Target Dress Code: 7 Things To Help You Dress The Right Way

Have you ever noticed how Target has a consistent dress code for all of its employees? It is intentional. The retail outlet has a carefully crafted dress code that weaves a unique sense of style, professionalism, and practicality. From the iconic red shirts to blue jeans/khaki pants and close-toed shoes, every element is thoughtfully curated to create a cohesive and customer-centric atmosphere with Target’s dress code!

Quick Summary

Target does not have an official dress code for its employees, but all staff members, management personnel, and store workers are expected to dress professionally. Moreover, they are advised to dress in a red shirt with khaki or blue pants to portray a neat and coordinated appearance. It also has quite a lenient policy regarding tattoos, haircuts, and religious items to accessorize clothing. 

What Is Target Employee Dress Code? 

The Target Employee dress code is clear if you visit the store. Previously, Target employees were only allowed to wear a red top and khaki pants. After the success of its #jeansforever challenge in 2019, the store expanded its dress code by adding blue jeans as part of the uniform. 

Even though you won’t find an official document, Target’s employee dress code aims for a clean, neat, and professional appearance. One key aspect of Target’s dress code is the requirement for employees to wear a red shirt as part of their uniform. This red shirt helps to identify employees and creates a consistent brand image within the store.

Regarding pants, one Reddit user stated that Target employees are encouraged to wear khakis or blue jeans. However, during her orientation, she learned that “any solid color pants” would be accepted. Other policies include well-groomed hairstyles, preferably in natural colors, to maintain a professional appearance and closed-toed shoes. 

It is imperative to remember that specific positions within Target may have variations or exceptions to these guidelines. Moreover, the dress code can vary, contingent upon the location and how lenient the policies are in that location. 

While specific details may vary depending on the position, some general guidelines apply to most employees.

Clothing ItemDress Code Guidelines
Shirts50% solid color red shirt
Cannot have non-target logos
Avoid shirts featuring excessive writing
Some Target outlets also allow red flannel
PantsNo specific policy was given by Target
Hats are generally not allowed, except for specific positions like cart attendants
Comply with specific store location
HatsHoodies are allowed as part of the uniform
Should not have an additional pattern or non-Target logos
Solid red color
ShoesEmployees should wear closed-toe shoes
Flip-flops and other open-toe shoes are not allowed
Crocs or other breathable shoes are not permitted
Skirts & dressesSkirts or dresses of appropriate length and style
Dark-colored solid leggings with the skirt
Dresses have to be 50% red in color
HairWell-groomed and professional appearance
Natural hair colors preferred
HoodiesHoodies are allowed as part of the uniform
Should not have additional pattern or non-Target logos
Solid red color
Tattoos and piercingsNo specific policy is found

Should All Employees Wear Red Shirts To Work At Target? 

While it’s true that Target has a dress code for employees to wear a red shirt, you will notice some exceptions to this rule. A particular uniform creates a cohesive look, making it easier for customers to identify employees. 

So, who gets to break the red shirt tradition?

Certain positions within Target have different uniform requirements. For example, team leaders and managers might have designated uniforms that separate them from regular employees. Target values consistency and practicality in its dress code policy to ensure effective employee performance. 

The next time you visit Target near you, look closer at the uniforms employees wear at different positions.

Do Target Employees Need To Tuck In Their Shirts At All Times?

Target does not explicitly require employees to tuck in their shirts at all times. The company encourages a neat and professional appearance, so a person wearing a baggy or excessively long shirt might be requested to tuck it in. However, its uniform policy is flexible. 

Moreover, Target understands that certain tasks or job roles may become impractical or uncomfortable with your shirt tucked in. The store values functionality alongside professionalism, recognizing that employees may need to move around, lift items, or engage in various activities that can affect the tuck.

By balancing appearance and practicality, Target’s dress code allows employees to prioritize tasks while projecting a professional image. This approach creates a more realistic and comfortable work environment that caters to its employees’ diverse needs and responsibilities.

Does Target Allow Employees to Wear Khaki Shorts In Summer? 

It depends. Target’s employee dress code generally does not allow shorts as their everyday attire. However, there may be some flexibility and exceptions for specific roles or departments during the summer months. 

While the standard dress code encourages employees to wear full-length pants or skirts, the store recognizes the need for comfort in warmer weather. For certain job roles, shorts are more practical and appropriate. Target may allow employees to wear khaki shorts as a seasonal exception in these roles.

It shows that Target considers their employee’s comfort and well-being without compromising on a professional appearance.

Employees need to consult with their supervisors or refer to the specific guidelines of their department to determine whether khaki shorts are allowed during the summer months. The ruling varies by location and the store manager. 

If you love wearing shorts in the summer, it is best to enquire about the specific policy of the branch during the interview. 

Target’s Position on Haircuts, Piercings, and Tattoos

Target takes a modern and inclusive approach regarding haircuts, piercings, and tattoos. While the company wants to build a professional outlook, it still values self-expression. 

They promote personal style, originality, and creativity to develop a diverse and welcoming environment. 

Haircuts: Target does not have strict limitations on hairstyles, allowing employees the freedom to express themselves through various cuts, colors, and styles. Even men can keep long hair and have it colored. You will be expected to tie your hair properly when dealing with food prep. 

Tattoos: Target is known for encouraging personal expression and individuality for its employees. For this reason, the company does not require employees to cover tattoos. However, these tattoos should not be offensive or obscene. 

Piercings: Similarly, when it comes to piercings, Target is accommodating, understanding that individuals may have multiple ear piercings. The store’s manager will not pass any judgment based on your piercings. 

Jewelry: As an employee, you can wear all types of jewelry at Target. However, if the jewelry interferes with your job or is causing distraction, then you might be asked to remove it. 

By adopting a progressive stance on haircuts, piercings, and tattoos, Target fosters an environment where employees can feel confident and authentic in their appearance while maintaining professionalism.

Shoes That Target Employees Should Wear 

Regarding footwear, Target focuses on comfort, a professional outlook, and safety. To achieve proper support and stability while working, store employees must wear closed-toe shoes. 

These shoes should have slip-resistant soles to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure a safe working environment. So, sneakers, tennis shoes, and boots are all excellent closed-toe options.

While the dress code allows some flexibility in terms of style, your shoes should be kept. Target does not permit its employees to wear breathable shoes like Crocs while working to keep the professional look intact. 

In short, Target does not encourage open-toed shoes. So it’s best to avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops to work. It is particularly important if you work at the loading dock or the warehouse.

To maximize protection, Target requires its employees to wear steel-toed shoes. By setting clear expectations for footwear, Target aims to create a comfortable and secure environment for employees and customers. Moreover, you can choose to buy shoes from Target itself! After all, it has a flexible show return policy in case you change your mind later on!

Can Cart Attendants At Target Wear Hats?

Wearing a hat is another part of the dress code at Target. Whether cart attendants are allowed to wear a hat depends on your location and how lenient the store manager is. It is a grey area, and the policy is very store-specific. 

Target understands that cart attendants work outdoors and may need to protect themselves from the sun or rain. Allowing cart attendants to wear hats offer practical benefits and contributes to the cohesive appearance of the uniform. If you reside in areas with a warm climate, employees will be allowed to wear hats.

Remember that the hats you plan to wear should align with Target’s overall dress code. Avoid wearing hats with controversial messages or logos that don’t match the company’s image. It is best to wear a plain hat. 

Target Policy for Colored Hair 

Regarding their employees, Target’s motto is to enable their staff to express their personality openly. The company understands that colored hair is an important form of self-expression and does not impose any restrictions as long as it doesn’t disrupt work.

Target’s policy on colored hair is flexible, allowing employees to dye it in various colors. Employees are encouraged to express their creativity, whether it’s a vibrant rainbow, pastel hues, or a bold statement shade.

This modern stance on colored hair upholds a positive & inclusive work environment, where employees can feel empowered to showcase their unique personalities through their hair while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Additionally, by valuing and accepting their employees’ hair-dying decisions, Target sends a strong message to its customers. It shows that Target does not discriminate or judge anyone based on their appearance, making it a welcoming spot. 

Target Employee Policy on Religious Items 

Whether you wear a cross or a hijab, the company does not discriminate. Target respects and accommodates diverse religious beliefs without passing judgment. Per the policy, you can wear religious items as part of the uniform. 

However, religious affiliations and attire should not pose any safety risks or interfere with their ability to perform their job responsibilities. 

To create an inclusive work environment, employees at Target are allowed to show their religious symbols appropriately. Nevertheless, employees must follow the dress code and company policy. It incorporates wearing a name tag and dressing up professionally. 

Does Target Dress Code Change Every Season?

Target’s dress code typically stays the same every season. The company aims to maintain consistency and a recognizable brand image across its stores. However, different store locations and their management can bring about adjustments to accommodate their employees. 

For example, employees may wear khaki or denim during warmer months to protect themselves from the heat. Weather-related changes and your job role are major determinants of the dress code.

While the core elements of the dress code will remain consistent, occasional alterations may be made to ensure employee comfort. As a result, their ability to perform tasks effectively will improve. 

Is Target Dress Code Strict?

As far as the corporate dress code is concerned, Target has lenient policies. The only restriction of the dress code is wearing a red shirt, solid-color pants, and close-toed shoes. 

Target’s dress code emphasizes neatness, cleanliness, and a polished look. It typically includes requirements such as wearing appropriate clothing and maintaining a well-groomed appearance. 

The store’s strictness level depends on the management and how lenient the outlet is in terms of dress code. Try speaking to the manager or contacting the Target customer desk about the dress code policy before working at Target. 

Is There a Target Orientation Dress Code Too? 

When going for an interview, you can skip the dress code. However, once you are hired, showing the company that you care about their policies and rules is best. 

Although there is no particular dress code for the orientation sessions at Target, it is best to wear a red shirt paired with khaki pants. 

It’s important to make a good first impression during the orientation, as it sets the tone. Adhering to the dress code for orientation demonstrates your respect for the occasion and your commitment to professionally presenting yourself.

Moreover, following the dress code aids in creating a sense of consistency among attendees, nurturing a positive atmosphere during the orientation.

Do Target Customers Have a Dress Code? 

Fortunately, Target does not have an official dress code for its customers. However, customers are expected to follow basic social norms when dressing up for a store visit. 

It means wearing appropriate clothing such as a shirt and shoes. Even though no official laws limit a customer’s entrance without a shirt or shoes, Target and other retailers can refuse service. Customers should use their judgment and be mindful of creating a comfortable environment.

Key Takeaways 

  • Employees are generally required to wear a red shirt as part of their uniform, but exceptions exist based on job roles.
  •  While specifics may vary, solid-colored pants, closed-toe shoes, and appropriate-length skirts or dresses are generally accepted. Cart attendants are allowed to wear hats, but generally, hats are not permitted.
  •  The dress code may change periodically, so staying updated on any policy modifications is important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I dress for my interview at Target?

It’s recommended to dress professionally and choose business-casual attire. A button-down shirt, paired with slacks/khaki pants, is the perfect look. Complete the look with dress shoes. If you plan to wear jeans, opt for a darker shade. A blouse paired with a skirt, slacks, or a dress works best for women who want to sit in an interview at Target. The skirt should be at least knee-length long. 

Can I wear a red T-shirt instead of a polo shirt?

Yes, you can wear a red t-shirt. A shirt must be at least 50% red. In addition, you will need to ensure that the t-shirt does not have excessive logos, prints, or letters. You can also wear a red sweater or hoodie.

Can you wear jeans at Target?

As of 2019, employees at all Target stores across the US are allowed to wear blue jeans on the job. However, the jeans should maintain a formal, business look. Make sure that the jeans are not ripped, torn, or have any holes.

Does Target provide uniforms? 

Target does not give uniforms to its employees. The store has a specific dress code that employees must follow. As an employee, you can wear your clothes as long as they observe the dress code provided by the store. Even though there are no specific target employee uniform shops, the store has collaborated with Etsy to provide Target-specific shirts and pants. 

Can Target employees wear nail polish or earrings at work? 

Target generally allows employees to wear nail polish and earrings as long as they are not excessive or overly distracting. If your earrings or nail polish do not interfere with your ability to perform the job, Target does not restrict it. 

Can Target employees wear beanies? 

It depends on the store’s location and employee position. Beanies are generally not allowed as part of the Target uniform. Target’s dress code emphasizes a clean and professional appearance, and hats are generally not permitted unless there is a specific exception for certain positions like cart attendants.