Does Costco Deliver Groceries? It’s Set To Make a BIG Move!

There’s good news for shoppers who were wondering does Costco deliver groceries. The giant retailer has entered the grocery delivery sector, sending its exceptional range and unbeatable deals to your doorstep. We will explore the perks and convenience of Costco’s grocery delivery services here. Stay tuned as we look into this amazing new service in-depth! Let’s find out how to deliver your chosen Costco products easily!

Quick Summary

You can easily order groceries and deliver them to your door through Costco. There is a $3.99 cost for the same-day deliveryA minimum of $75 worth of orders is required for free 2-day delivery service. Instacart and Costco collaborate on providing shipping services for a range of items. Customers can explore and pick from an extensive range of readily available goods via the Instacart platform. Costco also provides medication delivery options along with its grocery delivery service.

Does Costco Deliver Groceries Bought Online?

Partnering with Instacart, Costco Grocery provides a convenient Same-Day online delivery service.

You can easily explore the Costco Grocery website to benefit from this service, assembling a thorough shopping list of the items you need for delivery to your door. Once the shopping list is done, upload it. The Instacart professional shopper in your vicinity will be designated to take care of your order.

You can select an estimated delivery time in the checkout process that suits your timetable. This will ensure you’ll be there to receive your package at your address. With the help of Costco Grocery and Instacart, you can shop comfortably from within the comfort of your couch.

Does Costco Offer Grocery Delivery To Members Only?

Yeah! Sadly, people without Costco memberships have no way to make use of the same-day delivery service.

However, Costco provides a temporary membership sign-up procedure on its website, providing an effortless solution. For just an annual fee of $60, Costco’s membership plan enables you to have a Gold Star membership. Avail of most membership privileges to get into a world of ease and discounts at Costco.

Charges For Costco Online Grocery Delivery

The perk of getting a complimentary Instacart delivery service is available for Costco members.

Items bought from Costco Grocery may carry a little markup compared with their “in-warehouse price.” Just install the Costco application to your smartphone to quickly compare the prices. It will help you figure out the exact markup.

Moreover, it would help if you tipped your assigned shopper, especially since they go far above and beyond in finding the right alternatives for the one you bought.

Costco Same-Day Delivery Charges

The fee for same-day delivery with Instacart starts at $3.99. However, Costco does not impose any extra fees for same-day grocery delivery.

Rather, a little premium will be added to the product price to compensate for servicing and delivery costs.

For certain things like alcohol, there might be extra service charges. For delivery, you need to place an order for no less than $35. Costco is upfront regarding the fact that its grocery delivery program can be more expensive than heading to the store in person.

For example, same-day delivery adds more than $1 to the iconic rotisserie chicken’s standard $4.99 price. Discounts are still available, although the coupons might vary from what is on Costco’s monthly ad book. Your shopper may accommodate your special requirements by sending a note and your order.

You may further sort through your online grocery choices to search for items with associated coupons. Although competitors like Walmart might not hike the prices of what they sell online, they impose staggering delivery costs. The charges may range as high as $9.95 for the same-day delivery of groceries.

Walmart+ provides a complimentary delivery service with a minimal $35 limit with a yearly charge of $98 or a monthly fee of $12.95. Although having no extra fee for grocery delivery, Amazon Fresh still charges a markup on item prices. This makes it equal to Costco’s online shopping. It additionally calls for a $119 Prime membership, double the Costco Gold Star subscription cost.

Charges for Costco 2-day Delivery

There is a markup on the non-perishable goods that Costco provides for two-day delivery, but the plus side is that if your order is at least $75, you aren’t billed for the delivery cost.

Look into employing Costco’s 2-Day Delivery via their primary website if you quickly need non-perishable goods such as coffee, paper towels, and laundry detergent. Per their FAQs, the price hike on certain goods helps cover the costs linked to completion at your nearby Costco warehouse. Check the “Sponsored Products” category on Costco’s website, where you can find huge savings to compensate for such costs.

For example, you might save $5.50 with an online coupon for buying a five-pack of Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste that was previously valued at $17.49 for only $11.99. Note that special pricing is based on inventory and often has a five-item limit per customer.

Keep the same spirit when purchasing online, exactly as you’d do when shopping at an in-person shop. Ensure you’re informed that if the two-day delivery is crucial for you, the order must be made by midday on business days.

The two-day delivery excludes holidays or weekends, so consider that also. By familiarizing yourself with these details, you have greater control over what you expect from the service.

Register for the Costco newsletter to get news on the latest discounts and promotions that can assist you in saving money in Costco on your household supplies.

Minimum Order Amount To Qualify For Costco Delivery

You should have an order of no less than $35 to become eligible for Same-Day Delivery facilitated by Instacart.

For free shipping with 2-Day delivery, you need to order a minimum of $75 value of items. It would help if you kept thinking that Costco’s rates can be slightly higher than what’s offered at your nearest warehouse because of its partnerships with corporations such as Instacart and Ship.

So, try out these Costco purchasing strategies to cut down your expenses. 

List of Items Instacart Delivers From Costco

Over 2,000 grocery products featuring fresh meat can be delivered the same day through Costco.

All the perishable foodstuffs provided by Costco are protected by Instacart delivery, such as:

  • Meats
  • Fruits
  • Milk
  • Seafood

Non-perishable supplies are also covered, like:

  • Canned goods
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Food for pets
  • Electronic devices
  • Books
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic drinks

On top of that, Costco facilitates delivery for purchases of liquor and prescription medicines through its pharmacy, but users must show valid proof of identity on delivery. You can look up more information on Costco’s website to ensure an item is available for same-day delivery.

Costco offers this option for all orders—except those for alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs—for users who prefer contactless shipping due to COVID-19 protections.

Although Costco has a fair return policy, you must remember that certain delivery products are only eligible for return within 90 days. These products are listed within the process of buying online.

Can I Create My Costco Grocery List Late At Night?

Most Costco warehouses shut down around 8 p.m., but some stores may have different closing times.

The time frame to place orders depends upon if personalized Instacart shoppers are accessible in your vicinity. The time limit might come in sooner, where there aren’t fewer customers than compared to major urban regions. 

At the checkout, when using Costco Grocery, you may look up the available time frames and days for the delivery and set up suitable plans. In line with the availability, the checkout process will provide 2-hour slots.

If you are in a remote area and sign between 3 and 5 p.m., you might have to wait till the following morning to get your Costco order shipped to the front door.

Can I Get Delivery From Costco Pharmacy?

Providing an alternative to Instacart, Costco will provide delivery service for your prescribed medications straight up from its pharmacy.

Your Instacart shopper will not have to pick up pharmacy products, as Costco will handle shipping independently.

Can I Order Items From Costco That I Don’t Need Today?

Yes, you can. You won’t have to pay shipping charges if your order costs $75 or above, so that’s an upside when you do the shopping this way.

It would be convenient to pick Costco’s 2-Day Delivery service whenever purchasing on its primary website if you need non-perishable items, including coffee, paper towels, laundry soap, etc. but intend on using them later.

Costco Grocery 2-Day Delivery Service

This is referring to the Costco Two-Day Shipping service. Considering there are no delivery costs for orders worth $75 or more, this makes an excellent choice for purchasing items that are not perishable.

Does Costco Deliver to My ZIP Code?

Customers residing within some ZIP codes can get the items they ordered the same day from Costco.

You only need to type in your area’s ZIP code on the Costco website to determine your eligibility for this incentive. If you do not meet the criteria, you can continue to use Costco’s two-day delivery option.

Can I Earn Rewards At Costco While Grocery Shopping?

Rewards play a major role in a Costco membership’s added features, which exceed past same-day shopping deliveries.

Business executives, along with Executive Gold Star members, are eligible for a 2% reward for each of their purchases. Furthermore, when you have a Costco Anywhere Visa Card with Citi, you will receive 2% additional cash back on your online purchases.

Yet, the benefits don’t continue. Orders for delivery within two days and frozen food are eligible for a similar 2% reward to the Executive members and 2% cash back for Costco Anywhere Visa Cards users. You won’t be surprised when you see your rewards grow swiftly since it’s most likely that you will require food on multiple occasions each month.

Costco App For Convenient Online Grocery Shopping

The Costco mobile application is a wonderful source of convenience, knowledge, and financial savings.

It gives you rapid access at any time needed by simply keeping a digital replicate of the membership card.

The least appealing idea is downloading another app. If Costco is your go-to grocery retailer, you will be pleased by the ease it provides.

The app also makes it simple for you to quickly explore Costco’s online inventory from your mobile device, boosting efficiency. In addition to useful features like medicine refill alerts, notifications for special sales, and much more, one striking option is being able to make shopping lists.

You might put and keep tabs on all the online grocery orders with the Costco Grocery tab, which is entirely devoted to the mobile app. This function offers an expected delivery timeline for your orders to improve your convenience further.

Update! Costco Introducing New Features For Instacart Grocery Delivery

Instacart will likely approve your request if you need groceries delivery from an exclusive store in your town.

90% of households across the United States are under their reach, and the numbers are expanding rapidly.

With well-organized applications, transparent pricing, and two-hour delivery assurance, Instacart prides itself in providing outstanding customer service. With merely a $10 minimum order prerequisite, the delivery price begins at just $3.99. An additional service fee of $2 or 5% is also charged, whichever is greater. For customers who use Instacart regularly, it provides a plan known as Instacart Express that provides unlimited free shipping and a more affordable service price.

Instacart can take care of most of your food shopping requirements owing to its connections with more than 350 retail chains, provided you have no issues with additional expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers can order groceries easily through the Costco website and get them delivered directly to their door with the help of the Costco delivery service.
  •  Costco provides free deliveries of groceries to members only, and members also receive exclusive discounts and additional incentives.
  •  The same-day and two-day delivery options are available through Costco’s delivery service, but the latter has minimum order requirements of $75 for free delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I order something that is out of stock at Costco?

It begins to get exciting at this stage. Your personalized shopper is going to get in contact with you via a phone call or text. They will suggest another option if a specific item on your list is not in stock.

They’ll issue you a reimbursement for that product’s price if there isn’t a comparable substitute.

Is Costco delivery free?

Orders of $75 or more are exempt from an additional delivery fee. Like any other consignment comprising your online order, it will be dispatched and delivered to you.

Ordering cleaning products, non-perishable, nutritious foods, coffee, paper towels, laundry soap, snacks, and more items via Costco 2-Day Delivery is simple and more convenient.

Does Costco deliver furniture?

The shipper will deliver the product if you opt for the Room of Choice feature when ordering furniture or other big stuff. Then install it in whatever space you pick, assuming there is straight and stable access. In addition to needing authorization, this method lets users select a suitable date and time.

Does Costco partner with independent delivery services?

In most American cities, Costco, a corporation with facilities throughout North America, provides same-day delivery. By making an order via the Costco website or an independent app such as Instacart, you can shop for groceries at Costco. Then have them shipped the same day.

How much would you tip your grocery delivery person?

Different customers are going to tip differentially for grocery store delivery. Tipping delivery personnel, at least 10% of the total bill, is generally accepted. You can also tip a maximum of $5, whichever is more. However, the 20% service industry tip is generally accepted as the delivery person delivers a helpful service.