Does Walgreens Do Cash Back? Here’s How To Get $10 Cash

Who would mind some hassle-free cashback while shopping at one of the most famous retailers, Walgreens, right? But, the burning question is, does Walgreens do cash back or not? Well, you’re in luck! The leading drugstore does provide cashback services. From how much you must spend and the imposed charges to the perks of this Cashback, I will tell you all you need to know about Walgreens’ cashback policy!

Quick Summary

Walgreens offers cashback programs at its locations, giving customers even more ways to get Cash during their shopping sprees. At Walgreens, people can get Cashback in different amounts, like $100, $10, or even $5, based on their spending. For buyers interested in this convenience, other retailers provide cashback services, such as big grocery chains, including 7-Eleven and Trader’s Joe, along with petrol stations, convenience shops, and pharmacies.

Can I Get Cash Back At Walgreens?

Yes, Walgreens gives cashback services. You are eligible for Cashback if you spend over $0.01.  

I am not talking about the cash you will get back when you make a return at Walgreens. This cash back opportunity is something that let’s you keep all the items from the cart and help score a solid discount on the purchases! This means as long as you are spending more than $0.01 at Walgreens, you will be getting a portion of the money back right away!

Walgreens imposes a $20 per purchase cashback cap which is something to be mindful of. This means Walgreens might not be an ideal pick to get Cashback if you intend to spend less money. 

Depending on the available amounts, you may pick a transaction worth $5, $10, or $20. It’s necessary to note that Cashback at Walgreens is only accessible with debit cards; credit card payments are not permitted.

Is There a Minimum Purchase Amount To Get Cash Back At Walgreens?

You must only spend a minimum of $0.01 to qualify for Cashback at Walgreens.

This indicates that there is no required purchase amount to be entitled to Cashback. So, you can still benefit from savings with Cashback at Walgreens if you’re purchasing one thing or just storing up on basics.

What is Walgreens’ Cash Back Limit?

Since Walgreens is not a banking institution, it implements a $20 cashback limit to ensure the effectiveness of its operations.

This cap allows Walgreens to maintain sufficient funds for other cash transactions. Moreover, allowing a considerably greater payback value might result in a cash shortage or prove troublesome.

The cashback limit additionally serves as a security measure for minimizing possible losses in such instances, thereby decreasing the risk of fraudulent transactions such as unauthorized use of pin-less debit cards.

How To Get Cash Back at Walgreens

You have multiple options for getting Cashback at Walgreens stores. In-store credit, rewards from credit cards, or cash back amounts to the purchase bill are just a few examples. The good thing is that Walgreens customers can take advantage of all three potential cashback offers.

As a result, Walgreens has each of your payment options addressed, regardless of whether you choose credit card rewards, in-person credit, or the simple cash-in-hand option.


In certain stores, a screen might ask you if you want to get Cashback when you swipe your debit card at the time of the purchase.

If you pick this option and a specific amount, it will be added to the final invoice, and you will get the chosen amount in cash. This approach for getting Cashback at Walgreens is limited to a $20 minimum.

Third-Party Credit Cards

Several third-party credit cards offer cashback advantages along with the cashback options provided directly by Walgreens.

Here are a few examples:

Unlimited Chase: On transactions done at drugstores, notably Walgreens, you can earn 3% Cashback using the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. Also, according to the user’s eligible categories, you may receive 1.5% to 5% cash back for other eligible purchases.

Discover it Cash Back: This Discover it Cash Back card provides rotating special categories which vary after every three months. When you allow these special categories, all approved purchases that fall under those categories are qualified for a 5% cashback, while the rest of your transactions are eligible for a 1% return. At present, Discover offers 5% cash back on transactions of a maximum of $1,500 at drugstores, namely Walgreens, as well as at supermarkets and some streaming services until the end of March.

With specific incentives linked to transactions completed at Walgreens and other eligible companies, these third-party credit cards give an extra way to earn cashback rewards.

Walgreens Cash Rewards

Walgreens offers a service called Walgreens Cash Rewards as part of its rewards initiative, my Walgreens.

These perks come in the sort of rechargeable store credit. Each dollar you spend in-store, such as at the pharmacy, gets you 1% in Walgreens Cash rewards through your Walgreens membership. Also, you can receive 5% off on products featuring the Walgreens brand.

The benefits are even more significant for myWalgreens subscribers who also hold a myWalgreens credit card or myWalgreens Mastercard. For each dollar spent on products featuring the Walgreens label, these customers get 5% in Walgreens Cash rewards. Subscribers of my Walgreens Mastercard can earn 1 to 3% in Walgreens Cash rewards on approved purchases outside of Walgreens.

Customers may increase their savings potential in-person and out of the store by registering in the My Walgreens rewards program and earning worthwhile store credit on what they buy.

Does Walgreens Give Cash Back on Personal Checks?

Sadly, Walgreens does not provide services when paying with a personal check.

The purpose of this policy is to lower the possibility of bounced checks, which might lead the retailer to experience financial losses. Walgreens doesn’t offer Cash back when shoppers pay with personal checks to ensure an easy, secure transaction process.

Can I Get Cash Back At Walgreens With a Gift Card?

Walgreens regrettably doesn’t give the option of getting Cash back when you use a gift card as a payment method.

The policy came into effect since retailers offer gift cards to ensure the funds can only be used in their location. Gift cards wouldn’t perform their intended purpose if Cashback were available on transactions done with them since this would prevent the store’s owner from selling additional items.

Remember that the limitation on Cashback does not only apply to Walgreens gift cards. Gift cards such as American Express gift cards that can be redeemed in multiple locations are also protected by this policy. Considering it goes against the primary intent of the gift card system, it is rare for any store that allows gift cards to be utilized as Cashback.

Does Walmart Give Cash Back On EBT Cards?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not offer Cashback using Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards as payment.

Yet, you may be able to use your EBT card at certain ATMs for withdrawing Cash if you qualify for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and possess one.

There is a solution if you’d like to get Cashback, but you’re using your EBT card when paying for stuff. You have a choice of dividing your spending into two different transactions. Use your EBT card to make a single transaction that includes every single SNAP-eligible item. Then, for making the second transaction, pay with your debit card. You can ask to get your Cashback during this process.

This approach will help you divide your SNAP-eligible transactions from transactions where you’re looking for Cashback, allowing you to utilize your debit card for the latter type of purchase to earn the Cash you require.

How Does Cash Back Work At Walgreens?

Picking an item to purchase at Walgreens is the first step to getting Cashback. 

Consider purchasing a newspaper, a gum packet, or a water bottle. 

Always ask for Cashback right after approaching the checkout counter before the payment. Before making a payment, you need to make this request. If not, you will have to place an additional purchase to get the cashback sum if you seek it after completing the payment. Specify how much Cash you’d like to get.

You will simultaneously pay for the item you purchased and the cashback amount during the payment process. For example, the final cost would be $21, assuming you paid $1 for a newspaper while requesting $20 in cash back. Once the purchase is complete, the cashier will give you the specified sum of money alongside the item you just purchased.

Does Walgreens Give $100 Cash Back?

The maximum amount of money you can get from Walgreens is $20 in Cashback.

It’s essential to remember that most Walgreens outlets have an on-site ATM if you need more Cash than this. This provides you with another means to withdraw additional funds if necessary.

So, even though Walgreens only offers $20 in Cashback, you can get whatever extra money you need at an ATM inside the store.

Does Walgreens Do a $10 Cash Back?

When you invest $30 or more on basics for your wellness, Walgreens currently has an exclusive offer through which you can earn $10 cash back.

This enticing deal is available till 26 June 2023. To take advantage of this offer, you need to print or download the coupon through the Walgreens website or mobile application. Just spend a minimum of $30 or more at Walgreens on essential health supplies once you’ve printed the coupon.

We refer to items such as vegetables, dairy products, fruit, and whole grains when we speak of “healthy essentials.” The $10 cashback will be automatically deposited into your Walgreens Balance Rewards account after you make your eligible purchase.

The Cashback you get may be put into future purchases, boosting your savings while offering you more excellent value for your money. Take advantage of this opportunity of earning Cash back when buying your basic healthy supplies at Walgreens.

Can I Get $5 Cash Back At Walgreens?

Absolutely! You have an option of receiving $5 cash back at Walgreens.

The card reader will ask if you’d like Cashback as you go to the counter during checkout. You will be provided with a range of options, which includes $5, $10, $20, or nothing. The cashier will give you $5 in Cashback along with your purchase if you pick the $5 option.

You must be aware that there isn’t any restriction on the number of times you request Walgreens for Cashback. However, an authorized form of payment is needed to use this service. Kindly note that gift cards and prepaid cards are not acceptable for Cashback. Also, remember that Cashback is not available for online transactions.

As an outcome, Walgreens provides a benefit of $5 in Cashback when you shop in person, elevating your shopping experience.

Does Walgreens Charge For Cash Back?

One of the main advantages of getting Cash back at Walgreens is that there aren’t any additional costs associated with the service.

This gives an excellent reason for many individuals to opt for Cashback rather than using an ATM, which usually comes with costs.

Even though it needs to be a minor purchase at the retailer, earning Cashback at Walgreens can assist you in escaping ATM costs. The primary benefit is that you can save money if the selling price of the product you buy is less than the conventional ATM fees you’d have to pay. If you already had plans to buy the item, this gets much more beneficial.

In addition, if you regularly visit Walgreens and come across yourself in a position where you foresee needing money soon, you may profit from Cashback on each purchase. This offers an efficient and affordable means of getting cash whenever required.

Other Places That Offer Cash Back

Although Walgreens is an acknowledged option to earn Cashback, you should be mindful that there are many more locations where you can use this service.

The standard options include big-box retailers, gas stations, convenience shops, and pharmacies. Although a few credit cards are also qualified, most companies only provide Cashback for purchases made with debit cards. It is wise to investigate the conditions of your chosen credit card to see if additional fees are associated with Cashback.

Let’s look at some well-known retailers that offer Cash back on debit card purchases:

  • Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s, a well-known food retailer with a loyal fanbase, provides unusual grocery store items and a simple-to-earn Cashback as you shop.
  •  7-Eleven: Think about going to 7-Eleven if you crave an icy drink and are tight on Cash. 32-ounce “Big Gulp” drinks cost under $2, and you can get Cash back when you buy one.
  •  Chevron: It’s important to remember that you’ll have to buy another item at the same time as requesting Cashback at a gas station. Think about paying at the pump if you’re filling up on gas in your car to prevent making a separate transaction. Before making the payment, let the cashier know you want your Cashback.

Below listed major retailers also offer cashback choices:

  • Sam’s Club
  •  Target
  •  Safeway
  •  Walmart
  •  Dollar General
  •  Food Lion
  •  CVS
  •  Kroger

Each place provides an opportunity to get Cashback when making regular purchases. As a result, you can quickly get Cash back at these many retail establishments, whether grocery shopping, refilling up your gas tank, or carrying out errands.

Why Should You Get a Cash Back At Walgreens?

We heartily recommend going with Walgreens cash back for several reasons:

  • Avoiding Fees: ATM fees, which may go as high as $5, can be burdensome. You can avoid these expenses while conserving more of the money you’ve worked for by opting for Cashback at Walgreens.
  • Accessibility: Discovering a Walgreens store is considerably more convenient than running across an ATM since it has over 9,000 stores across multiple locations. It is simple to get Cashback owing to Walgreens’ vast distribution.
  • Convenience: People usually buy at Walgreens for prescribed medications and everyday necessities, with the option of getting Cashback. It’s highly beneficial when you can take care of multiple tasks simultaneously. When deciding on Cashback at Walgreens, you can efficiently complete your daily chores and spare time.
  • Availability around-the-clock: Unlike banks, many Walgreens outlets are accessible, even on holidays. This means that you can continue to use cashback services anytime it’s easiest for you, even in the wee hours of the night or on holidays.

All these factors show that Walgreens has plenty of benefits regarding earning Cashback. Why not capitalize on their widespread availability, efficiency, and free-of-charge transactions to streamline your financial needs?

Is Cash Back Always Free?

It’s essential to remember that different stores might offer differing cashback schemes and that it’s sometimes not accessible.

It is up to each store to set up its cashback regulations, a few of which may result in additional costs. For example, some grocery store chains charge a small fee for added to your purchases. Yet, many grocery stores now give shoppers who pay more money a chance of getting Cashback.

Some retailers let you earn as much as $300 back in Cash. Doing this can benefit those who need a more significant amount of money.

If you always want Cash handy, it can be wise to take advantage of the opportunity to get a little cash every time you go to a store that offers Cashback.

While running errands, getting cash back can be easier for those who often use cash in everyday activities rather than taking separate bank or ATM trips.

You can ensure you always keep the needed cash on hand by taking advantage of cashback programs on multiple sites, simplifying, and streamlining your financial affairs. Moreover, Walgreens has a price match policy as well that you can make use of to score lower prices on the products you need to save some money.

Tip! How To Get More Than $20 Cash Back At Walgreens

You can make extra purchases if you would like to receive over $20 in refunds from Walgreens.

Though $20 is still the highest value cash back per transaction, you can divide your money into multiple purchases to boost the overall cashback value. However, Walgreens can be quite expensive so be mindful of your purchases.

If you make three separate decisions, you are eligible for as much as $60 in Cashback if the total of each purchase is $60. Doing so will allow you to use the cashback plan effectively and get the money you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers shopping at Walgreens can get Cashback using the company’s cashback services.
  •  Walgreens makes it simple for customers who might need a small sum of Cash to get Cashback since there is a small minimal purchase requirement.
  •  Customers can ask for Cashback at checkout, use particular third-party credit cards, or register for the Walgreens Cash Rewards program, among other ways to get Cash back at Walgreens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get Cash back at the pharmacy counter?

The pharmacy counter does usually offer Cashback.

However, you aren’t eligible for a cash refund if the insurance company pays your entire order amount. Note that you need to spend at least $0.01 to receive Cashback.

Does Walmart do Cashback?

Yes, most, although not all, of Walmart’s registers and checkout machines, offer shoppers Cashback. If a record is short on actual Cash, it might decide not to give customers the Cashback.

Does CVS give Cashback?

You can obtain Cashback at the self-checkout if you choose not to say anything to anyone. Unfortunately, gift cards and credit cards are unable to provide Cashback. A debit card is needed for this service, and it should be the actual card and not associated with a Google Wallet or Apple Pay account.

Does Target offer Cashback?

Yes, you can earn Cashback at the register using your debit card for Target purchases made in-store, generally up to $40. In addition, if you use the Target app’s Wallet feature for paying for products and pick the Target Debit Card as the method of payment option, you’ll get Cashback.

Can I get Cashback when I pay with a tap pay?

Yes. With your smart debit card, you may earn Cashback just as you might have with your previous card. Even if the payment terminal is contactless technology, certain companies still demand customers who seek Cashback to insert their smart cards.