Does Walgreens Have Western Union? (Service Now Available Across All Stores!)

When you want to send money ASAP Western Union services often come to mind but then you are left wondering does Walgreens have Western Union? I have got the inside scoop on whether your local Walgreens store would be able to help you out in a money-related emergency. Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

For a minimal fee, you can use Western Union services at Walgreens in-store at a kiosk or make the transfers online through Walgreens official website. You must have a government-issued ID card and the sender’s information if you wish to obtain funds. 

Can You Use Western Union At Walgreens? (2023)

Walgreens partnered with Western Union in 2011 and ever since the store does offer this payment method to its customers. 

Initially, Western Union was offered only at select Walgreens locations but it soon grew its business and was made available at all Walgreens locations across the US. 

Thus, Walgreens customers can send and receive money, pay bills, and purchase money orders at Walgreens using Western Union services. This is ideal for customers who do not have a bank account and need to access online banking services elsewhere. The service is available for both domestic and international transfers. 

You just have to visit your local Walgreens store and speak with the Western Union representative there to use the service. The transfer can be made using the website or the mobile app. 

What Services Does Western Union Offer at Walgreens?

Money Services: At Walgreens, Western Union can help you send money to a friend or receive funds from others. The money transfer is quick and secure. You can track the transfer as well and will be notified once it arrives. 

Bill Payments: Western Union lets you pay bills, clear car payments, purchase groceries, etc. You simply need to show your bill statement and clear the payment here. 

Prepaid Cards: You will also find Western Union prepaid cards at Walgreens. You can load funds onto the card and use it anywhere that accepts debit cards for payments. 

Money Orders: In case you need to make a payment by mail, you can use the Western Union money order available at Walgreens. It is safe, quick, and pretty easy! Moreover, it does not require you to have a bank account. 

How To Check If My Local Walgreens Has Western Union?

You can use Walgreens official website or Western Union website to locate which store location offers this service and if it is available in your local Walgreens store. 

  • You can open the Western Union website and use their “Find Locations” tool to locate if it is available in your area. You have to enter the zip code, city, or state and then go through the list of Western Union locations near you. 
  • You can also visit Walgreens official website and use its store locator tool. Simply enter your location and filter the search to show the stores in your area only that offer Western Union services. 
  • Another method to confirm if your local Walgreens has Western Union is to give them a call. The staff will inform you of the answer and also address any other questions you might have.

Any Walgreens store that has Western Union will have the relevant sign presented on the front door. You can visit these stores and then ask a staff member when to look for the Western Union counter. 

Nonetheless, Western Union services are now offered at all Walgreens locations around the United States. This means your local store will have it too! 

Can I Use My Walgreens Balance Rewards Card To Send/Receive Money Through Western Union?

Yes, customers can use Balance Rewards points to send and receive money through Western Union at Walgreens. They will also earn rewards points for doing so. 

However, Balance Rewards points can not be used for Western Union service. You will have to use either cash or a debit card to make the transfer. 

Walgreens customers who are not Balance Rewards members yet would need to sign up for free either online at the official website or in-store. The process is not long at all and you would immediately become a member as you complete the sign-up procedure. Then you can start earning points on all your purchases at Walgreens. This includes Western Union money transfers as well. 

What Are the Fees of Using Western Union At Walgreens?

As per Western Union website, customers are charged a fee of $4.99 per transaction up to $50 for sending money through this service at Walgreens. 

The charges may increase depending on the amount of money that is being transferred. Similarly, the fee for international transactions also differs depending on which country the transfer is going to. It also depends on the amount of money being sent and the speed of delivery (standard or instant) that you choose. 

Moreover, you can expect some surprise charges as well. For example, Western Union charges an additional fee if you are making a transfer via credit card. Therefore, I would suggest that you always reach out to the Western Union agent at your local Walgreens store to understand the fees and charges before making any transfer. 

Keep in mind that Balance Reward members at Walgreens can earn points on Western Union transfers. This can add up to a lot of savings on future purchases. 

How To Use Western Union Kiosks At Walgreens?

  1. Find the Western Union kiosk inside the local Walgreens store that you are visiting. You are most likely to find it near the front of the store or in the service area. 
  2. Once you are at the kiosk, choose whether you want to send or receive money. You also have to select the specific service that you need such as bill payment, prepaid card reloading, money transfers, etc. 
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to initiate the process. It will typically ask you to enter information such as full name, phone number, address, etc. You will also have to provide recipient information in case you are sending money. 
  4. Then the kiosk will display the fee for the specific service that you chose. You can pay the charges with cash or debit card. 
  5. Obtain the tracking number at the kiosk once the procedure is complete. You can use this number to keep a check on the transaction and collect your funds once they arrive. 

How To Send Money Through Walgreens Western Union?

  1. Locate the Western Union kiosk at the Walgreens store. 
  2. Then select the option to Send Money at the Kiosk’s main menu. 
  3. Provide recipient information such as full name, address, and phone number. You also have to select the payout method. This can be cash pickup or bank deposit depending on the recipient’s ease. You have to enter your bank account information accordingly. 
  4. Then enter your name, address, and phone number along with the payment method (cash or debit card). Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions. 
  5. Before you initiate the transfer, review all the information that you have entered to ensure that there is no error. Pay the fee to confirm the transaction then. 
  6. Share the tracking number with the recipient so they can track the transfer and collect the funds once they arrive. 

How To Withdraw Money From Western Union At Walgreens?

  1. Locate the Western Union kiosk at the Walgreens store. 
  2. Here select the option to Receive Money from the main menu. 
  3. Enter the sender’s information such as the tracking number and the amount of money that you are set to receive. 
  4. Before you get the funds, the Western Union agent will require you to present a valid government-issued ID card such as a driver’s license or passport. 
  5. Then you need to sign for the money and collect the funds right away. You can also choose to get the funds as a prepaid debit card balance. 

What Documents Do I Need For Western Union?

Government-issued ID: It is compulsory to provide a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport at the time of the transaction or when receiving the funds. Moreover, the name provided on the documents should match the name on the transaction. 

Sender’s Information: In case you are getting funds from someone, it is important to know the sender’s information as Western Union agents would need it for verification. You should also be aware of the amount of money being sent and the name of the sender. 

Tracking Number: Furthermore, to receive funds at the Western Union kiosk, you should know the tracking number of the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). If you don’t have it, request the sender to share the information with you immediately. 

What Are Restrictions for Western Union Transfers at Walgreens?

Transaction Limits: There is a limit on the amount of money that you can send and receive with Western Unions at Walgreens. The limits are variable depending on the store location, country, as well as the type of transaction that you want to make. 

Age Restrictions: You must be of 18 years or above to make use of Western Union money transfer services. If you are younger, you may need to come with a parent or guardian to complete the transaction. 

Transaction Fees: Western Union does charge fees for the transfer. The fee depends on the amount of money being sent, type of transfer, country, etc. You should check these charges before you finalize a transaction. 

Prohibited Transactions: Western Union does not cater to transactions in all countries. Therefore, there may be transactions that you are unable to make. 

ID Requirements: You must provide a valid government-issued ID to the Western Union agent at Walgreens at the time of transfer for verification. In case you are not able to provide valid ID proof, you won’t be able to complete the transaction. 

Are There Any Walgreens Western Union Limits?

The limits on Western Union transfers at Walgreens depend on the country you are sending money to, the store location, and type of transaction. 

There are limits on the amount that you can send per day which vary from one country to another. It also depends on whether you are making the transfer with cash or credit card payment. All these factors make it difficult to identify the exact fee that Western Union will charge you. 

You can check with a local Walgreen store or Western Union customer service member to find out the specific limits that apply to the transaction you plan to make. Knowing things in advance will save you from any type of surprise!

Does Walgreens Offer Any Alternative Money Transfer Services Besides Western Union?

Walgreens offers MoneyGram money transfer services as well with which you can pay bills, reload prepaid cards and receive transactions similar to Western Union. 

MoneyGram is a popular choice for transfers and you can use it at Walgreens too. Other than that, there are over 350,000 locations where MoneyGrams is being offered right now. 

  • Visit the MoneyGram kiosk at Walgreens store to use it. 
  • You can ask the agent about fees and money transfer limits. 
  • You can initiate the transfer through Walgreens website as well. 

Other than that, Walgreens has Balance Financial Prepaid Mastercard as well that you can use to pay bills, make purchases online, or load funds. You can use the card to withdraw funds at ATMs as well. 

Key Takeaways 

  • To avail Western Union services at Walgreens, visit the kiosk store or you can also initiate the transfer online through Walgreens website. 
  • There are charges for the transfer. This depends on the country you are sending money to, the amount of money you are sending, type of transaction, etc. 
  • Other than that, you can use options like MoneyGram and the Balance Financial Prepaid Mastercard to make money transfers at Walgreens. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walgreens use MoneyGram?

Customers can use services like Western Union for money transfers but the availability of MoneyGram has not been confirmed yet. 

Is there a limit for Western Union at Walgreens?

The limits on Western Union transfer at Walgreens depend on the country you are sending money to, the store location, and type of transaction. 

How much will it cost me to send $100 through Western Union?

It might cost you up to $14 to send $100 through western union services. However, if you make the transfer through a credit card, the charges may be up to $20.50.