Does Walgreens Develop Film? (Updated Information 2023)

If you are a vintage film enthusiast looking for a place to develop your precious memories, look no further than Walgreens! Walgreens was known for its film development in the past but what about today? Does Walgreens develop film? In this post, we will discuss whether Walgreens still provides film development services and what alternatives are available for people who want to develop films.

Quick Summary

Walgreens does develop film and delivers the best quality results usually within 3-5 business days. Walgreens with in-store photo kiosks can produce 35mm films for $14.99 (24 exposures) and provide a free CD to capture all your memories. Some stores may provide 110 films, 127 films, and other services. 

Can You Develop Film At Walgreens? (2023)

Yes, Walgreens has several stores at different locations in the United States and mostly all of them have in-store photo kiosks where you can easily develop your rolls of film.

Walgreens usually involves a third-party service to develop your films. So it is always recommended to ask whether they offer film development services. They can also recommend nearby locations that provide the film development service if it is unavailable in their store.

What Types of Films Are Developed At Walgreens?

Walgreens was popular for its film development services and that trust is still keeping the business alive. Different types of films are developed at Walgreens stores with photo kiosks,  including 35mm film in all of them, while some may even be able to develop 110mm and 127mm films. 

Some stores can also develop black and white films, Advanced Photo Systems (APS), negatives, and even films from disposable cameras.

You can get all these services at a reasonable cost, all under the umbrella of Walgreens. But again, make sure to contact the store before asking for service since not all of them provide these. The type of service being provided may vary from place to place. 

How to Develop Film at Walgreens?

Are you excited to have Walgreens process your films so you may relive your beautiful memories?  

Before heading towards your nearby Walgreens store, check to see if your local retailer has a photo kiosk and provides the services you need for your films. You can simply call Walgreens customer helpline to easily get all the required information.

Now, let’s get started on the film development process! First, gather your film or camera containing your precious moments and head out towards a Walgreens store with a photo kiosk.

  1. When you enter the store, you will be given an envelope to write your name and contact information by the photo kiosk employee.
  2. After you’ve labeled your film, they’ll box it up safely and send it to a different photo lab for the processing which typically takes around 3-5 business days.
  3. This waiting period may extend in some cases, as Walgreens relies on third-party labs for film development.

After patiently waiting for 3-5 business days (or maybe a little longer), Walgreens will call or text you.

But wait, there’s more! Along with your developed photos, you will receive a CD featuring all of your favorite photographs, beautifully organized and ready for you to keep forever. Remember to carry your receipt with you when you head out to the store to collect your memories.

What Is the Cost of Developing Film at Walgreens?

Walgreens offers a range of film development services. Therefore, charges the customers based on the number of prints and the type of service they may avail. 

The basic package for developing a 35mm film is $12.99 with 12 exposures. You have to pay $3 for every additional set. So, I have added details for you to easily understand the cost of services provided in 35mm film. The cost of developing 35mm film, 4×6 prints with different exposures is as follows:

  • 12 exposures: the price for the first set is $12.99 with +$3 for each additional set.
  • 24 exposures: the price for the first set is $15.99 with +$6 for each additional set.
  • 27 exposures: the price for the first set is $16.94 with +$7 for each additional set.
  • 36 exposures: the price for the first set is $18.99 with +$10 for each additional set.
  • 39 exposures: the price for the first set is $19.87 with +$10 for each additional set.

Time to Develop Film at Walgreens

Film development at Walgreens takes fairly less time as compared to others. But you will still need to have some patience once you’ve given your precious film to the photo lab at your nearby Walgreens before you can access the finished product. 

The waiting period to develop film at Walgreens can normally take 3-5 business days. Walgreens has the services of film development but it is worth noting that the company does not handle the task themselves.

It relies on third-party labs to develop your film, ensuring that your cherished memories are handled with care and expertise.

Sometimes, the waiting period may be extended from 3-5 business days. Still, Walgreens has a very quick service when compared to the waiting period of CVS (7-10 days) and Walmart (2-3 weeks). 

So sit tight, and before you know it, you’ll be looking at stunning prints that capture your most precious moments!

Is there a Photo Lab at Every Walgreens?

Film development is one of the known specialties of Walgreens. However, the facility is limited to those Walgreens stores that have in-store photo kiosks. 

It is advisable to always get in touch with the shop directly to find out if they provide film developing services. You can use the Walgreens store locator to get the contact details, and business hours to find a Walgreens location close to you that provides film developing services.

Alternatives to Getting Prints of Your Photographs

Walgreens gives you the option to get a  free photo CD of developed images in your film. 

Well, this was not always the case. Previously, customers had to pay for getting a photo CD

  • The price to get a photo CD, from film processing, no prints used to be $10.48
  • The price to get a photo CD, from negatives, no prints used to be $5.99

But now, when you purchase a 24-exposure film package from Walgreens (which costs $14.99 including prints of your photos), they no longer charge an additional fee and instead give you a free photo CD with all of your shots. 

Key Takeaways

  • Walgreens does develop films. But, the store of your choice must have an in-store photo lab which might not be available at all Walgreens.
  • In all Walgreens stores with photo labs, 35mm film can be developed for a fee of $14.99 for 24 exposures, and you will receive a free photo CD of all the pictures.
  • Moreover, certain stores might also produce 110 and 127 films, negatives, and disposable cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Walgreens able to process any films?

All Walgreens stores have photo labs that can process 35mm film, while some of those locations also have photo labs that can handle APS, 110 films, 127 films, negatives, and single-use or disposable cameras.

How does Walgreens’ photo policy work?

Walgreens Photo Center that your satisfaction is 100%. Walgreens will give you a full replacement or a full refund if you’re ever unsatisfied with your digital prints for any reason.

How long do photos stay on Walgreens’ servers?

Walgreens will hold onto your order for 195 days before throwing it away. Call 866-264-2910 to speak with a representative about requesting a refund.

Are the images at Walgreens of high quality?

Although the print quality of Walgreens isn’t the finest, it’s still acceptable. Walgreens Photo offers a good variety of print sizes. Prints from Walgreens are of greater quality than those from other businesses that offer similar services.