Target Video Game Return Policy (Get FULL Refund: Secret Tip!)

I hadn’t been a big fan of Target when purchasing games. However, the Target video game return policy really got me hooked! With its flexibility, I was sure I could go right, and my money would always be used. What makes it so unique? Well, I am about to tell you, so stay seated!

Quick Summary

Target allows you to return a video game within 30 days of purchase. It is also advised to bring along the receipt. If so, the store will give you a full refund to the original mode of payment. However, if the return window has passed, the product is damaged/used, or you need proof of purchase, Target will only provide a partial refund as store credit. To avoid inconvenience, you can buy video games during the holiday season as it gives an extended window for return and promises a full refund too!

What Is Target Video Game Return Policy After 30 Days? 

Target’s standard return policy only holds for 30 days, meaning you can not request a return, exchange, or refund after this window. However, some workarounds are helpful. 

Target may accept a video game for return after 30 days if you provide a valid reason and still have the receipt as proof of purchase. Moreover, in this case, you may have to settle for a merchandise gift card or store credit equivalent to the lowest price of that video game.

The gift card can then be used for in-store purchases only.

Other than that, Target RedCard holders have an additional 30 days to return any item, which gives you a safe window longer than customers without the card.

Certain situations, such as defective items or extenuating circumstances, might be treated differently. It’s a good idea to communicate with Target’s customer service to explain your situation.

Returns outside of the standard return window might require manager approval. Store management has some discretion in approving such returns.

What Is Target Return Policy For a Different Store? 

Target is quite accommodating when it comes to in-store returns. As long as you have the receipt, you can make the return to any store regardless of where you purchased it. 

The store allows returns to various locations where you bought the video game. You can return it anywhere! This is extremely useful in some instances. For example, if you got the game as a gift and want to return/exchange it at the nearby Target store.

Similarly, there is no restriction with online returns either. You can take them to a Target location closest to you and request a refund or exchange. Nonetheless, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s always best to have the original receipt for the purchase. The receipt helps confirm the purchase and price paid.
  • Some Target locations might ask for identification, especially if you’re returning items without a receipt.
  • If the item was purchased online, you might need to follow a slightly different return process. Some returns for online purchases might need to be initiated online and follow specific instructions.
  • The refund method will likely be the same as the original purchase.
  • If the item is subject to restocking fees, this fee might apply regardless of which Target store you’re returning the item to.

Target Video Game Return Policy Without Receipt 

Target video game return policy with no receipt is left to the discretion of the store manager. The policy clearly states that a permit is necessary for a valid return, but if you can not present proof of purchase to Target, request the team to let you explain the matter to the store manager. 

Even if your return is accepted, Target will only provide you a refund as a store credit. Other options that Target may provide include:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa or American Express card
  • Check
  • Target gift cards
  • Target RedCard

Here’s another scenario to consider! You lost the receipt but decided to return the video game within 24 hours of the purchase. Lucky for you, the store can pull up records easily for recent sales, and you won’t be expected to pull out the receipt for return.

The matter is less complicated for online purchases since you can obtain packing slips anytime, which is proof of investment.

What Is Target Return Policy For Opened Video Games/Items? 

Target does not take back video games if they are opened or used. However, you can still get an exchange in this type of condition. 

If you settle for an exchange and the item you need is out of stock, Target will accommodate you. You can always switch to a different one if it is of the same value.

Some items, especially electronics like video game consoles, could be subject to a restocking fee if they were returned open. This fee was typically a percentage of the item’s purchase price and was deducted from the refund amount.

Certain items, especially those that are prone to piracy or digital content, might have stricter return policies. This could include software, downloadable content codes, and items that are not suitable for return due to hygiene reasons

Target’s Video Game Return Policy During Holidays 

Target understands that many people receive their video games as gifts on special occasions or holidays and may sometimes need to return/exchange them. Therefore, it allows an extended return window from 1st October to 26th December. 

Luckily, this applies to all the video games purchased during this time frame, regardless of the type. However, it is recommended that you retain the receipt for a smooth return process and also aim to return the game unopened/unused.

If you receive a video game as a gift and want to return it, having a gift receipt can be helpful. Many retailers, including Target, may offer gift recipients the option to return or exchange items using a gift receipt.

If you purchase a video game during a holiday promotion or sale, it’s a good idea to check if there are any specific return policy adjustments associated with those deals. Some sales might have different return terms.

Can I Return a Gaming Gift Card to Target? 

Target sells digital video games. Customers need to pay online and then download the game. They will get the code which is compulsory for accessing the game on their devices. However, Target does not allow you to return such a game once purchased and downloaded. 

It’s easy to understand why the store would hold a non-returnable policy for digital video games. There must be a way to confirm that the customer no longer has the particular game stored somewhere on their device. Therefore, Target recommends you save the games you don’t need in an online library.

To be sure about the current policies and any potential exceptions, I recommend checking with Target’s customer service or referring to their official return policy on their website.

Keep in mind that policies can change, and it’s always a good idea to get the most up-to-date information directly from the source.

Steps To Return a Video Game to Target 

Returning a video game to Target generally involves a few straightforward steps. Here’s a general guide on how to return a video game to Target:

  1. Reach the Target store location where you wish to make the return. Provide the video game to the customer help desk along with the receipt/packing slips/ or return barcodes.
  2. Explain why you would want to make the return. Wait for the manager to decide whether the return is eligible or not.
  3. Once the return is approved, the store will give you a full refund.

Note: It is possible to schedule a return by calling Target Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680.


Target has explained in detail how items bought online should be returned. It is more complicated than in-store return since you must make it happen through the mail.

  1. First, ensure you have the original receipt, barcode in the Target app, original payment form, or confirmation of Target order delivery when requesting the return.
  2. Then open your account on the Target website and find the video game you wish to return in the purchase history.
  3. Tap on the return option. You must also enter why you want to return the item.
  4. Then print the shipping label and attach it to the product.
  5. Ship the product. Wait for the notification email from Target to confirm that your package has reached the customer service department.

How Will Target Refund My Returned Video Game? 

How Target refunds your video game return primarily depends on the mode of payment you used for the purchase and the condition in which the game is being returned. 

You should bring the video game to Target in an undamaged, unused condition with the original packaging. In this case, Target will refund it to the same mode of payment that you used initially.

For example, if you purchased cash, Target will pay you back in money too. Similarly, if a debit or credit card is used, the store will send back the funds to the particular account.

However, please note that refunds made to a debit/credit card can take up to 24 hours to show and sometimes up to 3 days.

What if you return the video game in a damaged or used condition? Well, Target may turn down the return request altogether. If you can convince management to accept the return, they may only refund you partial store credit.

Note! For online purchases, you must wait 10 to 14 days to process the refund, as shipping can take time fully.

Will It Take Long For Target To Give My Refund?

The time it takes for Target to finalize the refund process depends on how you paid for the purchase. Cash is usually the quickest refund method. 

If you purchased in-store and paid with cash, the refund will take you less than a minute. The team at Target will only verify that the item is eligible for a refund and then give you back the money.

However, credit card or debit card purchases are complex. In this case, getting the refund may take up to 3 days. Similarly, Target RedCard holders must wait a few days for refund processes.

Generally, Target aims to process refunds as quickly as possible, but it might take a few days to a couple of weeks for the refund to be fully processed and reflected in your account.

To get the most accurate information regarding refund processing times, I recommend reaching out to Target’s customer service. They will be able to provide you with specific information about the refund process based on your situation and the current policies in place.

Is Target Return Policy For Video Games Strict?

Target’s return policy clearly states that all such requests should be made within 30 days of purchase, and the item should be returned with a receipt and in unused condition. However, there are likely exceptions to this rule, so Target’s policy on return and exchange is not very strict.

Target’s return policy for video games was generally in line with their overall return policy, which allowed returns within a specified period for most items, including video games, as long as they were unopened and in their original condition.

However, return policies can vary over time and might be different based on specific promotions, holidays, or local regulations.

Some Target stores allow returns on opened video games or take them back even if the customer does not have a receipt to share. However, it is only ideal to sometimes depend on this. In a nutshell, your luck has a lot to do with it!

Target is open to returns for new, unopened video games. If you do it without the receipt, you will likely get store credit which can be used to purchase a new video game. Safe move, right?

Target Return Exceptions To Watch Out For

Target’s return policy is generally customer-friendly, but there are certain exceptions and considerations you should be aware of to ensure a smooth return process.

  • Any purchases you make from Target owned brands can be returned within 1 year with the receipt if you wish to get a refund.
  • Purchases made via EBT card or SNAP benefits can only be returned within 90 days of purchase starting from the time when it was shipped or made ready for pick up.
  • Often, software and downloadable content (DLC) purchases, including video game codes, may not be returnable once they are opened or activated due to the nature of digital content.
  • Target RedCard holders get an additional 30 days to make any return online or in-store.
  • Target has modified its return policy for the items bought during the holiday season. In most cases, you will see that the return window is relaxed.
  • Some items marked as “final sale” or “clearance” might not be eligible for return, exchange, or refund. Always check the item’s status before purchasing.
  • Lastly, Target stores do not accept international returns or exchanges. This holds true for both, in-store and online purchases.

Key Takeaways 

  • Target’s return policy for games bought in-store and online is quite simple: You will get a full refund if the return is made within 30 days and with the receipt.
  • If you return without the receipt, Target will only give you store credit or a gift card. Video games that are damaged or unused do not qualify for a return.
  • In-store refund is an immediate process, but it may take up to 14 days to get the money back if you choose to return the video game via mail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Target take back digitally downloaded games? 

You can not return digitally downloaded games to any Target location or Customers can keep such games in their online library.

Can I return damaged video games to Target without a receipt? 

Target will not accept a used or damaged video game for return. Moreover, returning a damaged item can be problematic even if you come with a receipt within 30 days of purchase. You can discuss the matter with the authorities and claim a refund if the game was received in a damaged form.

Are there restocking fees for returning opened video games?

Some electronics, including video games, might incur restocking fees when returned opened. The fee is usually a percentage of the item’s purchase price.

Does Target offer curbside returns?

Target does not currently allow curbside returns, but some unofficial reports show the facility will be introduced in the coming years.

Can I return a video game bought online at a physical store?

In most cases, you can return an online-purchased video game to a physical Target store. Check Target’s guidelines for online returns.

People Also Asked

Can I return items to Target after 30 days? 

Target RedCard is the only sure thing to help you earn a longer return window at Target. The purchases you make with this card are eligible for return for an additional 30 days on top of the standard time Target gives for any particular exchange/return.

What will Target do with returned items?

Target often does not resell the items that are returned to the store unless they are brought back in completely new condition.

Can I return a video game after the holiday season?

Target often extends return periods during the holiday season. Check with Target for specific dates and guidelines.

Do I need a receipt to return a video game?

Having a receipt is recommended, as it confirms your purchase and the price paid. Without a receipt, you might receive store credit for the lowest selling price of the item.