Does Target Wrap Gifts? (Free Ways to Get Gifts Wrapped)

You just found the perfect gift but don’t know how to wrap it up or perhaps you simply want to have it wrapped up for you in order to save time. I have been in this situation frequently and figuring does Target wrap gifts has helped me a lot! 

Quick Summary

Target online gift-wrapping service is a great alternative for a quick and inexpensive gift-wrapping solution. Products are professionally wrapped in your desired wrapping paper along with a customized note for $5.99. However, this service is only provided online, it is not available in-store.

Does Target Offer To Wrap Gifts? (2023)

If you are hunting for a quick and easy method to get your presents wrapped up, Target has everything that you need. With its online website,, the store offers a year-round gift-wrapping service.

When you use Target gift-wrapping service, most products purchased on can be professionally wrapped in your desired wrapping paper along with a customized greeting for $5.99.

However, Target does not provide these services in-store. Therefore, if you want your presents to be wrapped while you are shopping at the Target store, you will have to utilize their online service.

Does Target Wrap Gift In Store Only?

Target can help you with your last-minute gift shopping for the holidays and might even assist with gift wrapping. Many people choose to shop in-store when it is the best time to shop at Target.

Although Target does not provide in-store gift-wrapping services all year round, there may be some luck for those who need a little extra help during the holiday season.

Previously, some Target stores have been reported to provide gift-wrapping services throughout the Christmas season. Although it’s uncertain whether this will be a common service, you can always ask the store employees if gift-wrapping services will be offered during the Christmas season.

Target in-store gift-wrapping services are no longer available for those who want to have their gifts wrapped throughout the year.

Does Target Wrap Gifts and Then Deliver Them? 

You can use Target online gift-wrapping service as a stress-free alternative to getting your gifts wrapped. 

The online gift-wrapping service offered by Target is quite practical and simple to use. You can simply choose the gift-wrapping option at the checkout on Target website.

Additionally, you can have your present wrapped up in your favorite wrapping paper. You can add a customized message for a fixed price of $5.99.

Once your present is wrapped up, you can choose from multiple delivery options available. These include order pickup, same-day drive-up, and 2-day shipping. 

Due to this service, Now you do not have to worry about your hectic schedule because this service will make it simple to deliver your present to its rightful recipient.

How To Get Gift Wrapping At Target?

Once you have purchased the best gift for your loved one online, you can also have the gift wrapped and prepared for delivery by following a few straightforward steps which can be completed online through their website. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, fill your shopping cart with the items you wish to purchase.
  2. Then go to the “My order contains a gift” option and check the box.
  3. Now proceed to checkout.
  4. At this step, you will be required to enter the recipient’s name and add a special gift note in the “Gift Options” section.
  5. Finally, gift wrapping can be added to your order for an additional $5.99, just check the box next to it. 

You should know that the addition of gift wrapping to your order must be done so at the time of checkout. After your order has been sent to Target, it cannot be changed.

Price of Gift Wrapping At Target 

Target is an American retailer which provides gift wrapping for purchases made online. Customers can use this service for a fixed fee of $5.99 if they want to have their purchases beautifully wrapped. This service is available for all eligible online purchases, no matter how much the item costs.

Target also gives customers who have bought many goods of the same kind the opportunity to bundle them all together and wrap them as one present. 

For customers who are buying presents for several people, this service is a cost-effective choice because it is also paid at the same set rate of $5.99.

Gift Items That Target Does Wrap

Target offers an excellent gift-wrapping service for all eligible purchases for a fixed charge of $5.99. However, Target is unable to provide gift wrapping for products that are sold through third-party Target +TM Partners. It is also not available for Order-Pickup.

Moreover, large products ship straight from the manufacturer, including car seats, furniture, televisions, and some other items. These are also ineligible for gift wrapping.

While it may be disappointing not to have your furniture or car seat wrapped like a present, Target wrapping service for qualified goods allows you to customize your gifts. 

You can make a perfect, customized gift with so many different wrapping paper patterns and ribbon colors available, that the recipient is surely going to love it.

Can You Get Registry Items Gift Wrapped At Target?

Customers can now shop from Target online and have their wedding or baby registry gifts delivered in lovely packaging.

  1. Mark the “ My order contains a gift” box and choose the gift you want to have wrapped during the checkout process. 
  2. After that, simply choose the wrapping paper design and the ribbon color. 
  3. Your present will be prepared in and timely delivered for the occasion.

Target lets shoppers customize their gifts with a message, making them more thoughtful and personalized. In order to make the recipient feel even more appreciated, your present will not only be beautifully wrapped but also include a meaningful message.

Therefore, Target gift-wrapping service to get registry items is an excellent choice whether you are buying presents for a wedding, baby shower, or any other special occasion. 

Gift Wrapping That Target Uses 

Although Target gift-wrapping service offers customers an easy and economical way to personalize their presents. It is important to remember that the available gift wrap colors and designs at Target are limited and subject to continuous changes.

Target has its iconic white, red, and bullseye designs which are used in the patterns of the wrapping paper. Despite the fact that these patterns are gorgeous and elegant, some customers might like something a little more creative and special for wrapping their presents.

In such circumstances, Target provides other gift-wrapping alternatives. For example, potential buyers can customize their gifts by buying their own wrapping paper, ribbon, and other decorative items. Customers can also have the option of selecting a gift box or bag from gift-wrapping options other than Target.

Additionally, customers have the option of having their gifts delivered to their homes, where they can then select their own special and customized wrapping items.

Can You Buy Wrapping Paper At Target?

Customers can explore Target online website and learn about the latest trends and creative gift-wrapping options. 

Target offers everything you need, from elegant ribbons to colorful gift bags and traditional wrapping papers. You can visit the Gift Wrap, Bags, and Accessories section on the official website.

You can build a personalized present with so many possibilities that your loved one will feel special and cherished. In order to make your gift stand out, use your imagination and create an ideal mix of gift wrap, ribbons, and other accessories.

Why You Should Get Gift Wrapping At Target? 

Customers can take advantage of a number of perks from Target gift-wrapping service.

  • Firstly, it is a practical way to have your gifts wrapped. You can save time and energy by using Target gift-wrapping service rather than doing it yourself. 
  • This is especially helpful for people who are in a hurry, don’t know how to wrap things well, or just prefer to have their items professionally wrapped.
  • Secondly, using Target gift-wrapping service is a great way to give your gift a unique touch. Customers can still add a personalized note and submit the recipient’s name even if the available gift wrap designs and colors may be limited. 
  • Last but not least, Target gift-wrapping service is not only convenient, but it’s also an affordable method to wrap your presents. 
  • Customers can have their items wrapped in elegant, quality wrapping paper or gift bags for a set fee of $5.99. When compared to buying gift wraps, ribbons, and other decorative items individually, this is less expensive.

Therefore, Target gift-wrapping service provides a practical, economical, and customized option to wrap your presents.

Key Takeaways 

  • Target provides gift-wrapping services for the majority of online orders. However, it is not accessible for some goods, including furniture, car seats, and products purchased through a Target +TM Partner. 
  • Regardless of the number of things purchased, there is a fixed pricing for gift wrapping of $5.99.
  • Customers can buy gift wraps and decorations from Target to personalize their presents if online purchasing is not a possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I send a present via Target?

Customers can add a special gift message at checkout for goods that qualify. The packaging slip for the recipient will be printed with the gift message. You may add a complimentary gift message to Target eGiftCards once you provide the user’s email address during checkout. The email sent to that individual will also contain the gift message.

Can Target ship me gifts?

Target does provide gift-wrapping services, but they are only available online. You have the choice of two-day shipping, order pickup, or same-day drive-up delivery for your gift deliveries.

Are prices included on Target packing slips?

Every time a present is given, the sender is highly advised to add a gift receipt (or a packing slip). Gift receipts don’t show the item’s price and make it simple for recipients to return gifts.

Can you get boxes from Target?

You can call your nearest Target and inquire about setting aside some cartons for you. The answer is often favorable.