Walgreens Gift Card Return Policy: 2 Crazy Ideas to Get a Refund!

On a whim, I recently purchased multiple gift cards from Walgreens but soon realized that I didn’t need them. It would have been sad to see the cards lying in my drawer uselessly, so I did a little digging on the Walgreens gift card return policy and put this together for you! Walgreens return policy is flexible but does that apply to gift cards too? Let’s find out!

Quick Summary

You cannot return or exchange gift cards at Walgreens. No matter how good of a reason you provide and whether you come with or without the receipt. There is simply no exchange or refund offered for gift cards. Moreover, gift cards at Walmart are free or do not have an expiration date. If you’ve got a gift card from Walgreens that you don’t need anymore, consider putting it up online for sale or search for other stores that may accept cards for purchases. 

Can I Return a Gift Card To Walgreens?

Walgreens gift cards or gift cards from third parties that you buy at Walgreens do not qualify for a return. 

The most effective strategy is to sell it to somebody else or look for any independent retailer that may accept it. Another approach is to carry it to a Walgreens facility and exchange it for cash. 

As of 2021, even if you have the original invoice, Walgreens does not accept returns for any Walgreens or third-party gift cards.

Although the gift card can not be returned, you can still use its value towards your next purchase. In any case, you should avoid discarding a gift card, as it would be equivalent to wasting money.

Don’t worry if your card gets lost or stolen; you can claim with your bank to have a new card generated in its place. Get in contact with support services to ask for an alternative.

Can I Return the Gift Card To Walgreens After 30 Days of Purchase?

Gift cards are not eligible for return to Walgreens in any scenario, even if they have not been used or the purchase date is within the 30-days window.

Items that have been damaged, were received in a damaged state, or were defective are subject to Walgreens’ return policy. Moreover, Walgreens has a 30-day return policy for products in their original packaging and with receipts.

This means you have 30 days to return any products you’ve bought from Walgreens and get a full refund or a replacement if you’re dissatisfied.

However, Gift cards are only refundable sometimes, even within the 30-day window.

Can I Return the Gift Card To Walgreens Without a Receipt?

Walgreens sadly does not accept gift card returns, even if you still have the original receipt.

You may return other products at Walgreens with an original receipt in line with their return policy. Gift cards from Walgreens aren’t governed under this restriction, however.

A receipt is different from a gift card purchased at a Walgreens store. Therefore, the gift card’s code must be manually written on the customer’s Walgreens receipts to be reimbursed.

Walgreens Gift Card Limitations

Gift cards from Walgreens are non-refundable, and even when you decide to use them for purchases, the gift cards are bound by several further restrictions. Some are listed as:

  • A Walgreens Gift card is limited to between $5 and $500. Consequently, depending on the card’s first value, your purchase will be limited to $500.
  • Purchasing more than one Gift card with a total value of $750 is not allowed in just one day.
  • It is impossible to reload or add credit to a Walgreens gift card. You’ll have to buy a new gift card altogether.
  • The Walgreens Mobile App doesn’t allow consumers to add gift cards to their Walgreens Digital Wallet.
  • You cannot use the gift card to pay for recurring payments or monthly subscriptions.
  • Walgreens is not responsible for any gift cards that are lost, stolen, destroyed, or used with no authorization.

It’s essential to keep in mind, though, that Walgreens gift cards also have certain advantages. For example, they have no expiration date, and even if you don’t use them immediately, you won’t have to pay a fee for dormancy.

Steps To Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance

If you have a Walgreens gift card and wish to know its value, you can do it easily using Walgreens’ two valuable options. There are two simple ways to check your gift card balance:

  • Online by using the Walgreens website.
  • Dialing the toll-free number given on the gift card’s backside.

Do Walgreens Gift Cards Have an Expiry?

Gift cards issued by Walgreens usually do not have an expiration date, except for instances clearly defined differently in the gift card terms.

However, Walgreens may be entitled to give the cash value of any leftover credit on a Gift Card to the corresponding state agency to comply with state rules on abandoned assets or escheat laws.

The gift card will display a zero balance in the records if a transaction like this takes place, rendering it unusable. But if you make a claim, you might be eligible to get your escheated goods back. Please get in touch with the unclaimed property department in the state you live in for details on how to proceed.

What Can I Do With a Walgreens Gift Card I Don’t Want To Keep?

Gift cards are suitable for various purchases, such as groceries, over-the-counter medications, electronics, everyday items, and prescription and over-the-counter prescription drugs at Walgreens. So, consider using the gift card for your next Walgreens purchase.

Gift cards from Walgreens cannot be reloaded or used to buy additional gift cards. They also are not compatible with other payment methods. These are some limitations you need to consider when figuring out what to do with the card you have!

There are a few options to think over if you find yourself with a gift card you don’t want to keep:

  • Give your family and friends a gift card on a particular day or event.
  • Present the gift card to a loyal Walgreens customer in return for money.

The Walgreens gift card is available only to purchase at authorized Duane Reade or Walgreens stores in the USA, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and online at Walgreens.com. 

List of Things You Can’t Return to Walgreens

Many products available at Walgreens cannot be returned, much like gift cards of other retailers like Target cards you buy at Walgreens. The following items are not returnable, according to store policy.

  • Pre-paid cards
  • Seasonal products
  • Sexual wellness items
  • Phone cards
  • Hazmat items
  • Prescriptions

Key Takeaways

  • Walgreens gift cards can neither be refunded nor exchanged.
  • Although gift cards are not redeemable for cash, they can be used to buy products at Walgreens or other stores that take Walgreens gift cards.
  • You can use Walgreens gift cards whenever you decide since they don’t have an expiration date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walgreens Keep A Record Of Returns?

Walgreens will ask to see your I.D. before giving you a shop credit refund because they track no-receipt returns. Your gift card from Walgreens will act as your store credit.

Why Do Walgreens’ Returns Require ID Scanning?

The Retail Equation is a service utilized by retailers who scan your license, and it maintains track of how often you return products to all of the retailers who employ it.

Why Do They Need ID If I Return Anything Without A Receipt?

When you return something, stores often ask to see your driver’s license (or another government-issued I.D.) to record your data with information on the returned items, helping them detect indices of return fraud or abuse.

What Occurs If You Bring Back Anything That Was Stolen?

Despite returning it ultimately, you are still subject to penalty under U.S. theft legislation. Returning a stolen item, however, may convince the judge of your remorse and lead to a lesser sentence.

Will Target Take A $200 Item Return With No Receipt?

You might receive an item return card for a refund if you return anything in a store without the original invoice or barcode. In most cases, refunds are provided to the original payment method(s). Target Gift Card purchases will be reimbursed as an entirely new Target eGiftCards.