Does Target Do Cash Back (Policy, Limits, Location, Fees)

Target has always been my favorite place to shop but ever since I found out does Target do cash back back, my urge to go there has definitely multiplied! Did you know about Target cash back policy? If not, here’s what you should not miss out on!

Quick Summary

Target does do cash back on purchases made via cash or debit card. You can get up to $40 cash back on eligible purchases and there is no minimum purchase limit. Then you can receive the cash back at any of the Target’s ATM locations but you will have to pay the ATM fees if it falls outside your bank network.

Does Target Offer Cash Back? (2023)

Target is always looking out for ways to make shopping interesting for its buyers. Perhaps that is why it offers perks like Target teacher discount and more. Another catchy perk is that Target gives you cash back on purchases!

Target does offer cash back up to $40 regardless of the amount of purchase that you make. This applies to all of its store locations.

You can receive the cash back as long as you pay with a debit card including the Target RedCard at regular checkout or self-checkout.

Moreover, there is no minimum purchase requirement. However, you can not earn cash back with personal checks or credit cards.

What Is Target Cash Back Policy This Year?

The cash back policy at Target highlights a couple of things that every buyer should be aware of.

  • The store offers up to $40 cash back in $10 bill increments.
  • There are no cash back fees at Target if you pay using a debit card.
  • The total cash back that Target offers can vary from one store to another.
  • You can request the cash back at the register during checkout or select the cash back option if you using the self-checkout lane.
  • The denomination of bills at the self checkout can be limited. It depends on what is within the kiosk.

How To Get Cash Back At Target Store?

There are two ways in which Target provides cash back. You can either score it at the associate’s register or claim it at the self-service kiosk.

In any case, you can get cash back of up to $40 only. There is no minimum purchase to qualify for it but you must complete the purchase in order to be eligible.

Another important thing to note is that you can not withdraw more funds than what is available in your checking account once the purchase amount is taken out.

Cash Back Limits At Target Stores 

Generally, there is a cap on how much cash back you earn here. Regardless of the purchase amount, Target will give you a maximum of $40 on each transaction.

It should also be noted that the maximum amount given depends on the store. It may vary from one location to another.

There is also a daily limit on withdrawal when using debit card or checking account for the transaction. These limits should be kept in mind if you wish to avoid banking fees or do not want your transaction to be turned down.

Target Fees For Getting Cash Back

There are no fees for getting cash back at Target stores. In fact, Target does not impose any minimum purchase requirement either so you can win cash back even when you do little spending as far as you make an eligible purchase.

Some customers have shared in the past that they had to pay an additional fee for getting the cash back. However, the actual story is different!

The cash back is transferred to your associated bank when you pay with credit/debit card. Some banks then charge you to withdraw funds if you have exceeded daily allocation withdrawal limit.

This means you will indirectly end up paying a fee for getting cash back but Target has nothing to do with it. Moreover, you can avoid the cash-back transaction fee if you adhere to the bank’s limits.

Target Cash Back With Different Payment Methods

Debit Cards: You can get cash back on debit card purchases including a Target RedCard debit card. The card is directly linked to your bank checking account. Therefore, you can use it for cash back draws as long as you have sufficient funds in your account.

Credit Cards: Target does not offer cash back on credit card purchases. This applies to Target’s own credit card as well.

However, you can get cash advances on Target MasterCard for ATMs, bank transfers and money transfer services.

Make sure you know the PIN attached to the Target MasterCard. You can manage such information directly from Target website as well.

Personal Checks: Target does not give cash back on purchases made with personal checks. This is true for most of the locations although there may be some exceptions.

Gift Cards: Cash back on gift cards depends on the policy of the specific locations. However, in any case, the total amount on your gift card must not exceed the maximum cash back limit.

Also, keep in mind that Target will not give you cash back if there is only $10 remaining on the card. The store will also return the remaining amount of the purchase as a gift card only.

Other Ways To Get Cash Back At Target 

You can receive the cash back at Target by using the ATMs present in the store. This facility is provided in almost all the store locations but I would suggest that you check with your local Target store beforehand.

You can find in-depth information about Target ATM locations through the official website.

Keep in mind that Target does not charge any fee for getting the cash back. You only have to pay ATM banking service provider charges and nothing more.

If you use an ATM at Target that is outside your network, you will have to pay additional fees for the transaction. This may or may not be reimbursed later on.

Locations That Offer Cash Back Other Than Target Stores 

If you are a fan of getting cash back, you may be interested in knowing about options other than Target. Luckily, there are many gas stations, grocery stores, retail markets, and restaurants that give cash back to their customers.

As you can see, the cash back that each location offers varies. It also depends on the mode of payment that you use for the purchase. Typically, no cash back is given on credit card purchases unless you have Discover credit card.

On the other hand, debit cards and personal checks are most commonly used for winning cash back at Target and the stores mentioned above.

Locations That Do Not Offer Cash Back At All 

Not all stores offer cash back like Target does. There are many clothing, home furnishing, and goods retailers that do not offer any cash back regardless of how much you spend there.

  • Speedway.
  • Wawa.
  • H&M
  • Hobby Lobby
  • RaceTrac.
  • Forever 21.
  • Michaels.
  • Restoration Hardware.
  • Starbucks.

Key Takeaways 

  • Target does offer cash back up to $40 regardless of the amount of purchase that you make.
  • You can receive the cash back at Target by using the ATMs present in the store. This facility is provided in almost all the store locations.
  • Target offers cash back on gift card purchases, credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Target provide cash back option?

Target gives cash back when you choose to pay with Target debit card. You can get up to $40 cash back here.

Does Target give cash back on self-checkout lane?

Yes, you can get cash back on debit card purchase at both, self-checkout and regular checkout lanes.

Can I get cash back at Target without receipt?

Target requires receipt in order to process a return. Your request may be turned down if you don’t have it.

Does Walgreens give your cash back?

Walgreens does give you cash back with multiple payment options.