Can You Try On Bras At Target? 4 Tips To Find The Best Fit

Finding the ideal bra can feel like discovering hidden treasure you never knew you needed. Luckily, Target has long been seen as the place for lingerie shopping. Yet many shoppers remain uncertain about whether can you try on bras at Target. Let me walk you through everything from trying on bras in-store, where to locate fitting rooms at Target and their relevant services as well as how to size a bra at Target.

Quick Summary

Target’s intimates department has a wide selection of lingerie from various brands. Target cannot provide bra fittings in-store at any of its locations. It now provides sleepwear bras without underwires, available in sizes ranging from XS to 4x. You can return the item with no tags for 90 to 120 days. However, you must bring the receipt or credit card used to purchase the item to confirm the purchase. 

Can I Try on Target Bras In Stores? 

Target offers fitting rooms for customers near the sleepwear and intimates sections where you can try on bras. 

However, it should be remembered that Target, like many retailers, has implemented measures to deter theft and maintain security, including restricting how many bras a customer can bring into a fitting room at one time. This ensures both you and the store enjoy an easy shopping experience that remains safe.

Be mindful of store policies regarding how many bras may be brought into a fitting room simultaneously, and preserve tags and security devices to make this experience as smooth and efficient as possible. 

For an efficient process, remember not to remove labels or security devices while trying on bras. This helps the staff identify which items have been tested, thus optimizing inventory management. 

Where Can I Try on Bras At Target?

Target provides convenient fitting rooms where customers can try on bras in their clothing department, typically near sleepwear and intimate sections. Customers have an area dedicated to trying on the ideal bra before making a purchase decision.

Target allows its customers to test out bras in its fitting rooms. However, specific policies are in place to prevent theft and ensure a secure shopping environment. 

As part of these safeguards, restrictions may be placed upon how many people may enter at one time or at what times.

Will Target Help Me With Bra Fittings?

Target cannot provide bra fittings in-store at any of its locations. The employees at Target need to be educated in the proper way to determine and fit women for clothing like bras.

Even if it’s an inexistent size or does not fit, you can find a size compatible with your measurements.

Users can utilize the bra sizing tool to determine the correct size and compare them to images of models who look similar to them for inclusiveness and body positivity.

How To Size a Bra At Target 

one way is consulting Target’s bra fitting section to consult its sizing chart, which helps gauge bra size and cup size based on your measurements.

Target offers another convenient solution with their measurement tool in their intimates section of the clothing department. 

This tool lets customers determine band and cup size before purchasing an intimate product and guarantees proper fitting. It’s an efficient and quick way to ensure a good purchase decision!’s bra-fitting questionnaire can assist online shoppers when selecting appropriate bra sizes. Simply by answering some quick questions, an estimate of your most likely bra size can be generated; this comparison feature also lets you make fine-tuning selection decisions even easier!

Types of Bras That Target Sells 

Target’s online intimates department has a wide selection of lingerie from various brands. The following options are accessible to customers: lightly lined bras, sports bras, underwire, bralettes and strapless, and more.

The first thing you need to look at is the cup sizes. We recommend that each cup measure between 36 to 48 cm. The size of the band should be a minimum size of 30 centimeters.

Cups should feature a slim shape and should be stitched with seams running slightly across. Target offers famous bra brands, including Closie, stars Above Auden, and  All in Motion.

You can search through bra style underwire, padding, and more categories. Intimate clothing is accessible at Target both in-store and online.

Bra Sizes That Target Carry 

At Target, You can find sizes ranging from A and AA to G and E cups with band sizes between 28 and 36. Target now provides sleepwear bras without underwires available in sizes ranging from XS up to 4x to give you additional support when you sleep.

What Is Target Bra Return Policy?

Yes, bras are among the most straightforward items to return to Target. With more than thousands of designs as well as colors available to choose from, you will easily find the proper fitting. 

Before initiating a return, the bras being returned must be in excellent condition. While damaged tags or missing labels will still allow a return, ideally, it should still be in unworn and brand-new condition.

Even when the tags are removed, you may still return your bras for a refund to Target in 90 and 120 days, provided you provide evidence of purchase, for example, an invoice or credit card.

Other Stores Where You Can Try On Bras 

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • TJ Maxx
  • JCPenney
  • Kohl’s
  • Walmart (Will Target price match Walmart for bra purchases? Find out here!)
  • Macy’s
  • Marshalls
  • Dillard’s
  • Meijer
  • Catherines
  • Nordstrom
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Torrid
  • Lane Bryant
  • Burlington
  • Ross
  • Aerie
  • Avenue
  • Stein Mart

Stores That Sell Limited Bras But Do Not Allow You To Try On

  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • Rite Aid
  • CVS
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club

Tips! How To Make Sure You Get The Right Bra Size In Store 

Knowing the size you need and trying it on is the only fool-proof way to get the right size when purchasing lingerie. However, other tricks can help you with this task.

  • Always consult a fitting room attendant for help. They can help you identify the right styles and fit for you as you switch between different options.
  • Remember that band of the bra stretch over time. Therefore, it is better to purchase a bra that hooks comfortably on a loose setting. You can use the tighter hooks when a better fit is needed.
  • You can take a friend along especially if you are visiting a place that does not have attendants.
  • Take your time! There is no need to rush this process as you can end up getting the wrong bra. I would advise going to the store timely so you can try on different ones before the closing hours. Learn more about the best time to shop at Target to make your trip more fruitful.

Key Takeaways 

  • Customers can try on bras before purchasing at Target. 
  • There are fitting rooms available in Target’s apparel departments for shoppers to test if the bras they are buying fit correctly.
  • You can choose from various brands, sizes, styles, and styles when shopping at Target; however, they do not offer a sizing service in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you try on bras at Tj Maxx?

Yes, you can try the bra at TJ Maxx. Many stores that sell women’s intimates and lingerie allow you to test on bras in the store. That is a common practice as the bra’s size and fit vary based on type and brand.

Suppose the store is selling multiple-pack bras for sports. In that case, you may not be able to remove them from the hanger or take them off the hanger to try them on because of their packaging, and you cannot test them on the adhesive bras before making a purchase.

Can you try on bras At Walmart?

Customers can try on any bra they want at Walmart if it needs to be sealed in its packaging. Customers can visit the fitting area to try on the variety of bras they’d like to test, and they are available during the regular hours of trading. Also, Walmart does not offer bra fitting.

What is a bra-size calculator?

A bra size calculator is an online tool to help individuals determine their ideal bra size. By considering measurements such as bust and underbust sizes, a bra size calculator provides accurate recommendations about band and cup sizes that offer optimal support and fit – helping individuals discover what size will suit their body best.