What Stores Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (Where To Buy Them Online?)

Are you looking for a perfect present for some occasion to give to your loved one? Amazon has you covered! You can find a thoughtful range of gift cards, but with so many options available, what stores sell Amazon gift cards near you? Let’s explore some of the best places to purchase these from.

Quick Summary

There are over 500 stores where you can buy Amazon gift cards in digital or physical form and of different values: $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150. Some prominent names include Best Buy, CVS, Publix, Kroger, etc. Nonetheless, the most reliable way to purchase is through Amazon. Moreover, you can send the gift card to someone directly through the Amazon website for no additional charges.

Where To Buy Amazon Gift Cards Near Me?

Some retailers sell Amazon gift cards in stores and online, while others do not sell these cards at all. 

You can use the Amazon locator tool to find which stores sell gift cards near you. However, it is advisable to purchase them directly from Amazon. It will then ship the card to you directly or send an e-gift card you can print at home.

There are also different types of Amazon gift cards that you will find in these stores. The cards are typically sold in denominations of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150.

You can purchase a blank Amazon gift card if you find that to be more convenient. It is possible to load them up to $2000.

Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards Online?

You can easily purchase gift cards online at Amazon.com and deliver them directly via mail. 

  1. Open www.Amazon.com/gift-cards/ on your web browser and then click on eGift. You can use Chromebook or Windows PC to navigate through the website.
  2.  Select the design for the e-gift card and choose the amount/delivery method. You can choose email, text, message, or share via messaging.
  3.  In the next step, enter the recipient’s name and email address. You can also add a personalized message and set the delivery date.
  4.  Then select from one of the two options: Add To Cart or Buy Now. If you are done shopping from the website, choose to checkout and then complete the payment, and the gift card will be delivered immediately.

The best part is that there is also an option for digital delivery of the e-cards. You will receive the gift card via email or text; you can even send it to a friend in a second!

Once you have the Amazon gift card, it can be used to purchase anything on Amazon.com.

Do Retail or Grocery Stores Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

A large number of retail and grocery stores sell Amazon gift cards. There are approximately 500 store brands that sell them! You will find the complete list on Amazon.com. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned below.

Retail Stores

  • Best Buy
  •  Publix
  •  Walgreens
  •  CVS Pharmacy
  •  Safeway
  •  Kroger
  •  Sears
  •  Rite Aid
  •  Dollar General
  •  USPS
  •  GameStop
  •  7 Eleven
  •  Lowes
  •  Wawa
  •  Kohl’s
  •  Whole Foods Market
  •  Hy-Vee
  •  EZ Mart
  •  JCPenney
  •  Kmart
  •  AAA Club Alliance
  •  Corner Market
  •  Pavillons
  •  Dash In
  •  A&A Market
  •  Wegmans
  •  Winn Dixie

Grocery Stores

  • Kroger
  •  Lowes Foods
  •  HEB
  •  Hannaford
  •  Crest Discount Foods
  •  Safeway
  •  Big Y
  •  Giant Eagle
  •  Marc’s Stores
  •  Alex Lee

Convenience Stores 

  • 7-Eleven
  •  Murphy USA
  •  Home Depot Fuel Stores
  •  Quiktrip
  •  Speedway
  •  Thorntons
  •  Krause Gentle
  •  Holiday Station Stores
  •  County Fair
  •  Valero
  •  Huck’s
  •  Family Express
  •  Kwik Fill
  •  Wawa

Drug Stores 

  • Discount Drug Mart
  •  Walgreens
  •  CVS Pharmacy
  •  Rite Aid
  •  Kinney Drug
  •  Duane Reade

These are just a few examples of stores that sell Amazon gift cards. You can check in with local stores to confirm the options and choose the card that suits your needs and budget.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

No, Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards. 

Walmart and Amazon are competitive, and it would not make sense if Amazon directed buyers to its competition in the market.

Similarly, Amazon also does not sell Walmart gift cards. You can purchase these at Walmart stores, Walmart.com, or Sam’s Club.

Does Walgreens Sell Amazon Gift Cards? 

You can buy Amazon gift cards at your nearest Walgreens locations. They can be purchased in stores in four different values and online.

Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards At Target? 

Target currently does not host any Amazon gift cards. I recommend that you purchase the e-cards directly from the Amazon website. 

Furthermore, Amazon does not sell Target gift cards. You can purchase these from other retailers besides Target stores, like Kroger, CVS, etc.

Can You Send an Amazon e-Gift Card To Someone Online?

You can send the e-gift cards online to friends and relatives who live far away. 

  1. Open the Amazon website on your browser and tap on the Gift Cards section.
  2.  Then choose the design of your choice. There are many to select from. You will find Amazon’s standard JPEG and animated designs or upload a custom one you choose.
  3.  After that, choose the amount you want to load and the delivery method.
  4.  You can only choose a single recipient if you send the card through text. Other than that, email allows up to 999 recipients.
  5.  Amazon lets you add a customized message.
  6.  Then choose the number of gift cards you wish to send to a recipient.
  7.  In the next step, choose a delivery date. You can have the card delivered immediately or scheduled for later.

Does Amazon Sell Discounted Gift Cards?

Some online websites like Raise, Gift Card Granny, and Cardpool sell Amazon gift cards at discounted prices. They may have additional fees, so check before finalizing the purchase!

These third-party retailers sell gift cards at lower prices than their face value, although very rarely. You can save anywhere from 1% to 5%, which is better than paying the total price!

Tip! Can You Get An Amazon Gift Card For Free?

There has yet to be any official news on Amazon giving out gift cards for free. However, some companies claim to provide them free of cost as part of their special promotions. 

Be aware!

Many online scammers are selling fake cards to profit while ripping customers off their money. Therefore, buying gift cards directly from Amazon is always suggested.

Moreover, don’t fall for sellers who are charging additional fees than the card’s value. You only have to pay the gift card amount along with local sales tax at the time of the purchase.

With that being said, you can earn Amazon gift cards for free by redeeming Ibotta offers or using Amazon Trade-In for your old electronic devices. Let me explain to you how this works.

  • The Ibotta rebate app rewards you for uploading a picture of your receipt as proof that you have made certain eligible purchases. The rewards that you get can be redeemed in the form of Amazon gift cards.
  •  Amazon lets you trade old electronic devices for their current value in the form of an Amazon gift card. Some eligible items for the trade-in include Echo Show, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Ring Video Doorbell.

Key Takeaways 

  • Some stores that may sell Amazon gift cards near you include Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. Stores like Publix sell Amazon gift cards too.
  •  Major retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, or Target do not sell Amazon gift cards because they are direct competitors and do not wish to deceive buyers.
  •  You may be able to find discount Amazon gift cards on third-party websites such as Raise or Gift Card Granny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Tesco sell Amazon gift cards?

Tesco does sell Amazon gift cards. You can shop through their official website or in stores. Different denominations are available on both platforms.

Does CVS sell Amazon gift cards? 

You can buy Amazon gift cards at CVS stores of different denominations. It is also available at CVS online stores, and you can have it delivered to you online, emailed, or texted on the phone.

Does Kroger sell Amazon Gift cards? 

Yes, you will find Amazon gift cards at Kroger in-stores and online. These are available for different values and through online orders for delivery or pickup.

Can I buy Amazon gift cards at Costco?

Costco does not sell Amazon gift cards. Similar stores like Sam’s Club or Walmart do not host Amazon gift cards online or in stores.

Can you purchase anything at Whole Foods With Amazon Gift Card?

You can use an Amazon gift card to purchase items at Whole Foods Market. Amazon made this possible in 2017 when Amazon acquired the market.