Does Publix Take Wic or EBT Food Stamps (Here’s The Truth)

When you think of major grocery stores in the US, Publix tend to be one of the few top choices. This is because you will not only find a range of products here but also, Publix tend to watch out for the buyers by participating in programs like Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), etc. So, does Publix take Wic as well?

Quick Summary

Publix does take Wic. You can purchase a number of items at the store using these payment programs. Moreover, they work much like credit card and debit card payments.

Does Publix Take Wic (Updated 2023)

Fortunately, Publix is open to WIC and EBT programs. So, you can purchase a number of items using these payment options at both, self-checkout and regular checkout lanes as well as online order through Instacart.

What Can You Purchase At Publix Involving EBT Cards and WIC?

Although there is no cap on what you can purchase with these programs, there are some items that are frequently bought here.

  • Baby formula and foods
  • Bakery items such as breads
  • Coffee
  • Different types of cereals
  • Energy drinks
  • All types of dairy products
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Frozen items
  • Meat and poultry
  • Protein bars
  • Seafood

Publix also sells items like Amazon gift cards but we have not been able to identify if these are available for purchase via Wic and EBT cards or not.

How Does EBT Card Works At Publix?

EBT cards work in the same manner as credit card or debit card. If you are shopping online, you only need to provide the card at the checkout for the payment to be processed.

Even for online deliveries, you can add EBT card to the website or the app and choose to get groceries delivered or scheduled for a pickup. The following steps will guide you on how it is done.

  1. Complete adding items to the cart.
  2. Then check out online with Publix with your EBT card.
  3. Open the cart by clicking on the checkout button.
  4. Provide the card information as well as the delivery address.
  5. You have to enter the pickup time if you wish to receive the items by yourself.
  6. Then add your EBT card information and tap on Edit to enter how much you have to pay via card.
  7. Confirm the mode of payment and enter the PIN to verify the order online.

Key Takeaways

Publix is one of the leading stores in the US. You can definitely use Wic and EBT cards to make payments here. It is accepted for all products and widely used for the purchase of items like dairy products, frozen items, bakery items, etc.

Just ensure that you provide the right card information at the time of the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there grocery stores that accept WIC in Florida?

A number of grocery stores accept Wix in Florida. The prominent ones include Publix, Sunfresh Market, Bravo, and Bravo Supermarkets.

Does Kroger accept WIC?

Kroger does take WIC. This is applicable in most of the states in the US.

Can you use Georgia WIC in any other state?

It is not possible to use Georgia WIC in any other. You can only do so in Georgia as it won’t be approved anywhere else.