Does Walmart Allow Doctor Notes? Policy Insights

Walmart is quite accommodating in the matter of excused absences. However, no one knows when they are going to fall sick. If health issues have kept you from showing up at work, it helps to know does Walmart accept doctor notes and the information such a note should contain to be considered valid. There’s much to explore about this topic, so let’s get going!

Quick Summary

Walmart does accept notes from a doctor as valid proof to grant paid sick leave, but you need to share it promptly and with all the requirements. Please bring the doctor’s note within a couple of days or use an outdated note to avoid dismissing the request of paid off and resulting in job termination. 

Does Walmart Accept Doctor Notes For Work 

Walmart attendance policy states that doctor’s notes are acceptable, but it is up to the discretion of the store manager in many cases. Moreover, frequent use of doctor’s notes will not save you from getting fired. 

Now, you may wonder if Walmart has permitted the use of notes from a doctor; why would a store manager turn it down? There are many instances in which the manager’s decision would be considered correct. If you’re looking for more information on attendance policies, you might also want to check out the Publix attendance policy.

Reasons Why Walmart Does Not Accept Doctor Notes 

Frequent Use of Doctor’s Note: There is a limit to the number of times you can use a doctor’s note to get paid time off. Although the restriction has yet to be set in numbers, it is typically when the store manager becomes suspicious of you taking recurrent off and returning with a doctor’s note every time.

If the manager thinks you are taking advantage of the leniency Walmart has to offer, they may deny your doctor’s note. Consequently, you will not be excused for sick time.

Outdated Note: Don’t think you will get away using an old doctor’s note. There is are high chance that Walmart will identify the fraud, and you will end up in a lot of trouble.

You Did Not Share It Timely: The best approach is to bring along the note from the doctor the day you come back to the store in good health. If you forgot, it is ideal not to delay more than a day.

The clock starts ticking once the store manager asks for the doctor’s note. The more you delay the matter, the harder it will become to convince the manager to grant paid sick leave.

You may forget to take the note when you visited the doctor. In that case, you should contact him immediately and request a copy.

Fake Note From a Doctor: I strongly advise against using fake doctor’s notes. Even if it saves you momentarily, store managers often keep such documents in a file, and the fraud may come to light later.

As a result, Walmart has the right to fire you immediately for lying to the management. The store may even fine you for breaking the employee conduct code.

Will Walmart Fire You For Calling In Sick?

You can get fired for calling in sick at Walmart if you do not track the points given and have exceeded the number of allowed absences. This can happen even if you bring along the doctor’s note. 

Walmart has set a point system to keep track of workers’ attendance. It allows each employee to take 3 days off in 6 months. This includes excused absences with a doctor’s note too.

If you call in sick frequently, Walmart may fire you even with a legitimate doctor’s note.

Details To Be Included In a Doctor’s Note 

  • Patient’s name
  • The date of the doctor’s visit
  • The reason for the visit
  • Diagnosed medical condition
  • Medications prescribed by the doctor, as well as the duration of the course
  • The date the patient is suggested to go back to work

What To Do If You Walmart’s Store Manager Does Not Take Doctor’s Note 

Try To Convince The Manager: A little gesture goes a long way. If the situation can be settled better simply by explaining the matter to the store manager, why not try?

Explain to the manager how you felt, how serious the symptoms were, and that you thought it better in everyone’s interest that you stayed home.

File a Complaint With Walmart Corporate: Some instances of submitting a doctor’s note can be crucial. For example, if you have already exceeded the limit of paid absences or incur the chance of being fired.

In this case, it is justified to go ahead and ensure your voice is heard. Therefore, you can consider filing a complaint with Walmart Corporate, an official platform for employees to share their issues.

However, the only drawback here is that it can take a while for the complaint to be reviewed at the corporate level and for the Walmart team to reach back to you.

Miss Out The Paid Sick Leave: Is there a valid reason why the store manager is not accepting the doctor’s note? Then, it is ideal to let it be. You can miss out on one paid sick leave.

Keep an Eye Out For New Job Opportunities: If you think the matter is getting out of hand and Walmart attendance restrictions are not your cup of tea, it is better to start looking for different jobs immediately.

With expertise and handwork, you can earn a better living elsewhere.

Tips! How To Make Sure Your Doctor Note Is Accepted

  • Ensure you notify the supervisor about the reason to take off as soon as possible, even if you cannot immediately produce the doctor’s note.
  • Remember to get the note from your doctor on the first visit and bring it to the store the day you come back in good health.
  • Reach out to the store manager and provide the note without them asking. Even better? Email the note to the manager during your sick leave.
  • If the store manager has yet to inform you about the decision, do a follow-up. This will let them know you are concerned and increase the chances of winning approval for a paid day off.

Key Takeaways 

  • Walmart allows doctor’s notes as a valid excuse for absences, although the attendance policy has not highlighted the term.
  • The store manager can turn down a doctor’s note if you provide it too late or if it seems outdated.
  • You can contact Walmart Corporate for assistance in this matter.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an excused absence at Walmart? 

Excused absences are events of taking off in which you have already had the approval from the management. Some common examples of excused absences include jury duty, sick leave, personal leave, or casual vacation.

In contrast, being late to work with invalid excuses, taking a personal day off without informing, or not showing up to work at all count as unexcused absences at Walmart.

What to do if I can’t get a doctor’s note? 

The best action is to notify the store manager immediately and provide supporting documents or information to back up your claim.

Can I use a doctor’s note for a pre-scheduled absence on Walmart? 

Doctor’s notes can only be used when you take off due to illness or injury. For pre-scheduled absences, Walmart employees should discuss time off with the manager and get their approval beforehand.

Does Walmart require additional information besides a doctor’s note to verify absence? 

The doctor’s note should include all the relevant information, such as the duration of illness or injury, when the patient is suggested to return to work, medication, etc.

What disciplinary action do Walmart employees face for excessive absences? 

Walmart may only issue a verbal warning or completely terminate your job in case of excessive absences. The intensity of the disciplinary action depends on the position and the employee’s location.

People Also Asked 

Can a job not accept doctor’s notes?

An employer can deny a doctor’s note, and this is not illegal. Policy around this varies from one business type to another.

Does Sam’s Club accept doctors’ notes?

Sam’s Club does not accept doctors’ notes. Moreover, you need to be working there for more than 90 days to get an approved sick leave.

Does Sedgwick take doctors’ notes?

Yes, you need to provide a doctor’s note to Sedgwick if you have been on continuous leave. However, intermitted FMLA or FMLA leave workers can provide doctor’s notes without providing doctor’s notes.