Walmart Tire Rotation Cost (Foolproof Way To Get Free Lifetime Rotations)

When the vehicle is always on the go, it helps to get timely maintenance done, or you can spend a fortune on repairs. Similarly, rotations and balancing are not cheap, but once I realized what Walmart tire rotation cost was, there was no point in looking at other auto shops for help!

Quick Summary

Walmart is a cheap option amongst competitors as it charges only $10 for rotating a set of 4 wheels. You can subscribe to the lifetime rotation and balancing package with Walmart if you purchase the wheels here. The package will cost you $14 and will cater to at least seven rotation trips. Also, Walmart offers auto center services, including balancing, flat tire repairs, battery replacement, oil changes, etc. 

Is Walmart Tire Rotation Cost Worth It?

Walmart only charges $2.50 per tire for a basic tire rotation. Moreover, you can subscribe to the life balance and rotation package for $14 per tire and get a spin after every 7,500 miles at Walmart. 

The basic tire rotation service does not include wheel balancing. However, comparing the prices with other stores is worth it.

Walmart is not only a cheap option, but you can also get additional services like brake assessment and pressure checks done here reliably. Moreover, the store auto center is widely available throughout the US, making it easily accessible to a larger population.

Walmart Tire Rotation Appointment Online

Walmart tire center can get busy, especially during the weekends, so booking an appointment online or via phone will be fruitful to shorten your wait time. 

It is the easiest to get an appointment booked by calling Walmart. The store finder can help you determine the nearest auto center you can call for a booking. The phone numbers are available next to the location of the associate center, along with opening/closing hours.

You can also use the Walmart app to schedule a tire appointment. However, if you do not have the app, you must download it first.

How Does Walmart Rotate Tires?

If you arrive with a pre-booked appointment, Walmart tire rotation can take about half an hour. Sometimes, the team may point out other things that must be fixed. 

  1. You must book an appointment or discuss with Walmart management when a tire rotation is possible and how long it will take.
  2.  If any unpleasant surprises or components need further repair, Walmart will inform you of the requirements and charges and the additional time it may take.
  3.  The team will then take care of the rotation service as efficiently as possible, considering the specific requirements of your vehicle.

Benefits of Getting Tire Rotation At Walmart

Walmart is one of the most affordable choices in the market regarding tire rotations. You can get the service here for just $10 for a tire set, whereas most auto stores charge $25 to $50. 

Walmart also offers a lifetime balance and rotation package for $14/tire. The life of a tire is typically 50,000 miles, and Walmart allows you to get balancing and rotation done after every 7,500 miles under this package, concluding with at least seven cycles at an insanely low price.

  • Rotations will ensure that flat spots do not form on your wheels and maintain even tread wear for a longer lifespan.
  •  Uneven tire wear can cause the wheels to lose traction, which can be problematic and lead to accidents.
  •  You must replace the tire more often if you do not perform regular rotations. Eventually, timely cycles will help save money in the long run.

Walmart has made significant improvements in its auto care services over the years. The Auto Center is open 24 hours a day, which is convenient for customers busy with jobs in the morning.

Walmart Lifetime Balance and Rotation Terms and Conditions

Walmart’s Lifetime balance and rotation package costs $14 and offers maintenance services after every 7,500 miles, so you can quickly get up to 7 rotations done in this package before the tires expire. 

However, it is essential to go through the paperwork provided at the time of the purchase of the tire to ensure that the tires do not need to be rotated more frequently. The extent of mileage that you can go before getting a rotation varies from one wheel manufacturer to the other.

  • Nonetheless, this coverage plan promises more savings than the basic plan.
  •  However, you must purchase the tires from Walmart to get the life balance and rotation package. It does not apply to wheels from other retailers.
  •  Walmart will also require you to submit documentation and paperwork related to the tires, including invoices, warranty papers, and installation records.

Walmart Tire Rotation Cost Vs. Other Stores

Walmart charges $10 for the rotation of a 4-wheel set, and market research shows that it is one of the cheapest deals you can find!

StorePrice/4 wheels
Discount TireFree if you purchase tires from them
Pep BoysFree if you purchase tires from them 
CostcoFree if you purchase tires from them
Jiffy Lube$25

Most retailers or auto shops rotate tires for free only if you purchase the wheels from them and still do not include tire balancing in the package. This is only a fair deal if you intend to buy new tires. Otherwise, the offer is not relatively cheap.

Moreover, there needs to be clarity that Walmart owns Costco, and therefore, both stores will charge somewhat similarly for the tire rotations, but that is not the case.

How To Find Walmart Auto Center Near Me?

Walmart auto centers are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. If you want to learn more about the timings and services provided at the local Walmart center, you can use the Auto Care Center Finder on the Walmart official website.

You can also call Walmart directly to ask about tire rotation near me, where you can conveniently take your vehicle for timely maintenance services.

Services At Walmart Auto Center Near Me

Walmart is a one-stop shop for all your auto care and maintenance needs. It offers tire rotations, balancing, air pressure checks, flat tire repairs, part replacements, oil changes, etc. Some standard Walmart auto center prices for different services are discussed below.

Walmart Tire Balancing: You can get a tire balanced for just $5 if purchased from Walmart and $10 if the tire is from a third-party supplier.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Rotation Reset: Walmart offers free TPMS resetting after a tire rotation. However, the service is only accessible if followed by purchasing any tire maintenance service at Walmart.

Flat Tire Repairs: You can get light, tubeless tires repaired here for $15.

Valve Stem Installation: Walmart charges $3 per tire for the installation.

Free Re-Torquing of Log Nuts After 50-Mile Break-In The service is accessible at Walmart if you have purchased any other service that requires torquing of the log nuts. Otherwise, you have to pay $2 per lug nut. It is recommended that the log nuts are torqued according to the manufacturer’s specifications and generally after 50 miles to ensure they are appropriately set.

Additional Services
  • Battery replacement or service
  •  Cabin air filter replacement
  •  Chasis lubrication
  •  Engine air filter replacement
  •  Fuel system service
  •  Light bulb replacement
  •  Oil change
  •  Windshield wiper replacement

Can You Rotate Tires on Your Own?

You will need a spare tire and a tire changing kit at home (as well as a bit of self-confidence!) to rotate tires independently. It is often not recommended because you can only check the wheel balance if you have a wheel balancer. 

Let’s talk about why changing tires at home can be tricky. First, you must figure out whether your vehicle is FWD, RWD, or AWD/4WD.

Forward Cross: FWD vehicles must follow a forward cross for tire rotation, bringing the front wheels to the back and vice versa. Then the left wheels are swapped to the right; the right ones are moved to the left.

Rearward Cross: RWD vehicles have a rearward cross. The tires are not moved from front to back or back to front. Instead, the front wheels are crossed from left to right and vice versa.

X-Pattern: AWD/4WD vehicles tire rotation is done by swapping the front and back wheels from left to right.

The next thing you need to identify for a basic tire rotation at home is whether you have directional tires or staggered wheels.

Directional Tires: In this case, you will follow the front-to-back pattern for all vehicles in which the front wheels are swapped with the ones on the back.

Staggered Wheels: Vehicles with these types of wheels follow side to side rotation pattern, given they are RWD. The left wheels are swapped to the right side.

It is also essential to balance the wheels following rotation. You can skip this part if you haven’t lost any weight or you don’t feel vibrations during the drive. However, it is ideal for letting a professional do their job or at least get appropriate equipment from a hardware store to confirm that the wheels are balanced.

Should You Get Your Tire Rotated With Every Oil Change?

Experts suggest that getting your tires rotated with every oil change or after you have driven for more than 3,000 miles is an excellent practice. However, with modern lubricants, you can extend the limit of an oil service to 5,000-7,500 miles. You should get a tire rotation quickly. 

Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, you should stick to tire rotations spaced after each 3,000 – 5,000 miles, regardless of when you get the oil change.

Moreover, the frequency of the rotations also depends on how you drive and the quality of the wheels. AWD and 4WD vehicles typically need processes more often than FWD and RWD.

Tire rotation is important because, as you drive, not all tires wear and tear to the same extent. Typically, front tires wear out quickly in FWD vehicles; the opposite is true with RWD cars. Moreover, the weight distribution is also not equal, so the left and right experience different wear.

Tire rotation elongates the expected life of the wheels by ensuring that one tire does not tolerate all the damage. The wear is equally distributed to get the most out of their life span.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart charges $2.50 per tire for the rotation, considerably less than other auto shops charge.
  •  The frequency of the tire rotations depends on the quality of the tires and how you drive. Getting the tires rotated after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is still a reasonable estimate.
  •  Booking an appointment with Walmart beforehand will be helpful to reduce the waiting time. You can do so in person, through the app, or by calling the Walmart auto center closest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does tire rotation cost at jiffy lube?

Jiffy Lube typically charges $25 to $40 for rotations of all four tires.

Do all Walmart stores offer tire rotation services?

All Walmart stores in the US provide tire rotations for $2.50 per tire. The professionals will rotate your wheels, but the basic package does not include tire balancing or installation.

How much does tire balancing cost at Walmart?

Walmart charges $15 per tire for balancing. However, it is included in the installation package if you purchase the wheels from Walmart and have them installed here.

What will happen if I wait too long to rotate my tires?

Tire rotation helps with increasing the lifespan of your wheels. However, if you wait too long to get the service done, the essential perks will be lost, and permanent tire wear will appear, which an untimely rotation can not help improve.