Walmart TV Return Policy: How To Make It Work Without Receipt

Unboxing a new TV excitedly and finding out it isn’t the right match for us? It is familiar to all of us. But fret not! Walmart offers a comprehensive TV return policy, which means you’re fully covered! Moreover, some of us are scared regarding the risks involved when buying a brand-new TV, and it just feels better to know that there is a flexible return policy to support you if things go south.

Quick Summary

After 90 days after the prior purchase date, Walmart usually declines TV returns. Moreover, every Walmart shop is open t returns, regardless of the store where you purchased the TV from. Customers can process TV returns online by adhering to the instructions on the official Walmart website or make the return in-stores. Usually, TV returns at Walmart require a receipt. Buyers can sometimes replace their TV with another model through Walmart’s TV exchange policy applicable during a specific period.

Can I Return TV To Walmart After 90 Days?

Per Walmart’s TV exchange policy, buyers may return their TVs within 30 days of purchase. Although Walmart gives a shorter time window compared to Target’s 90-day TV return policy, buyers have a lot of flexibility. 

Please ensure that the TV is in the packaging it came in with all the accessories to qualify for a return. Although having it is ideal, Walmart accepts a return even if the receipt is unavailable.

It is usually under the store manager’s authority if they grant a return after the time window. Therefore, certain Walmart outlets can sometimes accept TV returns after the 30-day limit.

However, overdue returns might not be eligible for exchanges or reimbursements to the initial payment method, only for store credit. Most Walmart stores strongly abide by the 30-day TV return policy. All returns that are outside of this may not be accepted at all.

Can I Return It To Any Walmart Store?

Absolutely! Every Walmart store in the US accepts TV returns regardless of the store location you initially purchased it from.

You must provide an original slip or invoice to complete the return process. It is also essential that the product is still in its primary packaging.

It’s essential to remember that the return must be made within 30 days of the initial purchase date. You can effortlessly return your goods at any Walmart location without a problem if you adhere to these rules. Moreover, an exchange is not compulsory. You can return the TV, receive a cash refund, and then consider buying Costco TV instead.

Steps To Return a TV To Walmart

You can return your TV via Walmart’s official website,, or in-store. Online return requires that you mail the TV back to them. When returning a TV in-store, bring original packing and accessories, like cords and the remote controls. Also, you must bring along your original receipt of the transaction.

  1. Add your Walmart account details to open it. Click on “Purchase history” in the menu.
  2.  Search for the specific set containing the TV you would like to return. To get the order details, tap “Order details”.
  3.  Choose “Start a return” to start with the whole return process.
  4.  Locate and click the checkbox near the TV you wish to return.
  5.  Choose “Continue” to continue.
  6.  Mention the reason for your return and hit “Next.”
  7.  Pick a refund or replacement, and then click “Next.” Please add any additional comments you might have (optional). Choose “Save.”
  8.  Select the return method which you want. You can return the TV in person, by postal mail, by scheduling a pickup, or by handing it off at a FedEx place.
  9.  After choosing your preferred method of return, thoroughly read over all the returns-related details. Hit “Submit” if all looks right.

Return TV Online At

You can return the TV you purchased from the Walmart website to a physical Walmart store.

You can also return your TV by mail if you would like. Consult Walmart’s customer service representatives before mailing your TV.

Moreover, you can speak with them concerning any reservations or problems you might be facing, and they can assist with every step of the return process. Their expertise and help will make for an easy and smooth return process.

How Will Walmart Refund My Return?

You have alternatives to seek reimbursement while returning a Walmart TV. These include a refund, a replacement for the identical item, or store credit.

Whether you retain the original sales receipt will decide how your TV return will be reimbursed.

Walmart will readily refund the total cost of the item with the original payment method, which was initially utilized for the TV purchase, provided you have the original receipt for the purchase accessible. This is particularly true for transactions with different payment methods, like Walmart plastic and eGift cards. Gift cards are going to get their original cards credited with the reimbursement.

You still have the option of a replacement for the same TV type or a refund in the form of a Walmart gift card if you find yourself without a buying receipt. A receipt must be presented for you to receive a refund, so remember to bring that.

Does Walmart Accept TV Returns Without Receipt?

Walmart allows you to return your TV even if you do not have a receipt, although no refund will be issued in this instance. Alternatively, you may get a store credit or swap the TV for a matching model.

Ensure the TV is in its initial packaging when returning it without a receipt. You must also present a credit or debit card for your initial purchase and a government-issued photo ID. A Walmart support services agent will scan the barcode on the item’s packaging to find the necessary purchase details.

Walmart helps locate the lost receipt if you have the Walmart protection plan. You’re going to need a few key details on hand to begin the process: 

  • The shop’s zip code
  •  Location or the state where you’ve bought the TV.
  •  Date of purchase and receipt amount.
  •  Payment card you utilized and its final four digits.

Enter these details, clear the Captcha, and print the receipt through Walmart’s lookup service.

Online Purchases: Returns are possible online, even if the receipt is missing. There are two methods to deal with online returns without a permit. You can mail the TV back or bring it to any Walmart store within 30 days.

Returns in-store: Bring the TV in the packaging it came in, your ID, and the payment you used to make your purchase to the Walmart support desk within working hours for a quick in-store return.

Returns by the Mail: If you choose to return your TV via the mail, login into your account, fill up the refund/replacement form, and download a shipping label. As a backup, you can contact customer service for assistance.

Vendor from a Third-Party Marketplace: As these vendors operate with different return policies, you can’t bring the TV to Walmart for return. It is advised to contact the supplier directly to find out about the TV return policy.

What Is Walmart Return Policy Without Box For a TV?

Although keeping the box for TVs and other major purchases is a good idea, don’t worry if it is damaged or missing in this case. The option of how to return a TV is still available!

There are some considerations to be mindful of. Firstly, you’ll need to keep the original receipt from the purchase, and you must bring the item back within 30 days of purchasing it.

In addition, the TV must be in an excellent state and include all the associated accessories to be acceptable for a full refund. If you satisfy these requirements, you are free to commence the return.

Can I Return Refurbished/Used TV To Walmart?

The option of returning a refurbished TV at Walmart is undoubtedly available. Walmart’s 30-day TV return period is the same for newly purchased and used TVs.

Refurbished TVs can be brought to Walmart for a full refund, which will get credited to the original form of payment used during the transaction if you provide the original packing and invoice. You can still choose a replacement or get a Walmart gift card in return.

Refurbished TVs sold and delivered by Walmart online are like new TVs, which can be exchanged in-store or by mail. For the new or refurbished TVs, Walmart retains a fair return policy.

It’s important to know that Walmart will not accept exchanges or returns for refurbished TVs ordered online from third-party vendors. Then you must contact the marketplace seller to find their policy details on refurbished TV returns in these cases.

Does Walmart Return Damaged TV?

The company’s policy mandates your television be sent back in a pristine state. The regulations of the policy will be invalid in the case of any impairment or damage.

However, there are many instances when you can still be entitled to a refund if the product is broken.

Your eligibility will mostly depend on how your TV was damaged. Whatever problems you notice with the television right away as you unpack it is usually due to manufacturing flaws or poor care by store staff. In such cases, it’s best to physically return the broken television while ensuring the original packing is still in place.

In this case, you can return the TV to Walmart for a refund or an exchange, regardless of whether you purchased it at the store or from

Walmart has the authority to turn down your TV return as they thoroughly examine each return to see if it is valid. The store may only accept your return if the television is damaged intentionally or by your carelessness. 

Walmart will additionally deny the return of a broken TV either online or in-store once its 30-day return policy period has expired. If you want to use the TV as a surprise present for someone special, inspect it for any defects and make sure it is functioning before the 30-day return period expires.

Reasons Why Walmart May Deny TV Return

Walmart has the right to turn down your TV return as they thoroughly examine each return to decide if it is eligible. It has the right to deny your rescue if your TV has been damaged for over thirty days.

We will figure out how the TV got damaged if the return is granted. There may be a problem with the TV instantly as you unpack it, which may be caused by defects made during production or poor handling by store employees. Handing the broken TV and all the original packaging in such a situation is preferable.

The TV may have a problem as soon as you unbox it, which could result from manufacturing flaws or negligent handling by store staff.

When you return the TV, the staff at the shop will carefully examine it to see if you mishandled the TV. The reimbursement will be unlikely when they find that negligent treatment brought on the damage. Due to this, it’s essential to take extra caution when shifting and placing your television.

So, ensure you safely package the TV in the original box and all the accessories. While loading and unloading the package from your car, handle it with great care.

Can I Return TV To Walmart Bought From Third-Party Sellers?

You must contact customer care for help if you want to return a refurbished TV you bought from a third-party seller on Walmart’s website.

They will try to contact the vendor, and it can take about a week to get a response.

You must know you cannot return your TV to a store in person if you purchased it from a third-party seller. You have to wait for additional directions after completing your return request. The customer support professionals will guide you on the most effective way to return your TV and get a refund. You can be sure that they will help you at each step of the way.

Is Walmart Return Policy Strict?

The option of returning things without a receipt is one remarkable feature that makes the procedure quite simple, so Walmart’s return policy is not strict. In such a case, you might exchange the product for an alternative to ensure you get what’s suitable for your needs.

In addition, Walmart offers straightforward cash refunds for transactions below $10. The policy also allows you to return the product to any Walmart location, allowing you to select the store that best fits your needs.

What Is Walmart TV Exchange Policy?

Within 30 days of your purchase date, Walmart offers an easy TV exchange policy.

Your TV must be in its original packaging to be considered for an exchange. Though it is suggested, but not necessary, to bring along the purchase receipt, Walmart is still ready to help with the business.

Moreover, the TV is still acceptable for return to Walmart even though you’ve already unpacked it.

Walmart TV Warranty Policy

Walmart provides TV warranties and insurance plans in partnership with Allstate and Asurion.

These comprehensive plans target a wide range of possible TV problems, including screen, speaker, remote issues, and the inability to switch on your TV. It is clear from the warranty details provided on Walmart’s website that these warranties cover common use-related mechanical and electrical issues. 

You must understand that the warranty doesn’t safeguard against theft or accident-related damages.

The price of a Walmart TV warranty package differs depending on the model, price, and duration. Premium models demand significant sums of money for warranty coverage, while lower-cost models usually have cheaper warranty options.

The most effective strategy to find the warranty price for a specific TV model is to go to the Walmart website, pick the item, and finally look for the pricing under the warranty add-on option. This approach may be inaccurate because there isn’t an established price for all TV models. Here are a few TV warranty price estimates to give you a general idea:

  • For TVs between $400 and $599, a 3-year plan starts at $54.
  •  For TVs between $300 and $399, a 4-year plan starts at $47.
  •  For TVs between $700 and $999.99, a 5-year plan starts at $99.

The warranty plans for refurbished TVs are somewhat less expensive:

  • For TVs within $150 and $199.99, a 2-year plan is $18.
  •  For TVs within $300 and $399.99, a three-year plan is $39.
  •  For TVs within $400 and $599.99, a three-year plan is $54.

The activation process does not include additional procedures. When you buy a TV with a warranty, the warranty is activated immediately as of its delivery date, providing you assurance and coverage for the duration.

If a new TV has been heavy on your pocket, consider Walmart’s buy now pay later guaranteed approval programs to split the payment into installments.

Walmart Return Hours

Most Walmart stores offer convenient return times that correspond with their usual store hours, which are between 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

There can be changes to this basic schedule. Although some stores might open later than 7 a.m. and close their return department as early as 8 p.m., some might be open 24 hours.

Key Takeaways

  • Usually, customers get 30 days from their original purchase date to return a TV they purchased from Walmart.
  •  Any Walmart store will accept TV returns, no matter where they were first bought.
  •  Customers must usually include the invoice, original packaging, and associated accessories when returning a television to Walmart. To ensure a simple return process, it is best that you stick to Walmart’s comprehensive return guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Walmart’s return policy change during Covid 19?

During COVID-19, Walmart’s return rules remain primarily unchanged. You are still permitted to return anything you bought from Walmart within 90 days of the day you bought them, regardless of the epidemic, according to their standard return policy. The goods can be returned to Walmart’s website in person, by mail, or electronically.

However, Walmart imposed certain restrictions on returning various products as an outcome of Covid-19 measures, namely:

  • Food items
  •  Paper products
  •  Apparel
  •  Beauty and Health care products
  •  Home cleaning sources
  •  Medicines

Does Walmart refund a return with cash?

If you bought with cash or a check, Walmart would issue you a cash return. If the total amount of your purchases is under ten dollars, you are also entitled to a cash refund.

Will Walmart accept TV returns after six months?

Walmart will allow TV returns within 30 days of the purchase. At the store manager’s authority, Walmart may consent to returns submitted after this period, given that there is a valid reason and, preferably, the return is made along with the original receipt and packaging.

Can I return a TV to Walmart after 30 days?

You must return the TV to Walmart within 30 days of buying it. You can replace it afterward with a valid excuse only. The final choice and the decision to grant your return is entirely up to Walmart management.

What is Walmart’s return policy for opened electronics?

If you have your receipt, you can still return a damaged or faulty item during the initial 90 days. This is applicable for opened products too.