts or Venmo balance is possible. 

Steps to Transfer Money from Target Money Card to Venmo 

With Venmo, a user can add multiple payment methods that comprise gift cards from American Express, Discover, prepaid cards, and Visa. Moreover, customers can also add the Target RedCard or other reloadable gift cards to their Venmo wallet.

After successfully adding your card, you can quickly transfer money to Venmo. Let’s look at the steps a customer will have to follow to add a prepaid debit or gift card to Venmo:

  1. Open the Venmo app and tap the menu button (“☰”icon).
  2.  Go to settings and click on preferences. At this point, you will be required to tap “payment methods.” 
  3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the menu, and select “Add Bank or Card.” 
  4.  Click “card” in the menu and add Target’s card information. It asks to add information such as security code, card number, expiration date, and zip Code.
  5.  By pressing “Add”, you can add Target Money Card to Venmo. 
  6.  Confirm the transfer and the funds will be added to your Venmo balance.

Note: Venmo might reject some cards because the issuer might have a lack of funds or to prevent fraud. 

Will I Get Cash Back If I Pay With Venmo At Target? 

Yes, paying with Venmo at Target will help you get cashback. However, this is only eligible for purchases using the Venmo MasterCard debit card. Even though Target does not offer the highest amount of cash back, customers can still receive about $40 worth of returns when using a debit card. 

To receive cash back, a shopper must purchase any item, and Target has not set a minimum amount to be spent for eligibility. One of the most attractive features is that the store does not charge any cash fee back. 

Customers can get cash back at Target by selecting a product and proceeding to the cash register or self-checkout option. You will then swipe the card and add the required amount with the purchase amount. For example, if your purchases are worth $60 and you want $40 in cashback, you will pay $100. 

Although the daily transaction limit for withdrawing money through Venmo is $400, Target only permits $40 per transaction. So if you want the total allowable limit as cashback, a shopper must make ten different transactions. It is inconvenient, but this method helps in avoiding high ATM fees. 

Similarly, Venmo has an incredible cashback rewards program. Customers can enjoy several limited-time offers, such as 5% cash back on purchases from Target. When you utilize a Venmo debit card, it will automatically enroll you in the program. As a result, you will start earning cash back through Venmo offers. Shoppers will earn 3% cash back each month using a Venmo credit card. 

Can I Split Payments When Shopping on 

Yes, Target offers the option to split payments online on During the checkout process, you can choose to split the charge between different payment methods, including Venmo, to cover the total cost of your order.

However, you can only avail of this split payment between Target gift cards and one more payment method. For example, you can combine a Target Debit card or a credit card with a maximum of ten Target gift cards to make the payment for purchases. The best technique is to make the amount using gift cards first and then through one of the cards. 

It is essential to understand that Target online does not allow splitting the payment between two debit or credit cards. For orders on, customers can only use ONE debit or credit card to make payments for purchases. For instance, a shopper cannot split the cost between a Target Debit card and a Target MasterCard.

Let’s explain this: you have a gift card for $100, and your purchase amount is $180. Splitting the total amount with a payment card and the gift card is best. You should pay off with the gift card first and use a credit or debit card to pay the remaining $80. 

What Stores Accept Venmo Other Than Target? 

Owing to the pandemic, the demand for cashless and contactless payment methods increased. Numerous payment methods, such as Venmo, emerged, and some are gaining popularity.

Even though this service is generally used to pay or receive payment from friends or someone, you know. As Venmo becomes popular, numerous retailers are collaborating with Venmo to include it in their payment methods. Let’s look at a list of retailers that accept Venmo for payment as a direct method:

  • CVS
  •  Forever 21, 
  •  Abercrombie & Fitch
  •  Boxed
  •  Grubhub
  •  Hulu
  •  Foot Locker
  •  Hollister
  •  J Crew
  •  Poshmark
  •  Seamless
  •  Lululemon
  •  Urban Outfitters
  •  Uber Eats

Some retailers accept Venmo’s debit and credit cards as payment. Some retailers that accept both are:

  • Home Depot
  •  Amazon
  •  Adidas
  •  Samsung
  •  Coach
  •  Dick’s Sporting Goods
  •  Walmart
  •  Wayfair
  •  Nordstrom
  •  The North Face
  •  Under Armor
  •  Macy’s
  •  Nike
  •  Kohl’s

Customers can also apply for a Venmo debit card through Master card or a Venmo Credit Card through Visa if they want a physical card. However, you can track all the purchase activity through the app. The list of stores accepting Venmo continues to grow, so it’s always a good idea to check with the specific retailer or the Venmo app for the most up-to-date information.

List of Stores That Accept Venmo QR Code 

  • Urban Outfitters: Shop trendy clothing and home decor with Venmo QR code.
  • CVS: Conveniently pay for pharmacy items, health products, and more using a Venmo QR code.
  • Jane: Discover unique boutique-style clothing, accessories, and home décor at the store and enjoy a unique payment option. 
  • Poshmark: Buy pre-owned clothing and accessories from individual sellers using a Venmo QR code.
  • Foot Locker: Get your athletic footwear and apparel. The store allows for payment with a Venmo QR code.  
  • Forever 21: Shop the latest fashion trends and use the Venmo QR code for quick and easy payment.
  • Skullcandy: Purchase headphones and audio accessories hassle-free with Venmo QR code.
  • Lululemon: Looking for good quality activewear? Purchase at Luluemon and pay using the QR code. 
  • William Sonoma: Explore the store’s kitchenware, cookware, and gourmet food. Pay conveniently using a Venmo QR code.
  • Hollister: Get your casual clothing essentials and pay with a Venmo QR code.
  • J. Crew: Shop classic clothing, accessories, and footwear using a Venmo QR code for seamless payments.
  • Boxed: Customers can enjoy bulk purchases at this store that can be quickly paid for. 
  • The Home Depot: Whether you are looking for hardware or tools to make home improvements, a QR code can help you make the payment.
  • Walmart: Encompassing a wide range of products, you can pay for household items, groceries, and much more through a Venmo QR code. 

List of Target Payment Options 

In addition to Venmo, Target offers a variety of payment options to cater to different customer preferences. It is crucial to know the alternative payment methods to have a backup in case Venmo payments are not accepted at the local Target. 

In-store payment methods for purchases at Target:

  • Target Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Target RedCard,
  • Credit cards from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or Novus
  • Target Credit Card
  • Target Mastercard
  • SNAP EBT/WIC cards
  • Gift cards and gift certificates
  • Personal checks
  • Debit/ATM cards
  • Alipay
  • Campus Cash

Payment methods accepted for and Target app include the following:

  • Affirm
  • Target Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Target Credit Card
  • Gift cards
  • Target Mastercard
  • Visa and Mastercard debit cards
  • Visa, American Express, Discover/Novus, Mastercard, Target PCard, and credit cards from foreign banks

Numerous other contactless payment methods are accepted at Target, such as Samsung Pay, Google, and Apple Pay. However, PayPal cannot be used at Target to make payments. There is also an indirect way to use Cash App at Target you should know about!

Is Venmo Better Than PayPal? 

Venmo and PayPal are both popular payment platforms owned by PayPal Holdings, Inc. While Venmo and PayPal offer similar functionalities, there are some critical differences between the two. 

  • For starters, Venmo is a subsidiary of PayPal that allows customers to make digital payments. These digital wallets will let you send and receive funds from family and friends.
  • Moreover, both platforms enable shoppers to pay for purchases at partnered merchants. Nevertheless, the two have some differences, making one service better than the other contingent upon the circumstances. 
  • In terms of accessibility, PayPal has a broader range. You can access this payment method on computers and mobile devices. Shoppers can make the payment through the PayPal app or online. On the other hand, Venmo only works on mobile devices. You can only make the payment through the app or mobile browser. 
  • With Venmo, shoppers can only make payments within the US. However, PayPal has a worldwide reach for sending and receiving money.
  • Moreover, PayPal has a broader range of capabilities, including merchant payments, international transactions, and integrations with online stores.
  • Both of these payment methods come with different transaction limits. With Venmo, shoppers can avail a weekly transaction limit of $299.99. You can access a higher limit by providing further personal information.
  • Even though there are no weekly limits on PayPal transactions, you might not be able to use more than $10,000 per transaction. 

Venmo primarily focuses on peer-to-peer transactions, allowing users to share payments and transaction details with friends. This service focuses on personal transactions, whereas PayPal is a fast and secure way to manage your business transactions. Depending on the nature of the transactions, you can opt for a payment method that best your requirements. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Target accepts Venmo as a payment method both in-store and online. Moreover, you can also split the payment when shopping online. 
  • You can scan the QR code using the Venmo app or present the QR code to the Target cashier when purchasing in-store.
  • Target also accepts other payment methods, such as major credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does Target take Google Pay? 

Yes, Target accepts Google Pay as one of its payment options for in-store purchases. Google Pay is a digital wallet used to pay for items purchased from checkout and a self-check-out stall. Customers must scan the items’ barcodes at a self-checkout booth before paying. It is imperative to remember that customers cannot use Google Pay on Target’s website as it is not activated. 

Does Amazon accept Venmo? 

Venmo is officially an alternative payment method to pay for your Amazon cart. Both platforms have recently partnered up, allowing customers to shop online using a Venmo balance, debit card or bank account via Venmo. With nearly 80 million Venmo users, the demand for Amazon products is bound to increase because of this collaboration. 

Does CVS take Venmo?

Yes, CVS accepts Venmo as a payment method. You can use Venmo to purchase various products and services at CVS stores. With over 8200 stores across the US, adding Venmo as a payment brings ease for customers. Shoppers must display a QR code in the Venmo app to make the payment. You only have to “scan” and select the “show to pay” option. There are no additional fees for using Venmo, and shoppers will still receive CVS’ ExtraCare rewards for their purchases. This app will help you avoid touching the keypad while attaining the same benefits. 

People Also Asked

Does Best Buy take Venmo? 

No, Best Buy does not take Venmo payments. However, there is an indirect method for using this app to make purchases. Shoppers can link their account to a Venmo debit card and use it at Best Buy to pay in-store or online. The card operates based on a Mastercard network, enabling customers to utilize funds in their Venmo balance for payments. 

Does Target take Apple Pay at self-checkout? 

Yes, Target does accept payment through Apple Pay at self-checkout. Once you go to the self-checkout option, you will be presented with the Apple Pay payment method. Tap this option to pay, and you will quickly be taken to Apple Pay to complete your purchase. It is an excellent method of contactless payment.