Does Walgreens Sell Flowers? (Find Best Deals on THESE Days)

Has the query, “Does Walgreens sell flowers?” crossed your thoughts anytime? Surprisingly Walgreens, beloved for its wide variety of wellness and health products, has discreetly transformed itself into the land of blossoms! It is presently a one-stop shop for all your floral needs, providing attractive bouquets and compassionate gifts. Take a look as we showcase the floral charm Walgreens gives you.

Quick Summary

Walgreens flowers are only available at certain events, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. In addition, you may order flowers and gifts online through and delivering via DoorDash. Subject to a couple of limitations, customers may return flowers to Walgreens following 30 days after purchasing with an invoice. features gift alternatives beyond flowers, such as gift cards, scented items, succulent plants, and chocolates. Other than Walgreens, people can buy flowers from reputable stores or online services such as Target and CVS.

Can I Buy Flowers At Walgreens?

Flowers at Walgreens are usually only available at certain periods of the year. While you are unlikely to find flowers any time of the year-round, Walgreens stores have a wonderful variety of options, like roses, lilies, and tulips. 

Fresh flower sales, meanwhile, are strategically limited to special events to maximize their worthwhile reducing spoilage. Stop by your local Walgreens flower store if you want to adorn your home or work environment with the vibrant appeal of flowers. 

Let’s check the exact window of opportunity for buying these flowers and the range of blossoms out there.


In anticipation of Easter, Walgreens presents a stunning range of bouquets that showcase the delicate petals of hyacinths and tulips.

Be mindful that stock and selection can vary from store to store, developing an interesting and constantly evolving experience. Visit the nearest Walgreens to see the incredible floral wonders awaiting you and celebrate the moment’s joy.

Mother’s Day

Presenting mothers with cherished flowers on this special day is an excellent way to pay tribute to their exceptional love. Florists everywhere in the town are buzzing with customers in search of floral gifts as Mother’s Day comes ahead. 

There is a reasonable alternative. Fortunately, that helps you merge your purchases while avoiding queues. Head to the grocery store! Get an amazing range of blossoms available for this date, featuring orchids as the most preferred option. 

Picking an elegant bouquet that conveys your affection and respect for your mom is a way for you to express her appreciation and admiration.

Valentines Day

Savour one of the most romantic days of the year at Walgreens, when nearly every store sells exquisite bouquets. There are a few other appealing choices besides red roses, which represent a timeless symbol of love. 

On Valentine’s Day, enjoy the cherished ritual of presenting someone special red roses, a statement that will never go out of style and always win hearts. If you opt for a perfect bouquet to express your innermost feelings, allow Walgreens to be your go-to place for sparking passion and showing love.

Does Sell And Deliver Flowers?

Using the Walgreens website, you can easily explore plenty of ideas for gifts for people you love while staying at home or while at work. However, fresh flowers may not be able to be ordered online. 

There are many other wonderful gift choices to choose from at Walgreens. There is a fix despite not having an exclusive flower delivery option for special occasions. Thanks to a collaboration involving Walgreens and Door Dash, you can have the flowers of your liking delivered directly to your door. 

Door Dash can easily deliver the flowers when they are in stock at your local Walgreens. So don’t worry about constraints; with the comfort of online purchasing and reliable delivery, you might make your dear ones’ day even more special.

Gifts You Can Shop At Walgreens Online

Let’s look in-depth into some gifts you can pick from the Walmart website for that special person.

Gift Cards

Walgreens ensures there is something special suitable for each occasion and considers an array of preferences and interests by providing plenty of gift card options. Enjoy the versatility and ease of gift cards that allow your loved ones to choose just what they want, making for an even more satisfying and memorable gifting experience.

Gift cards shine out as a customizable and valuable choice when seeking a perfect gift for the ones who are picky. Those closest to you have a choice to pick out despite the fact they may lack the same romantic charm. Place the sum you want on the gift card, and now sit back and wait as the lucky person embarks on an exclusive shopping binge. 


Discover a tempting range of colognes and perfumes at Walgreens that perfectly conveys a sense of grace and charm as you dive into a magical realm of fragrances. Make lasting memories with loved ones by harnessing the power of scent.

A fun mission can be experienced in picking the perfect perfume, particularly if you know your partner’s tastes. If your partner has an all-time favorite fragrance, gifting them a bottle as a surprise will earn you some extra brownie points. Walgreens’s huge range of luxury fragrances can make anyone feel extremely special.

But let’s not overlook those outstanding males in our lives. It’s a considerate gesture to present them with a bottle of cologne. Buying your partner’s cologne is a smart approach to boost the natural fragrance if you enjoy a favorite scent. For every event, cologne remains to be a timeless beneficial gift.


With these eternal, everlasting plants, you can show your loved one how unwavering you are. Succulents effortlessly add energy to any space despite requiring little to no upkeep. Succulents do not wilt or die within a couple of days, unlike short-term bouquets, enabling them to maintain their appeal and vitality.


Chocolates are more convenient than bouquets because of how easily they can be delivered. Go through the extensive choices on the Walgreens website, and take your time until you find the best box. Give your partner a pleasant surprise by entering their delivery address during checkout.

Bring an amazing box of chocolates to the love of your life in a romantic way that will make them giggle. Savor a range of choices from this store, featuring several exceptional products like Lindy small pralines or Ferrero Rocher. Select from elegant boxes embellished with exquisite ribbons and fine finishing details.

Does Walgreens Sell Flowers Throughout The Year?

Although Walgreens might only carry flowers year-round, they offer a broad range of flower products that can be used for many different events. 

Their diverse range of floral arrangements, such as bouquets for adored friends and lovers, is ideal for commemorating Valentine’s Day.

In addition, Walgreens offers a range of flowers for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. Please go to the Walgreens website for an extensive listing of the floral products that are available now. Ask your nearby Walgreens location if you have a particular requirement not mentioned on the website; they could help with a customized order.

Types Of Flowers That Walgreens Sells

Anticipate coming across a small but well-picked collection of bouquets whenever you are visiting a store on some special occasion. Popular options consist of:

  • Bright red roses
  •  Lovely orchids
  •  Charming tulips

Nowadays, it is a good idea to show up early and capitalize on the opportunity to pick from several freshly trimmed, quality bouquets ensuring you have a wide range of picks. You can also browse and choose from many potted plants and flowers at the shop.

How Much Do Flowers At Walgreens Cost?

The price of flowers at Walgreens varies according to what sort and size you pick, particularly if you buy flowers by the dozen. 

Each assortment costs a set price per dozen for certain flowers like red roses, tulips, or orchids:

  • Tulips: about $9.99 per dozen.
  •  Orchids: about $9.99 per dozen
  •  Red roses: about $14.99 per dozen.

However, owing to their varying sizes and numbers, luxury bouquets and pot flowers fall into a higher price range. The price range for such options is expected to be somewhat wide, between $4.99 to $39.99. There are many reasons why Walgreens is expensive as compared to other providers and quality of service tops these all!

Does Walgreens Deliver Bouquets?

The company usually doesn’t offer its exclusive bouquet or flower delivery service. 

However, you can use this special service because the company collaborates with DoorDash. When bouquets go on sale, use DoorDash to bring the flowers to the special person quickly.

How To Find Walgreen Flower Near Me? 

You have only to go to the Walgreens site and use their store locator feature to discover one of their stores locally. 

Another possibility is to use their fast same-day delivery service, ensuring your flowers will be at your doorstep in just an hour. If you’re looking for flowers or other thoughtful gifts for Valentine’s Day, Walgreens has a special section of its website devoted to that occasion.

Can I Return the Flowers To Walgreens? 

Customers can return purchases from any Walgreens store within 30 days following the purchase date provided as a receipt is displayed. You may be granted a store credit for the product’s value if you do not have the receipt.

Note that Walgreens’ return policy doesn’t apply to seasonal items. Feel comfortable to speak with the store manager for clarity or call Walgreens Customer Service at 877-250-5823 if you have questions about if your flowers classify as seasonal items and are, thus, ineligible for return.

What Other Stores Sell Flowers? 

Finding stores that sell flowers around is something you have many opportunities for. You can search through a wide range of flowers in stores like Target

Eva’s Flowers and Gifts Inc., Flowerland, and Green Acres Garden Center & Florist are additional reputable retailers to consider.

If you want more options, Whole Foods Market has a flower section with plenty of flowers featuring organic, organically grown, and Sourced Good kinds. 

Another option is to look into local florists. Yelp is a great tool for locating the best nearby nurseries.

Key Takeaways

  • Many flowers can be found for purchase at Walgreens stores. You can buy flowers online or in person for occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.
  •  The Walgreens website additionally incorporates gift cards, scented stuff, succulents, and even chocolates for consumers to pick from, along with flowers as potential gifts.
  •  You can send flowers to certain addresses using Walgreens’ bouquet delivery services in collaboration with DoorDash. You may use online store locators to find a Walgreens location that sells flowers, or they can contact the store directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walgreens Sell Fake Flowers? 

No, not any of the Walgreens outlets sell fake flowers. Only fresh flowers that farmers have grown and collected can be bought at Walgreens.

Can I Buy Flower Seeds At Walgreens?

No, Walgreens is not selling floral seeds in any of its locations, similar to how they do not offer fake flowers.

Does Walgreens Sell Plants? 

Yes, Walgreens has an array of plants readily available, especially cacti and succulents.

However, the assortment of plants offered now could be improved. Only Faux Greenery, priced at $15, is currently on sale.

Does CVS Sell Flowers Year Round? 

Yes. Flowers are always available in CVS stores. But the accessibility of some types might vary depending on the period of the year, with some flowers becoming easier to find in summer or spring.

Does Walmart Sell Flowers? 

Yes. Most Walmart stores sell fresh flowers yearly, and some even feature separate florist categories.

Does Publix Sell Flowers? 

They do. The Publix floral shop delivers bouquets and gifts for any special event alongside the famous Publix service.

Does Target Sell Flowers? 

Yes, they sell flowers. Target features charming fresh flowers, which make great gifts. You will find flowers for an outstanding deal both online and in-store at Target.