Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms? (Updated Information)

I dread finding a public bathroom when out and about shopping. Don’t we all? You might ask whether major retailers like Walgreens have restrooms open to customers in such a situation. With over 9,000 locations around the country, Walgreens is a popular shopping destination for millions! So, do Walgreens have bathrooms? 

Quick Summary

The majority of Walgreens locations offer a public toilet that is open to all customers. Moreover, Walgreens has taken measures to make sure that their toilets are customer-friendly and accessible to everyone. According to their policy implemented in 2018, people are now permitted to use the bathrooms regardless of their gender.

Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms? (2023)

It can feel like a never-ending quest to find a public bathroom, so knowing where to go can be helpful. 

The good news is that you’re in luck if there’s a Walgreens nearby. Most of its locations across the nation offer open public restrooms for anyone who needs them. 

Moreover, don’t be shocked if you find a locked restroom door in certain places. All you have to do is request the key from an employee.

Walgreens has adopted a progressive policy on gender identity and its use of restrooms. Access to the restroom is no longer decided by a person’s physical appearance or legal identification. According to their gender identification, anyone can now use the restrooms at Walgreens.

Can the Public Use the Restrooms at Walgreens?

When you’re out and about and need to use the restroom, Walgreens stores are a reliable choice. Although Walgreens can be so expensive, you can use its bathrooms for free! Such convenience, however, also requires great responsibility.

While Walgreens permits customers to use the facilities, they do so with the expectation that they would use facilities with regard and keep them tidy. It’s important to clean it up for yourself and not leave any messes or trash behind in the restroom.

Although most Walgreens locations have public restrooms, there are a few exceptions that should be noted. Some companies could limit who has access to their bathrooms, especially if they’re in high-crime areas or the facilities are in poor condition. Customers might need to look for alternatives in such circumstances.

Where are the Restrooms Located In Walgreens?

The company recognizes that having access to clean and sanitary facilities is a basic human need, particularly for people who are traveling or do not have access to a private bathroom at their residence. 

Therefore, you can locate a restroom at Walgreens far more easily than you may think. The obvious “restrooms” sign can be seen hanging above the entrance once you’re inside the store. It’s usually in the store’s back corner and is difficult to miss. 

Also, Walgreens staff members are constantly available for help. Ask the nearest worker for directions if you’re unsure of where the restroom is situated; they can point you in the appropriate direction.

Can You Use Walgreens Bathroom That Suits Your Gender Identity?

Many people experience unnecessary stress and harassment when using public toilets because of their gender identity. With a ground-breaking policy, Walgreens is fighting back against this discrimination. 

No matter how they look or who they are according to the law, Walgreens has a new policy that allows customers to use the restroom that fits their gender identity.

An unpleasant occurrence in which a woman was wrongfully denied admission to the women’s toilet at a Walgreens store because of her outfit served as the motivation for this reform. 

Walgreens responded by understanding the need for a more accessible bathroom policy that would put everyone’s respect and justice first.

After the establishment of this policy, Walgreens has become a friendly environment for people of all gender identities. The company strives to provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere for all customers and has a zero-tolerance policy against any kind of discrimination.

Are The Bathrooms at Walgreens Clean?

Walgreens finds great satisfaction in keeping its public toilets clean. They guarantee that visitors have a comfortable and hygienic experience by doing routine cleaning and maintenance. 

The Walgreens restroom is a representation of cleanliness, from super clean floors to gleaming mirrors.

However, things may sometimes become a little untidy. But don’t worry if you happen to visit a Walgreens restroom that isn’t up to standard! Simply inform one of the helpful staff members, and they will take immediate action to clean it up.

Key Takeaways

  • Everyone can use the public bathrooms found at all Walgreens locations across the US. However, some stores lock their bathroom doors, but if you ask a Walgreens staff, they’ll be happy to unlock them for you.
  • The devotion of Walgreens to customer satisfaction and equality can be seen in their commitment to maintaining public restrooms.
  • You’ll have access to a spotless and pleasant atmosphere the next time you need to use the toilet while doing your shopping at Walgreens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are the bathrooms in some stores locked?

One possible explanation is that they only want customers who are paying to use their bathrooms. Another explanation may be that, depending on the neighborhood, individuals use restrooms to start fights, attempt to sleep there, or use drugs.

What is the bathroom policy at Walgreens?

According to the policy, “Everyone has a right to use toilet facilities that correspond to their gender identification, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth.”

Do Walgreens restrooms allow wheelchairs?

The bathrooms are indeed made to facilitate those with disabilities.

What different countries does Walgreens serve?

It has more than 13000 shops and operates in around 11 different countries.