Does Walgreens Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards? (Updated Information)

If you are looking for a perfect last-minute gift, a Hobby lobby gift card is the best choice. But wait, where to buy one? Does Walgreens sell Hobby Lobby gift cards? If you are curious to know about this then keep reading!

Quick Summary

Walgreens does not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. You can only purchase them from Hobby Lobby stores or its website for a cost between $10 to $200. In case of online purchases, additional shipping charges may apply. In contrast, Walgreens does sell gift cards from a number of other third-party retailers.

Can You Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards at Walgreens (2023)

Unfortunately, No. Hobby Lobby gift cards are not available in any Walgreens stores or online. If you are interested in purchasing creative Hobby Lobby gift cards, you can either shop online from their official webpage at or directly visit their stores. 

It is worth noting that if you prefer to purchase the gift cards online, you may have to pay additional charges which may be up to $1 which cover the shipping charges. 

You can choose your perfect Hobby Lobby gift card from a wide range of variety that can range anywhere from $10 to $200 . 

Why Doesn’t Walgreens Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby is an arts and craft store which has a great variety of products including gift cards. However, Hobby Lobby has a strict policy which does not allow any other retail stores to sell their gift cards other than itself. So, it has nothing to do with any reluctance on the part of Walgreens to sell Hobby Lobby gift cards, they just don’t want to involve any other retailers!

Many other known retailers are also not allowed to sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. 

It is also said that Walgreens offers gift card collection of its own. Therefore, it often does not promote gift cards from other. Perhaps that is why Walgreens also does not sell Sephora gift cards.

Where Can You Purchase Hobby Lobby Gift Cards From?

Hobby Lobby, a large American retail company with over 900+ stores present in different states of the US, does not give many options to purchase their gift cards other than their own stores. Since Hobby Lobby is one of the best arts and crafts stores, people don’t mind going an extra mile to purchase them. Gift cards from Hobby Lobby are the perfect gift for creative minds, after all. 

You can purchase their gift cards from Hobby Lobby company only. There are two modes available. 

  • You can visit the Hobby Lobby retail store in-person and choose a gift card you desire from anywhere between $10 to $200. If you have difficulty choosing from different options, you can always ask for a little help, right? Sales associates of Hobby Lobby are always happy to help you out with purchasing the right item. 
  • You can purchase your favorite gift card from the official Hobby Lobby page. Just select the card and add the amount in dollars to buy the desired product. One thing to consider is that online purchasing can cost additional charges up to $1. 

How Much Do Hobby Lobby Gift Cards Cost? 

Are you worried about the price of Hobby Lobby gift cards? Well they are a good choice since they have a price ranging from $10 to $200. This gives you flexibility in terms of its cost so that you may purchase Hobby Lobby cards based on your preferences and budget. 

What Are Gift Card Options at Hobby Lobby? 

Hobby Lobby is a place for art lovers. It provides the best party and home supplies with a wide range of variety. You can choose gift cards from multiple options. Other than the standard gift cards, there are some other really creative options too.

  • Birthday Party
  • Flower Truck
  • Snowman
  • Pink Daisy
  • Santa 
  • Red Truck 
  • Snowman and Reindeer
  • Gold Stripe

These are just some of the gift cards, for exploring more amazing gift card options, you can visit their online store at 

Does Hobby Lobby Print Gift Cards or Email Them? 

No, Hobby Lobby does not email its gift cards to the customers. But if you are willing to buy them then you can do so by purchasing them in-store or online on their website. 

In any case, you will receive printed cards from Hobby Lobby. 

What Other Gift Cards Can You Buy at Walgreens?

Walgreens is known for its own gift cards along with many other third-party gift cards. But does Walgreens sell Hobby Lobby gift cards? The answer is, No! As we discussed earlier, Hobby Lobby does not allow any other company to sell their special gift cards. Now the question is what other options do we have at Walgreens? 

Many reasonable alternatives are available such as Vanilla Visa and American Express. 

Just like Hobby Lobby, Walgreens also cares for its customers and thus they have a wide range of gift cards with a price ranging from $5 to $500. You can easily purchase small or large gift cards based on your desired preferences. 

Just like Hobby Lobby, these online gift cards also may cost you some extra bucks. But again, aren’t these extra special gift cards worth some extra bucks?

 Key Takeaways

To wrap things up, Walgreens does not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards as the company has not allowed any other retail stores to sell their gift cards. It’s the policy made by Hobby Lobby itself, you just can’t argue over that. However, you can still purchase their gift cards from Hobby Lobby store itself or their online website at where they have a wide range of gift cards to choose from. The gift cards at Hobby Lobby can range from $10 to $200 and if you go for an online purchase, you will have to give an additional $1 shipping charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the validity of a Hobby Lobby gift card?

Hobby Lobby gift cards have no time limit on their validity. You may use it for as long as you want. However, this may not be the case every time since some states may consider the unused money to be an unclaimed property. 

When is Hobby Lobby 50 percent off?

Hobby Lobby offers many discounts for its customers. You can look for discount details in the weekly ad, every Sunday. They give 50 percent off on paper crafts, home furnishings, fabric, and much more.   

If a gift card is not used for a number of years, what might happen to it?

As per federal law, your gift card cannot expire five years from the date of purchase. But if the card is not active for multiple years, monthly fees for inactivity or service may be charged, which ultimately decreases the value of the card.

Is it possible to return used products to Hobby Lobby?

According to Hobby Lobby, you cannot return used or opened products. Even in case of defective or broken online purchased items, the company will not return the product. Before returning any item, it is advised to contact the store by phone at 1-800-888-0321 or by sending an email.

Is the 40 percent coupon still available at Hobby Lobby?

According to the announcement made by Hobby Lobby in the year 2021, 40 percent off discount coupons are no longer available and they were discontinued from Feb. 28, 2021.

How can I use my Hobby Lobby gift card online?

You can easily use your Hobby Lobby gift card online by following these easy steps. To order a gift card, you will need to add the dollar amount first and then the quantity of gift cards to purchase. These cards can be redeemed online or you can also visit Hobby Lobby stores for this.