Publix Attendance Policy (Sick Leaves, Tardies, etc)

All large companies take the attendance and commitment of their employees very seriously. Consequently, Publix Attendance Policy also highlights how many absences and tardies are allowed as well as the consequences of taking too many days off. Let’s explore!

Quick Summary

Publix Attendance policy allows employees to take 2 absences in 6 months and 2 tardies in one month. Furthermore, it states that a counseling statement will be issued if the employee does not adhere to these rules and he/she will be terminated after 3 counseling statements have been given.

Publix Attendance Policy in 2023

Publix has a number of benefits in stock for its employees. For example, many love the fact that the company pays employees on weekly basis. However, you must adhere to rules and regulations if you wish to reap these benefits.

The attendance policy at the store covers in detail how many absents employees are allowed.

  • A worker can not take more than 2 days off in less than 6 months.
  • Employees are allowed 2 tardies in one month.
  • For employees who do not follow these rules, Publix will issue a counseling statement.
  • An employee who receives 3 counseling statements will be terminated.
  • Publix also considers no-call no-show incidence as an absence.

How To Notify Publix Of Your Absence?

Publix employees receive an attendance line phone number when they are hired. This is to be used whenever you have to inform the store of a tardy, sick leave, or absence.

  • The line lets you place an automated phone call.
  • You just have to choose the department where you work and send a message informing of your leave or absence.
  • You should also use the same line if you have to inform of a tardy.
  • The assistant department manager or the utility trainer will note your message and update the attendance book accordingly.

How Many Tardies Does Publix Attendance Policy Allow?

As per the policy, Publix only allows 2 tardies per month or 30 days. Exceeding this limit means that you will get a counseling statement.

  • More than three counseling statements could result in termination.
  • Publix counts it as a tardy if you are more than 3 minutes late to the shift.
  • Employees can have up to 10 tardies without worrying about termination as long as there are not more than 2 tardies in any month.

How Many Times Does Publix Allow You To Take Sick Leaves?

Publix allows you to take up to 2 sick leaves in 6 months. It will issue a counseling statement if you take more absences than this.

Consequently, more than 3 counseling statements will result in job termination.

If you discuss personal issues with the manager, it is possible that the company will only suspend you temporarily instead of firing you.

Does Publix Give Paid Leaves If You Are Sick?

Publix may or may not provide you with paid sick leaves. It depends on a number of things.

  • Full-time workers will get paid leaves if they have sick days left for more than 90 days.
  • Publix does not give paid leaves to part-time employees.

What Is Publix No-Call No-Show?

A no-call, no-show is a situation where an employee does not call out before the start of the shift to share that he/she will be late to work or can not come. Publix also has a no-call, no-show policy.

  • a no-call no-show is considered an absence and more than two of these in 6 months means you will be issued a counseling statement.
  • It will be a no-call, no-show if you call to inform them that you will be coming late but do not show up to work at all.

Does Publix Fire Employees For Poor Attendance?

Publix will fire you if you do not maintain appropriate attendance.

The bottom line is that Publix does not wish to keep any worker who is not interested to work at will. All employees are free to leave the company without any reason if they want.

Continuous leaves or uninformed missed days mean the employee is not committed to the job. Therefore, Publix will have the right to remove you from the position.

Nonetheless, you are encouraged to share any personal issues with Publix if there are any. You are given the chance to explain the reason behind absence or tardiness before things go south.

If all goes well, the manager can help you retain the job and also work out flexible working hours with you to solve the issue.

Key Takeaways

  • As a Publix worker, you can take off 2 times in 6 months before a counseling statement is issued.
  • Those with three or more counseling statements will be terminated from the job.
  • Workers can take up to 2 tardies in a month and many of these in several months as long as they do not exceed the limit of a 2/month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Publix deal with the issue of not calling out in time?

Publix instructs its workers to call at least 3 hours before their shifts to inform them about the absence. Otherwise, it will be noted down as an off day.

Will Publix still ask an employee to come if they call in sick?

Businesses are generally not allowed to deny employee requests for sick time off. However, they are also not under any policy to give workers paid leave if they call in sick.