Does Publix Sell Cigarettes? (Brands, Types, Prices, etc)

Publix is famous for its top-quality goods, efficient customer service, and product collection. From gift cards available at Publix to the store selling stamps as well, many customers who stroll down the aisles of the well-known grocery also store wonder, does Publix sell cigarettes?  So, let’s explore the truth behind Publix and cigarettes.

Quick Summary

Publix sells cigarettes of various brands. The price of each brand depends upon the location and quality of the brand. If you want to purchase cigarettes at Publix, you have to verify your identity for the sake of precautionary measures. Moreover, online cigarette purchase is not possible at Publix, the customer must purchase them in-store after their identity verification. 

Does Publix Sell Cigarettes? (2023)

Yes, Publix does sell cigarettes. Publix is a popular supermarket company that offers a choice of cigarette brands, acknowledging that smokers are valuable customers too. The cost of cigarettes at Publix may vary depending on the brand and shop location because state tax rates differ.

Although there has been some criticism around the selling of tobacco goods, Publix still gives its consumers options.

Publix also aims to be a socially aware company by supporting causes like education, and sustainability.

Why Do Publix Stores Sell Cigarettes?

Publix has decided to continue selling tobacco products in its stores. This is to accommodate its smoking customers who may have a sudden urge to buy cigarettes while shopping. 

The company acknowledges that offering a choice of items in one location is convenient for clients. After all, the demands of smokers and non-smokers are equally essential.

Where Does Publix Keep Cigarette Brands?

If you’re a smoker looking to buy tobacco items, you’ll need to ask a staff member to get the cigarettes for you because Publix keeps them behind the customer service counter.

Despite taking this extra precaution, Publix still sells tobacco items in order to satisfy the needs of its smoker clients who might suddenly feel the need to buy cigarettes while shopping.

Does Publix Offer Cigarette Delivery?

Tobacco products are one of the most profitable commodities in a supermarket like Publix. This is why they continue to offer them despite the health concerns linked with smoking.

Cigarettes can be added to your online order at Publix but buying them there is more complicated. Cashiers are required by law to verify that customers are of legal age before allowing them to purchase tobacco goods by looking at their IDs.

Also, cigarettes cannot be purchased at the checkout lanes. You will need to travel to the customer service desk to get them.

Cost of Carton of Cigarettes at Publix

There are several things to consider before purchasing cigarettes at Publix because different states have varying tax rates. Therefore, the cost of a carton or pack of cigarettes fluctuates based on the state you’re in.

Furthermore, the cost varies according to the kind of cigarettes you smoke, with well-known national brands costing more than less well-known local brands. For instance, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes can cost over $14 in New York. However, it is only $5 or $6 in other states.

It’s also important to note that Publix does not offer delivery for tobacco goods, but you can add them to your order when you make an in-store purchase.

Moreover, Cashiers will always check your identity to ensure that you are of legal purchasing age for tobacco items.

Last but not least, if you smoke frequently, it can be worthwhile to register on the website of your chosen cigarette manufacturer.

You may frequently get coupons in the mail as a result. You can use these to save money on future purchases.

What Cigarette Brands Can You Buy at Publix?

Publix is a grocery store chain that sells a wide range of cigarette brands. Marlboro, Newport, Camel, Pall Mall, KOOL, Winston, Salem, and Maverick are a few of the well-known cigarette brands that are sold at Publix.

Depending on the preferences of the consumer, these brands are offered for purchase in both individual packs and cartons.

Can You Get Electronic Cigarettes at Publix?

Yes, electronic cigarettes are available at Publix. Electronic cigarettes, sometimes referred to as vapes or e-cigarettes, are not a safe replacement for conventional cigarettes. They continue to include extremely addictive nicotine as well as other harmful chemicals that might harm your health.

The majority of the electronic cigarettes that Publix sells are of low quality, like BLU, and are not known for being long-lasting or durable.

A dedicated vape shop may be worth visiting if you’re seeking a higher-quality e-cigarette or vape because they provide a greater variety of brands and models with various nicotine concentration levels.

It’s also important to keep in mind that electronic cigarettes bought from Publix could cost more than those bought from smoking shops, which sometimes specialize in these items and can provide a greater selection of products and e-liquid flavors.

Does Publix Also Sell Vape Pens?

Publix does sell vape pens in its stores. They also employ a refill or battery mode, making them similar to electronic cigarettes in terms of use.

However, the quality of these goods is not extraordinary. Also, the cost of buying vape pens from Publix will probably be higher than if you went to a specialty smoking shop, which is another major consideration.

Moreover, Publix doesn’t have a very large selection of vape pens, so if you’re searching for a range of options, another store would be a better option.

But, if you find yourself in a position where you require a vape pen right away, buying one from Publix can be a good choice.

Key Takeaways 

  • Publix is a supermarket company that offers a wide range of products, including both conventional and electronic cigarettes and vape pens. All major cigarette brands, including Marlboro, KOOL, Camel, and Pall Mall, are available at Publix locations across the country. 
  • Tobacco taxes can be higher in some states, so the price of a carton may differ depending on the state and brand being bought. 
  • Due to Publix’s emphasis on groceries rather than tobacco products, the quality of these items may not be as high as those offered at specialty drug stores, and they are frequently more expensive there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you order cigarettes from Publix?

Customers can order nearly all of the items available in-store for delivery or curbside pickup; however, certain items cannot be ordered online, such as cigarettes, gift cards, medications, and a few other age-restricted items.

Is vaping preferable to smoking cigarettes?

Even though some individuals think that vaping is a risk-free substitute for smoking, the truth is that while e-cigarette aerosol does not contain all of the dangerous substances found in tobacco smoke, it is still not completely risk-free. 

How can vaping be a threat to our health?

E-cigarette or vape aerosols are not risk-free. Nicotine, which is extremely addictive and can lead to health problems like elevated heart rate and blood pressure, is an ingredient in e-cigarettes.

Moreover, the aerosol that e-cigarettes emit can irritate the lungs and lead to respiratory issues. Use caution and stay away from using e-cigarettes as a long-term solution to stop smoking.